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Emelie Anne Hollow is a Norwegian musician and songwriter. She is most known for her cooperation with Alan Walker on the song «Lily», and this song is streamed over 2 billions times worldwide and 200 millions of times in the music stream service Spotify.

Emelie Hollow has been on the program «Lindmo» after Anne Lindmo on the evening on Friday 12. November 2021, and you can hear her music at Spotify, Deezer, YouTube and YouTube Music. She is born in 1998, and she is therefore 23 years old now. Her nationality is Norwegian, and she has used the record company Universal Music Group, and she is known with the album: «Half The Story». And her partner in songwriting is Dagny Norvoll Sandvik.

And as Emelie Hollow is saying at the Norwegian TV, the issue and the case in life is to love someone that you appreciate and like, and there is always problems with getting perfect goodness-of-fit, but the main point is that we can live together and love each other from time to time and from place to place. And there are three important things in life, and these are faith, hope and love. And the hope is maybe the largest thing with the life, since you are losing much if you lose the hope with the life. And even Norway’s Thorvald Stoltenberg was writing about that. And faith is something we believe in in life, and love is perhaps the greatest thing you can find with life in the love of nature, when searching for all the things that are history and can happen in life in present time and in the future. And Camilla Stoltenberg and Jens Stoltenberg are some of the children to Thorvald Stoltenberg and Karin Stoltenberg, and they are normal humans as many of us are at the blue planet.

Emelie Hollow is known for the songs: «Lily», «Me» and «Break It Right». Emelie Hollow is known for the singles as «Like I Love You», «Feeling of Christmas», «Hear It Out Loud» and «Break It Right». And she is known for the EPs: «Emelie Hollow» and «Hear It Out Loud». And we find music videos of Emelie Hollow in the internet, and they are «Monster» and «Alene sammen». And this is the logic of life, since one needs just to be 2 of all the conceivable love relations that can be made.

Emelie Hollow is known for several songs, and some of the other music pieces that are not mentioned above are: «Don’t Leave Me Now», «Sparrow», «Feel», «Free», «Trust You» and «Fools» and many more songs. Emelie Hollow has won several prizes, and she is known for holding several tours. And we find much pleasure, utility and inspiration in her positive gestures and attitudes and with her smile many places.

On Friday 27. August 2021, the talented artist and the songwriter Emelie Hollow is launching in the markets her personal debut album «Half The Story». The album is consisting of three chapters which are telling a history about the emotional phases one is going through by a love breakup. Emelie Hollow is saying that it has been a fantastic nice journey to make this album, and that she now is very proud to share the content and the messages with the people.

You know, all music is about doing nothing, something or doing things with splendid quality! And the better we can use our limited time here, the better it is. And Emelie Hollow has been known, and many appreciated her personality and her warmth. And we cannot do other things than doing our best, when we are at stages in the nation we are coming from, and when we are worldwide in other countries, and we choose the places where we will travel and be welcome among the people.

And again some music as it was asked to be included! :)

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