A Weird Case Of A Student Losing Marks

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Hi there. In this short education post, I talk about a recent case of a student losing marks from a math course. This student finished grade 10 math. Her math mark went from a 92 to a 89 as a final grade. She did well on her math tests, there was no online final exam and she completed the large assignment for the course.

The reason for her grade drop was because her teacher did not mark her assignment. Very weird. This could also mean that the teacher lost the assignment as well and could not mark the assignment. This was beyond the student's control and is quite unfortunate. To be punished for someone's lack of work is just not right. A small good news is that it is not grade twelve or eleven math where the grades count for university applications. But still, this is not a good look on the teacher.

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Existence Of Bad/Lazy/Careless Teachers

This type of case reminds me of the existence of bad, lazy or even careless teachers. I would not think that these types of teachers are common (unless a school system is bad or corrupt). Not so good teachers could be disorganized, incompetent, rusty in knowledge, overwhelmed, not into teaching anymore or possibly going through a rough time in their personal lives. As teachers are a part of the service sector, recipients of their services do expect some sort of quality service and professionalism.

Relating to the case of the high school student, students are expected to complete assignments and hand them on time. There are cases where marks are deducted for each day an assignment is handed in late. Shouldn't teachers also finish marking assignment and tests while meeting deadlines? For whatever reason the teacher did not mark this student's assignment. I do wonder if other students in the class were affected by this teacher.

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If the assignment had been submitted on Hive, it could never be lost. And the date of submission would also be permanently recorded.

The reason is unknown from what I know from the student. Even if an assignment was submitted on a blockchain, the teacher could still not mark an assignment due to laziness or whatever.