March Break For Students

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Hi. It is March break in my area. There is no school for students from Grades 1 to 12 and for teachers from March 13 until March 20. In this post I talk about how the break benefits students.

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Breaks Are Important

I do think that hard work and productivity is important for getting things done and reaching goals. I also think that breaks are important. A balanced mix of work and breaks is important to avoid burnout and fatigue. All work and no play is not fun for a student. The other extreme of all play and no work would lead into not getting much done and possibly bad grades in school. School can be stressful and a bit of a grind for both students and teachers. The March break week helps with taking the minds of parents and students away from school for a bit.

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Time Away From The School Grind

For students the March break week does free up a lot of time. No need to wake up super early before 8AM as you can sleep in. There is the option to stay up late to play video games, watch TV/Youtube, hang out with friends and family. For those with no tests or assignments due after the break, no homework for a week is nice.

In general, March break does help the parents as they do not have to worry about preparing home-made lunches for their kids. There is also less worry about sending their kids to school and picking them up after school. Parents with 9 to 5 jobs still have to wake up early but they have less duties in the morning before heading off to work for the week.

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Spending The March Break With Family & Friends

The March Break week is an excellent opportunity for parents to spend time together with their kids as there is no school for the week. Parents may plan a vacation far away for the week with the kids, they may do local outings such as shopping with the family, dining out as a family and so on. Less expensive options include staying at home with the family and kids during the break.

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More Time For Hobbies

More time off can be more time for hobbies. Students during the break could use the March break week to do more of their favourite hobbies. More time available for dance classes, martial arts classes, music lessons, sports, art classes, video games and more. There are some private educational learning centres, dance studios, martial art gyms that offer more availability or even camps during the March break.

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Thank you for reading.


The unfortunate thing these days (in some developed nations) is that the parents aren't as flexible to accommodate kids staying home for an extended period of time thanks to work and whatnot.

Good thoughts, though.

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