On Student Injuries & Learning

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Hi there. In this education post, I talk about student injuries and how it affects learning in school. This post is based on a time back then when there was a classmate who hurt his right hand from hockey. As he was right handed, he had to write his notes with his left hand.

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  • Student Injuries Do Happen
  • Being Accommodating To Student With Injuries


Student Injuries Do Happen

A good handful of students have sports as a hobby or activity outside of school. The students may play sports at a recreational level or at a competitive level. There are times in sports where accidents do happen and the players injure themselves. The severity of injuries can vary. Some injured students may not be able to learn, some students would not be at 100% and can somewhat learn and there are some students who have minor injuries that can learn normally.

Injuries for students can occur outside of sports. Students can get injured from falls, burns, car accidents, etc. Although education is important for learning and character development student health is a higher priority.

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Being Accommodating To Student With Injuries

Those in the education industry are a part of the service industry. It is important to exercise patience and care for students. There are profit motives in the (private) education sector but a large part of education is involved with helping communities grow with their knowledge base and skill sets.

Here is what I have to share when it comes to working with students with injuries. I do recall reading training materials for teaching assistants when it comes to being accommodating to students with injuries and disabilities. This was when I was a mathematics teaching assistant at university. One of the biggest things that I have learned and still remember to this day is to ask first for permission. Ask if a wheelchair user needs assistance, ask if a student with an injured hand would like typed out notes instead, ask if an online student who an injured hand would like their verbal answers typed out for them and so on. Don't assume, do ask. I found the training materials helpful with awareness and knowing what to do in dealing with various cases.

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