The Holiday Break Away From School

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Hi there. In this short education post, I cover the holiday break away from school and school work for students, staff and teachers. Note that contents in this post are mostly opinion.

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  • Holiday Break For Students
  • A Nice Break For Teachers
  • A Break For Parents Too


Holiday Break For Students

Even though they are not adults yet, young students can have busy schedules. Waking up early and being at school at around 8:30AM or even in some places before 8:30AM is not easy first of all. In the Toronto area many of the school hours are typically from 8:30AM or 9AM to around 3PM. In other countries and school areas school hours are shorter or even longer. Students who deal with longer hours than 8:30AM to 3PM do face longer & tougher school days but build good discipline and endurance. Regardless of student schedule a holiday break helps with getting away from the day to day grind and constant homework. The mind and body does need relaxation from time to time.


A Nice Break For Teachers

Teachers do benefit from holiday breaks too. Dealing with students in the classroom in terms of teaching, making sure students are quiet/well-behaved does take a bit of energy mentally, emotionally and at time physically. Teaching is a fairly active profession where teachers are generally often interacting with students. When teachers are not teaching there is planning involved in terms of lesson plans, setting up material, learning new things to keep up with updated curriculum material, test design and marking.

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A Break For Parents Too

Parents also benefit from a holiday break. There is a temporary break from preparing lunches for their kids, a temporary break from dropping their kids off for school and picking them up. No homework to worry about for many kids and parents too. The mind of the parent switches from school to shopping, food, holiday gatherings, parties and festivities. This is until the kids are back to school in the new year.


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