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There was a farmer whose name was Micheal, He was a farmer. Micheal was a very hardworking man who took his time to plant and weed his farm at the right time. As a result of his hard work, many farmers came to him for advice on how to make their farm grow like his.

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Micheal had a neighbor whose name was Samuel. He was also a farmer but he was very lazy. He only planted food crops. His small farm could not sustain him, his wife, and eleven children. He always went to Micheal for help and Micheal always rendered help to him but always advised him to work hard.

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Samuel always stole from Micheal's barn when Micheal goes out or while Michel was sleeping in the middle of the night without Micheal knowing who it was. But when Micheal complained to Samuel, Samuel pretends to be sorry for him.

One day, Samuel woke up very early in the morning. He was looking through his window to know when Micheal would go out so he could go steal from his barn. Around 6 o'clock in the morning, Micheal prepared himself and left for the market.

He was happy that Micheal was out and that he will be able to steal from Micheal's barn. He took his cutlass and pretended to his family that he was going to weed his little garden at the back of the house while he planned his theft knowing fully well that all will leave for the market because it was their big market day where neighboring villages come to buy and sell products.

Micheal inherited a magic cobra from his late father who was a powerful hunter. Since the theft on his crops was too much, Micheal decided to use this cobra to guard his barn that day because he was going out and couldn't catch the thief who was stealing his crops.

The cobra knew everybody who had the right to Micheal barn and would not bite them. Micheal always kept this cobra under one of his yam barns.

Samuel looked around and saw that everybody had gone out and the whole place is quiet. He began to pack the farm produce he needed, laughed to himself, and turned to go.

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The magic cobra suddenly flew from nowhere and roped itself around Samuel's neck. Fear gripped him. The cobra spits several times into his eyes and his two eyes turned red. He dropped the crops and wanted to run home but he could not see. He began to cry for help but nobody was around to hear his cry

Samuel died before his family or anybody could come and rescue him. His corpse laid inside the barn of Micheal with the crops he stole by his side was a surprise to all.


  1. Was Micheal helpful to other farmers?
  2. Why was Samuel unable to sustain his family?
  3. Why did Samuel plan his theft for the market day?
  4. Did Samuel succeed in his action?
  5. What is the moral lesson?



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