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Once Socrates was traveling with his disciple, it was evening, and they wanted to reach the next village as soon as possible so as not to have to spend the night in the forest. On the way, they saw a farmer who was working in the fields. How far is the village from here?

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The farmer replied, "It is not far. Don't worry. You have to travel at most one kilometer. You will reach there." The farmer smiled and the student smiled. did not understand the reason for this smile and both of them started walking, their walking speeded up now because they were about to reach the bus, they had traveled a kilometer but there were no signs of the village, both of them Now they were very tired.

They saw the old woman collecting firewood. The disciple quickly went towards her. We are going to the village. How far is the village now? The disciple asked.

The old woman glanced at their tired faces. And say, you only have a little journey left, it won't be more than one kilometer. The disciple looked at both of them and smiled. Why are you laughing? Socrates remained silent. Even after walking a kilometer more, he did not come to the village. The disciple's face showed annoyance.
He asked the third man, and he also gave the same answer. Diya who had given earlier two you are about to reach there is a little way left only one kilometer but after walking one kilometer it was the same again the situation did not come to the village the student threw down his stuff and sat on the ground I did not walk I am tired and I also feel that the journey of one kilometer will never end and all three of them smiled in response, what was the reason for this smile when neither you knew them nor they. If I knew you, why were you there again? Of course, I sat next to him and said that I don't know what happened, but I smiled after listening to him because he was doing the same thing that I have been doing all my life.

To encourage people To describe is futile There is a short journey left Just one kilometer Have courage a little bit The workers and people get happy and keep moving towards their destination and there comes a time when they reach it but if you are at the beginning tell them that the destination is still far away, fifteen kilometers away, maybe. If they lose heart, saying I can't do it, they stop trying, but if you continue to encourage them, there is a short journey left, the bus is about to arrive. Kilometers you say like that they will travel twenty kilometers and I smiled listening to these people because I have said it before in this village and I knew it was not a kilometer away but I remained silent because I understood that these are good people, compassionate people, they are not lying, they are just encouraging you, they want to take you to your destination.

The distance covered was because of the old woman, we covered one more kilometer. The old man made us cover one more kilometer. We needed two or three more people on the bus and we reached our destination. We used to go but now since you are tired and you have also put your luggage, we find a safe place and spend the night here.

The village is not far from here. It is very close. Mention them to each other in life If you feel that someone is going through a difficult situation, you should know that this difficult light will continue. It is too late for him to get out of the situation. Do not tell them that you will have to face difficult situations for many months, but tell them that it is only a matter of a few days, and these difficult days will pass. To increase is to want to be motivated and learn something new every day in life think new


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