Cooperative Learning Model: Solutions to Improve Students' Social Character Building

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The learning model was developed from the differences in the characteristics of students who varied. Because students have various characteristics as well as different personalities, and habits, The ways of learning that vary between individuals are not the same, so the learning model is not fixed on a particular model.

Many learning models are needed in educating students so that the learning process runs smoothly and can produce students with good knowledge.

Cooperative Learning Model

One of the learning models that we need to apply in educating students is the cooperative learning model. Although almost the same as the collaborative learning model, This learning model is a learning model that has a wider scope than the collaborative model.

The cooperative learning model includes all types of group work, the forms of which are all directed and guided by the teacher. Cooperative learning relies more on teacher direction, in this case the teacher assigns assignments, as well as questions and provides all the materials. The goal is to design and help students solve all problems. In the cooperative learning model, the teacher will prepare for the exam, at the end of the assignment.

The teacher will only serve as a mentor and provider of all the materials needed for the cooperative learning model. Furthermore, students will work together in groups, therefore, The success of this learning model depends on the level of cohesiveness of each group working on and solving the problem in question. In other words, the cooperative learning model will provide a stimulus for students to be more able to work together.

Cooperative learning goals and benefits

In cooperative learning, there are also several models that need to be applied, among others, there are investigative groups, tournament game teams, and several others. In some literature, The cooperative learning model can help students become more capable of becoming individuals who have high social personality. Students can also cultivate an attitude of accepting other people's shortcomings, and can increase the student's self-esteem.


Another benefit of cooperative learning is that it can realize the needs of students in learning to prevent problems, solve problems, and also explain their knowledge.