Homeschooling, an Educational Program to Improve The Quality of Education

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A few days ago, I have written about the benefits and drawbacks of the homeschool-based learning process. From there, there are several shortcomings that arise from me personally ie not seeing or doing in-depth research on homeschooling. I only saw it from a narrow perspective, in that writing, I only took samples from the closest people.

Then, my thoughts and opinions about homeschooling are getting different after reading the various positive responses from some friends here in the comments column of the article. So, now I want to review homeschooling from a new perspective, but still, this is my view. In the previous article, one of the points I mentioned was that children were learning to homeschool difficult to socialize and it is also difficult to compete when they enter public schools or universities. It was wrong, and I admit my mistake.

In fact, homeschooling students tend to have intelligence above average than other students in general. Because those who apply learning methods like this tend to be people with intelligence, varied skills. There are athletes, artists, and so on.

Indonesia is one of the countries that supports the homeschool program, and students who graduate through this learning method are also recognized by the state. Homeschooling itself is recognized in Permendikbud Nomer 129 of 2014. Namely, the regulations governing educational activities that can be carried out by families in Indonesia, one of them is homeschooling.

Homeschooling, an alternative to improve the quality of education. Homeschooling can produce capable, competitive students, good quality of intelligence, and make students have the creativity and high thinking skills. Education should be an environment that supports humans to become human, for example when children are taught about animals in formal schools, students may only be given examples of pictures of animals, and taught about the anatomy and Latin names of these animals.

In homeschooling, children can be shown the animal in question. Parents or teachers can take children to farms, zoos, or animal museum to introduce about animal anatomy. This kind of activity is very enjoyable and the child will want to find out more without pressure. And they will find it easy to understand Latin names.

Brian D Ray, in research, results in the USA on homeschooling entitled (Research Facts on Homeschooling) attach the fact that children who are homeschooled can score between 15 and 30% higher than children who attend formal schools. This valuable data is obtained from the test results. Not only that, but children with the homeschool method can also score more, even above average in the SAT and ACT tests.

Well, from the explanation above that I just discovered and learned. My assumption about homeschooling is completely different from the previous article. In my opinion, the homeschooling learning method can be the right choice or an alternative to improve the quality of education.

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Well done my friend. Keep writing.

It's great home schooling is encouraged there. Here in the UK it is very difficult as the government really don't like it. They can't brainwash kids easily so yo luck if they allow it. 💯🐒

If "intelligence" means knowing how to learn and find solutions, then yes they can seem to have above average intelligence :)

Seems like you're learning a lot as well, which I think is the best part of homeschooling ;D