Homeschooling Indonesia: from Legal Basis Aspects, Types, and the Curriculum

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Homeschooling is providing education to children, not in public schools which requires them to gather in one place and be educated by the teacher at that place. It seems I don't need to explain in more detail about homeschooling because I'm sure you all understand all about it.

Because do not in school, then it is advisable for teachers who teach homeschooling better to go to every student's house who participated in this activity. So it's not students who come to the teacher. Furthermore, the teacher will provide material according to a certain curriculum applicable in the country of residence of the student and teacher.

Many parents choose to homeschool because their parents have faith that their children will further develop if taught with a homeschool-based education. In addition, there is also a sense of dissatisfaction between parents and formal schools. and also the different philosophies that parents have. That is my opinion.

  • Homeschooling in Indonesia

When talking about homeschooling in Indonesia, perhaps parents whose children have learned through this method, are very familiar with several homeschool service providers, one of them is homeschooling, Sis Seto in South Tangerang. However, nowadays the home school system is also widely available, especially in capital cities, such as Jakarta and Surabaya, Medan, and Bandung.

  • Have a legal basis.

Just like other public schools, homeschooling in Indonesia also has a legal basis and is considered a legal method of education. This system is regulated in the regulation of the minister of education and culture (PERMENDIKBUD) Number 129 of 2014 concerning home schools.

According to these regulations, homeschooling is a conscious method of education and planned to be carried out by family or parents in locations other than formal schools, especially homes and other dwellings. The goal is clear, namely to create a conducive learning atmosphere and develop the potential possessed by students so that it is maximized.

homeschooling recognized by the Indonesian government:

  • Single homeschooling
    Family-based education services carried out by parents in one family to their own children. Children who attend single homeschooling do not study with other families that implement other single homeschooling systems.


  • Compound homeschooling
    Meanwhile, compound homeschooling is an education that makes the environment the basis for the process of providing education. This process is carried out by parents or other families. There are one or more activities carried out together with other homeschool groups, but core learning is still carried out by the families of students.

  • Homeschooling community
    Homeschooling is a compound home school compound-based study group that organizes learning together. The curriculum in this homeschooling community is based on the syllabus, learning facilities, teaching materials, and study time all compiled by multiple home schools for children.

If a parent wishes to enroll their child in single or multiple homeschooling, then they must make a report to the local education office, in order to get permission to establish a non-formal education unit from them. If you do not get a permit, then the non-formal learning activities will not be recognized and will be non-legal.

  • Curriculum

Homeschooling has a curriculum that is so flexible that it is said to be a customized education. Whatever form of homeschooling we will choose, it will be tailored to the needs of the child. This is because every child has a different and unique potential. Diversity is something that is highly valued in homeschooling, every child who has unique and different abilities, will not be forced to be the same.

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Thank you for sharing. It's always interesting to learn how homeschooling is regulated in different countries. It's particularly interesting to read that they have the 3 distinct homeschooling types acknowledged in Indonesia.

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