Some Awesome Team-Building Games and Activities for Students

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Teamwork is an important thing in life, the spirit of team work must be built in everyone since they are small. So that they are used to growing and developing with the spirit of teamwork. Well, within the school's scope, team work also has an important role in supporting the quality of education and student attitudes.

Team work within the scope of the school is not only between students and students, but also between students and teachers and also the opposite, as well as between teachers and other teachers. So how should you build teamwork for students at school? There are many ways that can be applied by teachers, There are some simple but quite effective methods for team building. What to do? Here are some of them:

Fill water into the bottle.

The most interesting and easy thing is to use games as a medium to teach teamwork to students, one is to play fill water into the bottle. We just need to make a group of 3-5 people. Here students have to put water in a bottle, they should be neatly lined up to form a line. The bottle is at one end, and the water is at the other.

Students who are at the end close to the water, will take water using a glass or other tool. Later he will give the container to his friend who is behind him and so on until the student standing with the bottle puts water into the bottle. This process is easy, but to become winners, students must be able to work together so that the water they fill can fill the bottle.

Move the rubber.


This game uses rubber bands and straws. Form small groups that stand in a row. Next the students have to take the rubber using the straws they bite, then transferred to another friend. It is not easy, need balance and also the right timing. Therefore teamwork must exist in this game.

Play clogs (a.k.a bakiak)

I don't know if this game exists in other countries, but for sure this game is very popular in Indonesia. This game can be a tool to create cohesiveness, because to be a winner, each team must be compact and full of cooperation. Clogs are a type of sandal made of wood.


This game trains group movement cohesiveness because it requires good cooperation and communication. How to play, Players form groups of 3 people, Guides make start and finish lines The two groups competed quickly to walk from the start line to the finish line, The group that reaches the fish line first is the winner.

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