Some Steps to Incorporating Character Education in the Classroom

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Teachers have an important role in educating and building the character of the nation's generation. Teachers become parents, as well as advisors for children at school. Teachers not only provide academic education for students, but also educating children to be wise human beings, and also beneficial for everyone.

So that children have wise and good characters, it is necessary to instill character values in schools. In this case the teacher plays an important role. The following are some strategies to instill character education values in classroom learning, among them are:

  • Provide a moral message in each lesson.
    Character education is not just something that can be given in one lesson. but also taught to students in each lesson. Teachers can convey or insert good moral messages to students as a way of life in every lesson they teach.


For example, when teaching mathematics, physics or other subjects related to numbers, the teacher not only gives the formula, but also teaches that "No matter how difficult life is, there must be a way out, every problem must have a solution to be solved wisely.

  • Teach manners.
    This is the initial capital so that students have good attitudes and character. Courtesy is a mandatory menu. One way to instill politeness in students is to apply the greeting, smile, greeting, polite, and courteous methods. The goal is that every student has a sense of mutual respect and others.

  • Be a good example.
    Before teaching students about good character, the teacher as a friend and parents for students must also instill good moral values in themselves first. Because this is where students will imitate him. If the teacher is good, the students will also imitate the teacher's behavior and listen to every direction from the teacher.

In addition to several methods or strategies in instilling moral values or good character in children that I have written above, Teachers can also instill these values in other ways such as giving appreciation to students, sharing inspiring experiences, instilling the value of honesty, and others.

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