Leveling Up the Fun with My Board Games English Class - Part II

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Welcome back to Part 2 of my board game English class. Today I'll finish where I left off last time, telling you about the time that I took my students to play board games in a board game cafe in Bangkok Thailand. (If you wanna check it out, please click the link here Part I)


The most popular and beloved game that we played is called "Werewolf". Looking something like this. Have you seen or played it before? This picture is in Thai though.


Ultimate Werewolf is an interactive game of deduction for two teams: Villagers and Werewolves. The Villagers don’t know who the Werewolves are, and the Werewolves are trying to remain undiscovered while they slowly eliminate the Villagers one at a time. A Moderator (who isn’t on a team) runs the game.


So the players will be sitting in a circle, and each will get a random card to define which role they'll be playing. The village team will win if they can find the werewolf before the werewolf kills them all, on the contrary, the werewolves will win if they remain undiscovered and kill all the villagers before they get caught.


Each round the moderators will say OK, this is the night time. Everybody went to sleep (like in this pic) and then called upon the werewolf (who only turns into a werewolf during the night while everybody's sleeping) to wake up and kill somebody by pointing at that person (like in this pic). The moderator has to remember and after telling everybody to wake up. He'll tell everybody the bad news, then all the players will start guessing, who the werewolf is. They will start debating, bluffing, lying, and putting the blame on others.


It's always so funny especially when you had a very convincing person as a player and good at bluffing and redirecting the conversation. The moderator will then ask to vote and evict the person to leave the game. At this point, if the villagers find the werewolf, they'll win, if not and the werewolf is still on the loose, the game will keep going. In the set, there'll also be lots of special characters to make the game more fun like a hunter who can kill the wolf and a seer who can see who the werewolf is but not so obviously nor directly.


There you are! The vicious werewolf! haha

The other bluffing game that's like a werewolf is called "hunting the witch", but this one is also a puzzle game. This one I haven't played much, but watching them play it's obvious how much fun they had.




The last one is my personal favorite, called "Camel Up". This time I wanna tell you roughly about it because I wanna take the time to get into the details of the game and how cute they created the game, which could be in the later post.


Camel up is another push-your-luck game, and add-on guessing the possibilities of what could happen. The main idea of the game is that each player is a gambler in a camel race and you have to guess which camel will win.

The camel will be running according to the rolled dice from this pyramid.

My student tried to debate me about how he should bet the round.


Think hard before placing your bet, guys.

The ambiance in the cafe is nice. Since we had 30 people, we got our room, but it's unfortunately a little too small and we can't help contain our voice, so it's a little hard to hear or concentrate while playing.



The staff are nice and helpful. They'll always be around to help us with the confusing instructions of the game and suggest the game that'll match our interest.


I also liked the decoration on the wall in the room.




The cafe also offered food and drinks. Unfortunately that day there were just too many people and I didn't want the food order to be out of control so we only had water that day. The students didn't seem to even touch the water though. They were too focused on the game. When we left, the students were asked to write a reflection about what they learned from boardgame, both their self-reflection learning and the new vocabulary and phrases that they learned. And all of them were doing such a great job!

And this is it guys. I hope you'll get the picture of how my class went and please feel free to leave any comments down below if there's anything.

Stay fresh, fun, and most importantly keep learning, guys!

Khob khun kaa,
Nomnomnoodle 🍜


Great job in organizing this class outing!
This just proved that Learning could be done everywhere and could be fun!
I'm sure that your students had a great time at the board game cafe 😊

Aw thank you so much both for stopping by and your kind words. It means tremendous to me as an organizer.

It is deserving of compliments! 😊

Great photos. It is a good sign that the students didn't touch the water, they were too busy having fun :D

A good indicator I hope!

Board games are very interesting, I’m so glad they are all enjoying the game and thank you so much for organizing the board game classes.

Thank you so much! This made my heart filled with joy :))

You’re welcome😊

I like the werewolf game. If there’s a chance to play i’d like to be a werewolf too. Im pretty good at bluffing hahah

Ohhh I'm curious to see your strategy.

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