Technological application in the study of motion / Bearings or bearings

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Greetings again my dear friends of this prestigious platform, so far we have found that technological applications are an essential or intrinsic part of our modern lives, and that hardly without it we could have reached the level of development we have today, of course, all this thanks to the proper feeding generated from the entire field of science, which is why we continue to affirm the conceptualization that expresses that technological applications are nothing more than applied science, aspect that we have all made tangible with the mass use of such applications.

It is no secret that there are countless phenomena that develop around us, however, we can clearly express that the phenomenon of movement represents the most important and essential of all, and this is because everything that surrounds us has some kind of mobility and especially our own physical entity, the movement has allowed the generation of other vital phenomena such as sound and light, and as we know, both essential for our normal existence in this wonderful universe.

Now, throughout our history we have learned from our natural environment, and with it, through science, all kinds of knowledge has radiated to any area related to our development, and of course, the area of technology has not been left aside, therefore, managing to transform these essential learnings into useful technological applications that in some way or another have tried to facilitate the development of our daily activities.

One of the most outstanding aspects of technological advances is the generation of new techniques that have allowed the origin of new and resistant materials, and with them have been able to develop wonderful pieces that from my point of view have represented the cornerstone for the structuring of any type of mechanical system, and thus we relate to the wonderful mechanical element which we know as bearing or bearings, and I think that each of us are reliable witnesses of the great implementation of this type of element in more complex mechanical systems, in order to achieve the transfer of any type of movement.

We can say then, that thanks to the creation of these bearings it has been possible to give rise and provide mobility in an efficient manner and with significant reduction in terms of friction of recognized machines that are part of our daily lives, then we will see some machines that use this type of element which we have aptly named as bearings or rollers, as you can see below.


In the previous gif image you could witness the application of bearing, and also how it is part of our daily life, however, there are many examples that we could find around us, where the usefulness of bearings are essential for any type of mechanical system as we will see below.


Another wonderful example of application of this type of bearing, and without doubt we can say that when we look around us we can see the remarkable action of this essential mechanical element in other complex systems, thus highlighting our great capacity for invention and thus our great capacity for intellectuality as living beings of this complex, but splendid and charming universe.

In this way we continue to highlight the remarkable influence of each of the technological applications in our lives, and I think that this has been the great joint task between science-technology, that is, to absorb any kind of knowledge from our environment and then artificially carry it out for the performance of certain tasks related to our exponential development.

Until another opportunity my dear readers, I hope to be able to count on your so important and nourished comments, and thus achieve, consolidate the topic raised on this occasion related to the great utility of technological applications in our lives as you could see in this article.

Note: All images are my own created in Power Point and the animated gifs in PhotoScape.

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