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Greetings my dear readers of this prestigious platform, undoubtedly, man through its rich history has achieved essential advances that has allowed our exponential growth in every way, and of course, this allows us to highlight the extraordinary link between science-technology because these fields are constantly in full analysis of everything around us and then put it into practice through wonderful technological tools that allow us to improve, and thus, develop any kind of activity.

In this opportunity we will relate in a general way with a wonderful technological tool that has allowed us to improve our teaching transmission techniques in our classrooms such as projectors as the one observed at the beginning of this article, and this tool belongs to the family of so-called optical instruments because they have inside several types of particular optical systems such as lenses, mirrors and prisms, and all this in order to deal in the best way the light rays that carry the images we want to observe and project on a given screen receiving these rays of light.

When describing in general terms the optical instruments we can say that each of these technological tools tries to make the most of the essential phenomenon of light, and thus optimize each image carried in these light rays, in relation to the above, man has been able to create different types of optical instruments relying on the knowledge provided by the field of science, and that is why the conceptualization which states that technology is nothing more than applied science is implemented.

The Projectors

When we refer to this type of technological tool, without a doubt, we can say that they have captivated us since their arrival in certain activities of our lives, being one of these activities the essential process of teaching in our classrooms at all levels, and this aspect highlights the importance of this type of optical instrument since any tool that allows us to increase the quality of the transmission of teaching will always have for us an incalculable value.

Everything we have achieved so far has been by the due propagation of any kind of learning towards all areas of our development, and any of us can be faithful witnesses that such success is due to the implementation of the field of education as a fundamental pillar of the above described, and furthermore, helped by technological creations like the one shown in this opportunity, therefore, we must always emphasize that we must focus on improving our way of transmitting the teaching in our classrooms and that the area of technology is attentive to this requirement to provide their wonderful creations such as projectors and projectors.

These wonderful instruments can project images, either static or moving like videos, and also in full color, excellent technological modernity features of great importance for the educational area since this type of tools awakens even more the interest in learning of students in the classroom, let's see in the following figure its main optical components which allow the proper treatment of light and its respective path in each of these components.

Figure 1. Light beams transporting images to the receiving screen


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