Benefits of discipline in our children's education

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There is a slight impression that education is only achieved in schools and universities, however the real education begins at home, there are many and diverse benefits of being able to train our children with discipline and with an education that comes first with our corrections and principles.

While it is true that for an educator sometimes the task of educating is not easy, clearly that raising and training our children is not easy either, since at the end of the day we are educating and teaching from a very early age in their formation.

I think that in order to educate our children it is important to take into account that there is no magic formula that tells us where we can begin to raise and educate our children with good principles, however, as in the whole educational field, there are some educational methodologies that can serve as a guide when educating and raising our children.

There is a very interesting theory with which I totally agree, and it is the fact of being able to raise our children and form them without any conditioning, all based on an upbringing promoted mainly in an education that does not require conditioning, but on the contrary the idea is to generate a sense of reasoning in our children that can lead them to a plane where they can detect what they really need and what makes them well and what makes them bad.

It is a traditional paradigm in the education and upbringing of our children that I believe had to be broken by the simple fact of being based on an erroneous model where any success on the part of our children is rewarded, and any mistake on their part is punished.

Based on that old way of teaching in upbringing and formation of our children it is clearly seen that it is conditioned, and that the child is not given the free will to reason and learn about the things that are best for him/her, that is why I totally agree with the methodology of positive discipline.

I believe that if there is a scale that measures the way we educate our children, we should place it in the center of the scale, that is to say, neither too permissive nor too authoritarian, we should simply try to place ourselves in the rules and methodology of education and upbringing with positive discipline.


Greetings friend @sandracarrascal, as my mother always tells me "education begins at home" it is true that we send our children to school to study and be educated, but the reality is that their main place of learning is at home, where they learn good and bad, manners and many more things that are instilled by their parents, since they are small and in the stages of life, it is a great topic that you share with us, to take into consideration the education of the little ones at home.

Hi @sandracarrascal

Excellent and very educational content that you share, being a parent is not difficult and less when it comes to educating our children, thank you for socializing and sharing these very useful lines that in my case have great value.

Best regards, be well.