Psychological aspects derived from breastfeeding

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Hello friends, actually I feel very happy to be able to share with you my appreciations about the psychological aspects derived from the close and loving relationship I have had with my daughter from the moment of her birth until now, when she is already 2 months old.

Certainly in that relationship of motherhood, breastfeeding has made me feel that I am a successful woman for having been able to embrace the opportunity to renew that loving relationship with my daughter Diana Isabel Balzán Carrascal.

Perhaps many are wondering:

Why do you feel successful @sandracarrascal?

Simply the fact that God has given me the opportunity to be a mother again after 16 years makes me remember many things from my first love relationship when I had my son Yeferson Paul Esquivel Carrascal that from my point of view are essential for the emotional development of both parties involved, i.e. both the son and the mother.

Feeling that I can relieve my daughter's physiological needs in which she feels hungry and I can satisfy her needs through breastfeeding is a sensation that makes me think daily that I am getting closer and closer to an intimate relationship in which my daughter has more priority than everything I used to have for myself.

I am aware that with this closeness in breastfeeding with my daughter I will be able to sow the first bases for my daughter to be able to develop a personality in which she can grow peacefully, it is important that when she grows up she can feel safe, so I believe that with the love of her father and the closeness that is generated with breastfeeding can achieve all of the above.

At the same time there is a very important psychological effect on us as mothers, since knowing that our children can grow healthy and strong with our breastfeeding, then we feel safe and rewarding to our own senses and emotions.

In conclusion, the evident psychology arising from breastfeeding translates into a wealth spread to the whole environment where the emotional development and strength that everyone acquires is predominant, rooted in a satisfied personality and that really should be the flag of happiness for every human being.


Hello @sandracarrascal, first of all I congratulate you for sharing this unique experience with us readers, there are countless advantages that breastfeeding brings and so beautiful at the same time the bond that is created between mom and baby. Blessings to you and all your family, may God grant you the joy of being able to enjoy them all. Greetings

Congrats for having the luck of becoming a mother a second time! Your article is beautiful and it shows that you are a dedicated mother. I have no children yet but I have read about the benefits of breastfeeding and I believe that all mothers should do it if they have the possibility. Enjoy your time with your daugher, she must be so adorable!