I Just Created A Challenge For My Hive Friends In Malaysia Using The Challengeeos App

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So I just sent out two Challenges this morning on the Challengeeos App for my Friends in Malaysia. Wow, It really feels good hooking up with Hivers on there, so much fun. If you are not winning CHL tokens via Challengeeos App Version 5 yet, seriously you are missing out on the fun. The token can be traded on Newdex, Okex, CoinGecko and Bitsonic exchanges so that means you can trade your CHL for EOS.

Challengeeos App is an EOSIO Software based Geo-specific and time sensitive App which allows the possibility of sending and receiving challenges among peer to peer. A Player (Sender) creates a task Challenge asking users to carry out a task e.g commenting on their Challenge or create a Geo-challenge whereby the challenge receiver needs to show up at a location within a given time to be able to unlock Real Time Cryptocurrency rewards. Tokens used for payment options on the App are CHL, EBTC, EOS, SAND, DAPP, SENSE tokens. KANDA token will be added to the app in the next version. The Challenge Team is based in San Diego, California.


Download the Challengeeos Version 5 App here:)
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Go Join Challenges on the App and also Create yours already. 😁

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Visit https://challengedapp.io for more details

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It's like a scavenger hunt.

Lol. Exactly!

Awesome! Thanks bro for introducing challengeeos!

you are welcome my Gee! 😁

Great. I'd like to join some challenges too in my place.

okay. give me your Challenge username and location where you will like the challenge to be sent to? @putu300

my username is putu333eosch, my location is Jembrana, Bali

Excellent. I will be dropping a challenge there later in the day