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RE: Coronavirus Hoax: Masks [eng/срп] Коронапревара: Маске

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Congrats for being part of overcoming our challenge by sharing information!
The tech that's being developed is gonna imprison us.
This tech is developed by people.
Are we making significant progress as long as we don't reach these people?
I mean:

  • Are we working on the cause of our problem?
  • Do we know what's the cause of our problem?

What do you think?


Majority of the people are irreversibly tied to television and corporate media. They would rather believe media than their own eyes. Whoever coined the term ‘sheeple’ did a good job describing them. Their virtual connection to media is possible to break only by force. That is our problem, @askmihai.

You're right. i know this from personal experience. The majority seems to be completely out of touch with our reality. They don't want to deal with our reality. There is a powerful polarization.
What do we achieve as long as we don't reach them?
How can we reach them?
What do you think?
Can you expand?

You offer great insights in your articles.
Do we have any indicator that we're reaching people?
By we i mean the truth community in general.
Why are people continuing creating their own prison?

Love seeing conversations like these online. Never stop.

What do you think about our challenge?