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RE: The pleasure machine

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It is a bad habit at times, and like any bad habit it can be stopped. If I disconnect, as I was disconnected for a lot of years, AI learns nothing from me, other than all the purchases made with a credit card, or a store discount card being used. Since they put those strips in American Money I am sure that if some government, group, or individual wanted to track what I bought with cash it would not be a hard thing to do.

The solution is to troll back, look at a lot of crap that you are not interested in along with the stuff you are interested in. Keep them guessing. They give you an ad for Coke, go search for RC Cola, or orange crush, or really throw in a monkey wrench and search for clean safe drinking water non filtered in a glass bottle.


Even switching off for a long period doesn't help, for as soon as you come back, they track so many points they profile you again in a few clicks. The trolling might work at the suggestion level, but I don't think it affects their algorithms - they probably have profiles on different types of algorithm trolls too.

Yep, no stuffing that genie back in the bottle.


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