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RE: Oxford Corona Vaccine Study Changed Saline Placebo in Control Group to Another Vaccine

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Wonder what inner hive has against you for this post, will need to check your others. That's pretty shitty for someone with so much stake.
Did a little digging and it all makes sense, inner hive and xxxxxxx are BernieSanders under a new name. Same old stuff, new name. How unfortunate this didn't change his tune. Sorry he's a dick to you!

Can't let them go in for a vaccine and get an actual placebo now can you? Give them a different one! Dangerous that it's the MMR one of all to choose.

One thing that I find insane and perhaps the most frightening: they haven't even isolated the virus yet! How the hell do you produce a vaccine for something that isn't isolated and purified for a lab test? Has that changed in the past 2 weeks and I haven't seen it yet?


Yeah it's all a big joke masquerading as "science". I understand the arguments for isolating the virus according to cokes postulate, but I think they did it with a revised method that removes some of the steps. Not that it proves it's the virus, but I haven't delved into it enough to prove if the research is sound or not. something has been sequenced, so maybe it's the actual thing... lol.