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At the moment there is quite a bit of this tossing around of the label "Semi-Fascist". It is of course largely being tossed around by people that don't truly understand what that word means. This includes many of those in antifa who are in a group that is supposedly anti-fascist while they often end up being the good foot soldiers for the causes of the fascists.

Now they have moved on to calling the right semi-fascists...

Well considering that fascism allows corporations to exist but puts them under the control of the government such that in some sense the corporations simply become extensions of the government it is true you can find cases where people on the "right" have permitted some of that to happen. They likely didn't realize it (some of them did... RINOs/Neo-Cons). You could call this semi-fascism or the descent into fascism.

What does that make the left who seems to give the corporations these days their marching orders? They tell them who to ban, what to censor, etc.?


Can we drop the semi-?


No not that semi... Though that might solve a few problems.

The truth of the matter is there is a lot of fascism going on around the world. Some great minds saw it coming and tried to warn us of it long ago before their life tragically ended. Aaron Russo's "America Freedom to Fascism" was a documentary I watched quite some time ago before he died.

He warned of this...


Make no mistake though this is not simply a United States thing. This is a global thing.

Also don't get fooled by the Communists fighting the Fascists playbook. It is a farce. It is two plays in a game designed to lead people to the same place. It is a false dichotomy. "Don't pick fascism it is evil, look at Hitler and Mussolini!!!" They'll say "You should choose Communism they fought Hitler"...

It will conveniently be left out that Stalin and his Communist regime (Yes, I know it came from Lenin but Stalin was in charge during the reign of Hitler) was responsible for the death of far more of their own people than those killed in the Holocaust by Hitler. So you are telling me I don't want Hitler and the answer you propose is to embrace the ideology of someone who in the scoreboard of killing their own people is worse?

Okay. You think you have a loop hole. Stalin didn't handle it right you might say. He made some mistakes. Perhaps you are a Maoist.

Instead you are talking about the Communism/Marxism of Mao... Well you really would be doubling down on the death... Mao's regime was responsible for even more deaths of their own people than Stalin. They have the high score for that time period. That gives them the high score for Communist/Fascist atrocities and death during the 20th Century.

What that score will be for the 21st Century remains to be seen. With this push for globalism and no national borders that score could be far greater.

In the grand scheme of things I suspect it will be. That button may have already been pushed.








Let us consider this idea of fascism again...

The merger of corporations and government with the government controlling the corporations?

Today there is definitely a lot of that...

Yet there is also a lot of corporations controlling the government...

(Don't bother with the "Corporations are people" shtick... I don't buy that con)

Indeed fascism is alive and well and more powerful than it has likely ever been before. It is something more than that. It also has elements of what some people call Corporatocracy. A government ruled by corporations...

Ultimately they are very similar. It seems an almost incestuous arrangement.

The government funds corporations to produce things. Perhaps these things are such that it is illegal for the government to do this. They skirt this by having a corporation do it. The argument being "They are not the government, they are a corporation which is owned by people".

This often pacifies those complaining. It shouldn't.

As they get away with it it soon provides a way for the government to violate any restrictions placed upon it by those it governs. In the United States this is the Constitution.


As the world transforms and people stop going as often to a physical "public square" they instead now go to new digital places and communities and they speak in these new "public squares". They treat these places as the public squares. They typically were enticed by them being "free" and initially with not much in the way of restrictions on how you spoke. They usually provided ways for you to voluntarily (a choice) block people from interacting with you that you did not want to interact with. No other intervention was required.

They begin to entice businesses, agencies, and other corporations into participating in these new public squares.

Then as politics change and new ideologies are pushed which are only in their infancy they begin to say "You are not allowed to talk about this... or that..." Recall these are voluntary spaces. People can come and go from them and the people can block those they want to block. Yet now they are deciding what you are allowed to hear. What you are allowed to speak.

They may also be sure to blast what is said by certain people as they use that as justification to censor everyone. This can cost people jobs. It can land people in jail.

A lot like if you were saying these things in a physical public square...

Wait. It is illegal for the government to censor speech in a public square. (At least supposedly in the United States)

"It isn't the government dummy! It is a corporation. It is a free market. They can run their business how they want!"

A free market where they are receiving funding from the government which was taken from the citizens via "taxation"? A government contract? Government sponsorship?

You call that a free market?

Even when they block any competition of ideas? When they put road blocks in the way of potential competitors?

Free market?

Not at all. It is fascism. Right there in the open. IF YOU LOOK.

Those pulling the strings in the government are using this "corporate loophole" to violate their own restrictions and laws...

It is only a loophole because most people don't see it, and many of those that do see it shrug it off and choose to ignore it. Some see it and think "I need to get me some of that government funded action".

Others see it as a way to strengthen their control. You can have elections. Yet the elite own and pay off the people who make the machines that count the votes.

The elite censor anyone that attempts to question that or point it out. The elite censor people that suggest it was faster counting by hand than it ends up being these days.

But it's okay that this censorship happens right?!?!? They are corporations...

Dancing to the tune of the government.

While the powerful corporate elite are always right there to pull the strings on the next "leader" of a government. They are ready to destroy anyone that dare threaten this incestuous orgy of power.



Doesn't fascism already act as a form of neo-Feudalism? New label, same result? Changing the clothing for the day.

Calling the right semi-fascist. Sure. The bulk of the world is semi-fascist at this point. Many aspects of it are full on fascism.

The left is full on fascist.

So when they call the right "semi-fascist" are they saying "They are almost as evil and bad as we are, go get them!!!"

What is the argument?

Oh... I get it. It is the name calling, label grenade tossing, and ad hominem world of today...

Hurl bad words or words we've been conditioned to immediately view as bad at people and expect the zombie populace to shift into attack mode without doing any thinking, research, etc...

"They are racists... Attack"

"They are homophobes... Attack"

"They are for the patriarchy... Attack"

"They are islamophobes... Attack"

"They are transphobe... Attack"

"They are MAGAts... Attack"

"They are semi-fascist... Attack"

"They are white... Attack"

"They are men... Attack"

"They are thinking people... Attack"

"They are deniers... Attack"


You get the point. That dead horse is pretty flat at this point.


Thank you for your time. It is the only currency we are born with. It is limited and you just spent some of it with me.


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Since its inception America has never truly been free. Sadly America had the bondage of debt at birth. At the core it is a spiritual war of good and evil. Fascism or neo-facism... George Carlin expressed the problem well in humor of the American Dream and the club. So how do you want your drink of poison full, semi or on the rocks?

This problem is much larger than the U.S. The US just happens to be where I live so it is the thing I react to the most.

I know you already know this. :)