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This is just a quick meme I made.


I don't want to add anything here YET. Just an image that is some food for thought.

I decided to potentially waste some time on Twitter. I never really have until recently with the Elon Musk actions going on. Yes, it could be pointless but I figured "let's see what happens."

Anyway I actually made this meme above first there and then came and posted it here.


So you want privilege? NO. I will not agree to give you that. I will give you equality. I will not treat you special due to your past experiences. If you want me to treat you equal I will. If you think I should treat you special then you are how the things you dislike exist

If you have to use force to make people comply with your own wishes perhaps your wishes are not that good.
Don't force people. People should also not force you.
Voluntary life. The consequences of your choices are on you. Whether good or bad. Act equal, be equal.


Imagine white people today seeking out systemic racism today? Having trouble finding laws for white people only? Having trouble finding white history month? Having trouble finding white scholarships? Which system are you talking about? Fantasy land?


I don't think any of these things for white people should exist. They don't. They do exist for other skin colors and ethnicities. They shouldn't. ActEqualBeEqual You can't get equality by demanding or receiving special treatment (aka privilege) either good or bad.


How about this? I see you as more than a label. You see me as more than a label. As individuals maybe our ideas will combine and we can solve more problems than either of us can by ourselves. ActEqualBeEqual

How about this? I am not perfect. You are not perfect. I make mistakes. You make mistakes. Hopefully we are both wise enough to take advantage of that opportunity and learn from our mistakes. ActEqualBeEqual

How about this? I break the law. I am held accountable. You break the law. You are held accountable. I am innocent until proven guilty. You are innocent until proven guilty. ActEqualBeEqual

How about this? I treat you equal. You treat me equal. We both tell the people using us as political and fundraising pawns to go take a hike. We kick the leeches trying to use our emotions telling us we are oppressed out of our minds. ActEqualBeEqual

This is me on Twitter.


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I'm not saying you're wrong, but it does seem like you are upon the "Stairs Of The Evil Agenda," and on stair #21, you decide to step down to just the 18th step, and say "Equality!" Which indeed is what I heard before it became transformed into what we have now.

It's tough to really provide something better, but perhaps you'll appreciate just the fact that I'm saying this, to provide you with a perspective. I'm still not really against what you say, but it feels like a solution rooted in kindness, rather than in pragmatic and functional solution-finding.

And no, kindness isn't bad. It just isn't necessarily pragmatic when we are faced with a dystopian reality where everything is easily twisted into lies and propaganda.

For example, in order to enforce equality, we could give small, mostly harmless lobotomies to people who are smarter than others. This could help us not just "act equal," but "be equal."

Equality!" Which indeed is what I heard before it became transformed into what we have now.

There is a difference between Equality and Equity. I do not propose Equal outcome because that is a fool's pursuit. It is impossible.

We can strive towards equality of opportunity. Present the doors to people and let them choose to go through them or not but we cannot guarantee their results will be the same as someone else.

Mainly though it is equal treatment. Treat one person the same as another with no regard for the typical traits unless I am trying to recruit something for a recreation or piece that requires a specific trait.

E.G. It'd be stupid to make a documentary about George Washington and ignore skin color and thus use a black person as Washington. The same would be true for hiring a white person to play Harriet Tubman.

There are times traits matter. When you are representing history or are attempting to be true to existing source material.

You in your reply are describing "Equality of Outcome".

It is impossible.

Act Equal, Be Equal is more about a person choosing to ACT as though they are equal regardless of what hand life may have dealt them. It is a much better and productive mindset than acting like the victim and the oppressed.


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