In the quest to stomp out the alleged systemic racism they introduced systemic racism.

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Diversity quotas is FORCE.

It is bigotry. It is systemic.

If you are making decisions purely based upon race that is racism. This defines racial diversity based decisions.

If you are making decisions purely based upon gender/sex that is bigotry as well.

If you are making decisions purely based upon sexual preference that too is bigotry.

There are times when choosing based upon race, gender, etc. are important.

If you are attempting a historical recreation then you will be looking for something that represents the historical facts. To do otherwise is again focusing on diversity purely for diversity sake and ends up being racist, sexist, etc.

If you are attempting to stay true to existing intellectual property and source material then it should not be deemed as racist, sexist, etc. because you did so.

It is actually racist, sexist, etc. when you change those things just so you can say you are being "diverse".

If you are hiring for a position where race, sex, etc. have nothing to do with the job then focusing on any of those traits is the problem.

In such an environment it could be possible to end up with diversity of that type organically or not at all. That is how nature and reality work.

If you FORCE the diversity then you are deciding based upon race, sex, etc. and are actually being RACIST and SEXIST.

There is systemic racism at the moment but it comes in the form of the diversity quotas, the months and special days fixated upon race, sex, etc.

The people who are not racist would not be making decisions that do not require it based upon race.

The most racist people in the world right now are those who are calling everyone else racist while they claim to be fighting racism and at the same time basing most of their decisions on what race someone is.

I am a human. That is my race. My species.


Well, we have two pieces:

  1. Woke mob
  2. Khazarian Mafia

The KM want to divide and conquer. It is T.H.E.M. vs the world. So, they use every underhanded trick to get and keep control. They control the media. They put out their propaganda through the WEF, UN and other NGOs.

The woke mob are just a bunch of people who are playing in the oppression olympics. Because the majority of people are soft hearted individuals, those who are oppressed can usually garner sympathy and support. Now, it is a ritualized olympic level sport. Where each is competing to be the most oppressed, and get the most brownie points for being woke.

As you have noted, these two groups are the most racist, most bigoted, most sexist, most belligerent groups that exist.

Here is an interesting fact. If you remove the boomers from the wage pool
Women earn more than men.
Compare same job, same hours, same experience. Women are making 10-15% more than their male counterparts.
But do we hear any lessening of the cry of women are oppressed?


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If someone is making decisions based upon race unless it is required for medical reasons, or to represent history, or an established story then it is racism. It doesn't matter what color, what race.

For me picking a race is largely like rolling a dice UNLESS I say I am coming from a specific region as part of my story. Unfortunate for these diversity nuts they ignore how gene pools and and generations work out. You don't end up with a big multi-color diverse crowd. You end up with a pool of people with similar traits... regardless of how they may have started out generations ago.