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If it was the U.S. that did it, that seems like a really good way to turn your allies into enemies.


Whom does it hurt more that the Nordstream pipelines
were sabotaged?

Russia, or the allies of the United States that now
will have even more of their citizens freezing,
and dying?

Think about it...

'Forever Unusable': 15 Things We Know About The Mysterious “Explosions” That Severely Damaged The Nord Stream 1 And 2 Pipelines


You really have to think one step higher.

This is a depopulation agenda.
America is a thorn that needs to be removed.
Russia needs to stay a weak country living on frozen tundra.

None of this war, none of the propaganda, makes any sense unless you really go up one level into the real conspiracy theories.

This, world war, if you would call it that, is the people vs "The Elite" (the rotschildren, the builderbergers, the mother WEFers.)

The mother WEFers want chaos, destruction and population reduction.

Since there was nothing currently flowing through those pipelines and no immediate likelihood of there being anything flowing through them any time soon, in the short term it doesn't hurt anybody. In the long term, it probably hurts Russia more. Europe will find the energy it needs elsewhere sooner or later. But since Russia will likely just sell their natural gas elsewhere, I'm not sure it really changes much of anything so I don't really see much of a point for sabotage other than to try to cause chaos and incite war.

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Common sense doesn't always prevail but to many hands are left out to lay any one particular hand down as the winner. There's what you spoke of and it would go well and align well with kissing goodbye to the era of pipeline distributions the globalist have planned as their plans would need a whole new process of delivery to countries dependent upon carbon intensive emissions for their energy needs, like the ability to bring in LNG. This is one way to send an a sounding message across to the masses. With this scenario though that would include Russia going hand in hand with it, probably if so through the global partnership alignments that unspeakably spoken gave them or guaranteed them a large chunk of the China markets transition from coal. That's three quarters more population than they are currently serving. I know they were promised the rehabilitation of two providences into green efficiency housing, it didn't state if that was within or outside of Russian borders or just what Russia considers is theirs. Maybe the object into the invasion was to get rid of what Russia considered the problem or cause of the ongoing prior war between them and the hard right. You can't rebuild something that would constantly be jeopardized by warring factions within the providence. If that is the case than Russia may not even care they actually get the area's and pull back as long as the area's were cleansed of the problem.

As far as the Rand paper if you read it closely it isn't something that came from within Rand and excerpts of it was taken from parts of other editorial opinions, it was immersed with whoever wrote it's opinions. Professional analysis writers it would be pretty uncommon to see them throw in barbs also. Not that I would completely toss out the message being conveyed, especially today after hearing what John Kerry said about the inflation reduction act giving them the ability to build an industry on green energy, something that Germany was way out ahead of the US on and the reason Trump called them out on being an expansionist foreign power encroaching upon other nations and that the US would reject that type of interference. In regard of what he said, how far the US would go to stop the encroachments, leaves this scenario rip for analysis on intent to crush the green economy Germany has built over the last decade and get it to implode in upon itself. I was just saying myself last week that the only way I seen a stop to all this was to take out Germany. That was in response to if this was really about the greens against those who object to the agenda than why hasn't Putin or why didn't Putin go for those green titanium mining operations they built in Ukraine or Germany, or if the war expands into a nuclear situation than Germany, working in unison with the EC, who is working hand in hand with the WEF, Germany would be the most logical for a nuclear strike as they are the ones who has built the industry inside Germany that is enabling this all.

We also can let it escape us that Poland was the first out the door saying the US is the only country with the capabilities to do something like this. That same country who wants that two billion in covid monies the EU won't release to them, who is arguing over land with them and who just saw a major fish kill off of unknown so far causes that could take decades to recover from. Germany has a lot to lose here considering the amount they have guaranteed to private confidential investors in their "encroachment" scheming. Having spent years traveling from one country to the next setting up their whole scheme using development bank monies as guarantees but also coercing countries who need money that the money will be given if they can dictate how it is spent and that Germany provides all the services and goods from those partnership agreements. Considering all that is going on between Poland and Germany now it wouldn't surprise me at all if this did come down to them doing it either and trying to place blame upon the US. Coming back to something else Kerry said was a couple months back we were so far behind in the game. I am sure Germany would like to keep it that way. (when I speak of Germany I mean Germany and their whole merry band of green earthers at the EC and WEF) They may not want to share a piece of that pie that Trump wanted, you have to remember they backed these guarantees, they are getting the system up and ready to run, that was initially based on guarantee to investors who invested not only in the pipelines in Europe but the refining capacity needed in places like China and India, now because of the US demands made on them they'll have to share in those profits and paybacks will take much longer. With the US set to open refining capacity in Africa to compete with China and India over the next couple of years this could throw a huge money wrench into the timeline these investors sought on their return. Not to mention Trump didn't want them in our hemisphere, remember he said we reject interference in our hemisphere, which means deals they made in our hemisphere is kaput.

So yeah the cards, like I said, are all out there it's just whose hands is going to show up getting played on this.

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Second paragraph, link, hit on the highlighted box, it will show you all the new pipeline construction in Europe in the Bamboozling The Already Bamboozled post.

I went deep with my comment to you on the different scenarios in play here. They all have motive for doing it. My overall opinion is that it was in the cards of the globalist plans. Meaning they are all working in conjunction with one another. This is a series of planned events. In the meantime you should look over my Lasting Standing Barrel series I wrote, parts 1 through 3, I still have a forth one forthcoming. Than scroll down to the Bamboozling the Already Bamboozled and you will see the Baltic line is just one in a series of lines in recent years built.

I understand, yet it needs to be said that Russia could have simply turned off the tap. They were making bank from the crazy prices on gas, so it makes no sense to sabotage one's money pot.

Except the pipeline, at least a month or so ago, announced a cut back to 15% of the lines capacity. I remember vividly because people were all out blogging how Europeans were going to freeze to death this winter. I explained to them that you can't transition if Russia is filling the tanks, that wouldn't be a transition. My opinion was that it was a slow down just enough to keep the lights on so to speak as they took in the imported LNG from other countries. Despite showing them most of the infrastructure was or has been put into place for the transition the majority continues to ignore it and you could go to any web site with a blogging platform and still see them declaring the Europeans are going to freeze this winter. Yeah only if their plans don't unfold as planned but now with the Nord stream lines out of function they don't have a back up plan if it does fail badly. I am pretty confident that won't happen because it would mean the development banks would have to pay these private confidential investors billions of dollars they have invested in these new pipelines. What I am not so confident of is them selling the idea that Europeans are freezing so they can create the illusion of demand to hike up other countries gas prices to pay back those investors who have invested in those countries and to pay back the thirty billion Trump gave them for refineries in Africa.
I would also go as far as to say there is a slight, maybe remote, possibility that Russia, for whatever reason done it by sending divers though the lines to plant explosive. Just a thought when I was contemplating if that may have been the reason for the slow down, and now what they are claiming as actually have been shut off gas pipeline. Current articles are not stating the line was slowed to 15%, they are claiming the lines were shut down.

Out of that list provided I'd say Orban is pretty spot on but the rest of them lack any true morals when it comes to their people.


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