Leftists are outraged as a GOP suggests something they have suggested in the past.

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Pure tribalism and criminal demand for control and power is being displayed once again in our nation. Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) suggested that representatives should have 5 days to read a bill before voting on it. She is immediately attacked and labeled as crazy and stupid. This is the status quo in the highly partisan and fractured nation today.

Think about that...


It is also not uncommon for bills that are voted on that exceed 1000 pages to show up within only a few hours before they are to be voted on.

Now if you were to go look at the voting records of people you will see all kinds of carefully crafted titles.

What you voted no against the "Affordable Healthcare Act"?

Don't you want people to have affordable healthcare you cruel person? /sarcasm Yet if you read the bill you realize that it will not lead to less expensive healthcare. We have witnessed the skyrocketing cost across the board when it comes to healthcare since the passing of that bill.

Yet you dare to not vote YES for that carefully crafted title? How dare you!!! /sarcasm

If you look closely enough you will find that often the title has very little to do with the content of a bill. In fact, the bill often does the opposite of what the bill claimed to do.

Another example of this is the...

"No Child Left Behind Act"

Which accomplishes this by effectively teaching children at the same speed. This means that in reality what was being called "behind" before this bill becomes the normal pace for all students. Exceptions to this have occurred and people have fought to still have some form of Advanced Placement. Yet the norm has become to go only as fast as the slowest person.

The result has been that our education standards, literacy, mathematics, and education have plummeted to very low places. All other aspects of education also suffered.

Yet... You dare to vote against this? What about the children you leave behind? You cruel monster? /sarcasm Likely thought and/or stated by someone today that is angered when you think not being able to abort a baby up to the moment of birth is insane and murderous. Yet they are angered if you actually read a bill and realize that "No Child Left Behind" is a lie. People that vote for it are voting for the title.

These days voting for the title of the bill is the norm.

A lot of VERY bad bills are being passed this way.

It is also not uncommon for them to attach something to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) each year that couldn't pass on it's own merits. Imagine if Obamacare didn't pass and they attached it to the NDAA. You would soon see them saying "What you don't want to authorize our military?" This is the hostage holding that is used every year with the NDAA to pass some sick and evil things.

Two big things that happened on the NDAA under Obama's watch...

The ability for the President to authorize/sanction the killing of a U.S. Citizen without any due process, or investigation. To order it, and it be done. Now if you are a left leaning person reading this and think that is a good thing let me put it into a perspective that might help you understand. Trump was president after Obama. He had this same authority thanks to the NDAA and Obama. He did not exercise it. Yet he could have. I bet that has you angry and outraged. Ask yourself why this evil thing is okay if you like the person? What kind of a person does that make you? If you truly are thinking that way then you are a cancer on society. You are an example of the rot that is destroying the world, not just the U.S.

Another thing that was attached to an NDAA in 2012 was the removal of many of the restrictions against using propaganda on the U.S. people that was in the Smith-Mundt act. It should be no surprise to any thinking person that propaganda went crazy after that. A few months later is when the big push for Black Lives Matter began. While there are elements of truth that movement was started on, that was just a seed. It was watered with propaganda and the care takers insured a vile, dangerous, destructive, and devisive plant would grow from that planting. A lie usually works better if it is based around something with some truth in it.

Those are two examples of things that never should have passed that did. They passed by attaching them to something that no representative thinks should ever be voted against. The NDAA. These things attached to the NDAA often have nothing to do with the military or what the NDAA actually is.

Yet if you don't have to read it and you just vote for the title. It will pass anyway.

Holding Hostage

Another thing that happens frequently is when the spending limit is reached. The government has effectively maxed out their credit cards and soon they will not be able to pay for things.

So the propaganda and media push about the government about to be defunded (due to it's own actions and irresponsibility by the way).

These days nice freshly minted metal signs might appear at a barrier preventing you from entering a national park. The sign will say something like "Closed due to government shutdown" and it will have a date showing clearly that they had the money to print these nice new signs.

Some of us remember when these parks did not need these barriers. They did not need government funding to be open. They were land. We went onto it. Back then if funding impacted anything it simply would have impacted how often a ranger or someone might have patrolled.

Yet really even with rangers these things are huge places and rangers only patrol close to roads and trails. Not even all trails.

If you pay attention you realize that entrance to these parks has become a hostage situation.

Whenever these spending increase bills come along rather than finding ways to save money you'll begin to see media emphasizing people complaining they drove across country to go into a national park with their family only to be turned away as they are greeted by one of these signs.

The media will show you how outraged the person is and the person will demand that the government increase the spending limit. The parks are the hostage. The person backed by propaganda is demanding the ransom be paid.

It is a scam.

We are largely being ruled by criminals...

They are doing everything they can to expand and insure they keep their power.

We need to stop drinking their koolaid.

We need to stop dancing to their scary songs they spin on their propaganda apparatuses to keep us in a state of perpetual fear.

We need to be happy when someone in authority like Lauren Boebert (or AOC in one of her rare sensible moments) suggests something that is common sense and will do something to reduce the powers of the criminals. Actions that will reduce their ability to sneak things by us.

I personally think she didn't take it far enough. I think the time that must pass before a bill can be voted on should correlate to the number of pages in the bill. It should permit sufficient time to read, AND to understand the ramifications of these things.

If you want something to be voted on and pass quickly then it should be short, clearly written, and understandable.

I also think it is a big fraud how they title these bills when often they do exactly the opposite of what the title says.

Thank you for your time.

Reference material

Boebert’s New Proposal Would Expose What Dems Hide in Bills – And They Hate It

AOC Admits Disturbing Details Behind Staged Arrest: Soros-Funded, Dark-Money Group Coordinated Stunt

I might provide more if there is interest and it appears I need to. At the moment this is a start and something to think about. You likely can find other material yourself.


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Man, you've just made one of the most brilliant arguments I've ever read about this whole left vs right thing. I'm not an American but I follow American politics quite a lot, I know the left paint themselves as freedom loving, liberal, progressives while the right paint themselves as conservative, religious values kind of guys.

I myself I'm a freedom loving, liberal progressive guy (or so I paint myself?😅😂🤔. Actually, though, I'm all of that.) and most of the times that I look at American politics I side with the left. But a further thing about me is that I am very objective, all I'm in for is logic and common sense. What you've just presented here is straight up common sense, it's just that I've not verified those additions to the bills you talked about (my bad), but certainly using the titles of bills rather than their contents to make people support or not support it is total bullshit and it's a shame we have to explain this to anyone.

What Boebert said is also common sense and your suggestion perfects it even more. It should all depend on the size of the bill! Whatever side a person wants to be on should never affect common sense.

I am more center. Though I'd be called Right or Alt-Right these days because I disagree with what the "left is doing".

These days I am closer to a Libertarian. "Socially liberal, fiscally conservative".

Which believe it or not is close to what Liberals used to be.

The word was hijacked and tarnished so the phrase Libertarian came about to describe what Liberals USED to be.

The important thing to realize is that today is the product of manipulation. If the traditional mainstream media is telling you something it is very likely being sculpted to illicit a very specific response. It is manipulation. It is propaganda.

It is repeated over and over and when you hear something over and over again that can effect anyone. That is why propaganda is so effective.

When you hear something declared debunked the moment it was announced you have to realize no time has passed. Nothing could have been debunked.

Yet these days that happens frequently. Many people just in a conditioned way accept it as true because the media outlets they've heard their entire lives have told them to.

Yet what if the media outlets are controlled by power seeking criminals?

I'll tell you now. That is NOT a what if. It is the state of things in the world at the moment.

Let that be in your mind any time you are consuming information. Then you can review the information without immediately thinking it must be true.

That's what's always in my mind when I'm consuming any sort of information, I start thinking of all the thousands of reasons and incentives for why this information may have been manipulated and all the thousands of ways they could have manipulated it. At the end of a lot of my information consumption I come out just feeling like I have a lot of research to do to make up my mind on this thing, I also have to know that since sources are limited I might never know the truth on a matter.

Yep. That's all anyone can really do if they are trying to be informed. We can't know everything.

I view the world as a changing set of probabilities. I just change the way I think and adapt as new information makes some things more probable or less probable than others.

I don't dwell in an area of certainty and absolutes. Not even my own thoughts remain absolute. I change my mind just by thinking all of the time. It is not static.

That's great, man, that's about how I roll too. 👌

All of this would be good to apply to govern-cement, except you forgot one thing.
You do not own the govern-cement.

The same people who own the Fed, own the govern-cement (corporation)
T.H.E.Y. also own most of the media
(Bill Cosby went to prison just after trying to buy NBC)
and all the "foundations" and "endowments" (NGOs) that actually have more sway in politics.

So, the mandate to govern-cement is to spend as much money as wastefully as possible.
Increase unhappiness as much as possible.
Make laws for thee and not for me... as in, make them so that enforcement can decide how much or how little law happens.

Having a code that says we must have enough time to read a bill is simply logical.
However, the way these things go is their handlers tell them what to vote for, and when.
And we can't have anything be a hindrance to that.

I didn't forget. I simply know that me knowing a thing and saying nothing, or me knowing a thing and saying it the same way each time will not share the idea with anyone else that may not know. I also speak it differently when I think of it with the understanding that what I say one way may not reach people, yet when I say it another way it might. Then perhaps they will think and they might even respond and inform me.

You have done so yourself from time to time. In this case I know these things.

Yet I do appreciate it because some of those people that don't might happen to read your comment and perhaps they will be open to exploring those thoughts.