There is no avoiding World War 3. You have been in it. The question is do you fight, or surrender?

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I am seeing the frequent news stories and other people talking about how we are on the brink of World War 3. The truth is we have been in World War 3 for many years now.

It actually goes back quite a ways.

In traditional wars you might have something like D-Day where a bunch of landing craft full of soldiers storm Normandy Beach to establish a beach head from whence they can launch an assault on that mainland.

As they fight, and people die they gain more territory.

What if you didn't have to fight that way and instead you could convince the people to cast open their doors, open their gates, and perhaps point their weapons at each other?

Wouldn't that be another form of beach head?

That is exactly what they have done.

All those decades of psychological experimentation. All of that practice with propaganda. All of those programs like MK-Ultra and others carried out by other nations.

Do you truly think they didn't learn anything from that?

Okay... Let's assume you realize they had to have learned a lot.

Who is now using what they learned, and how are they using it?

For me I scoffed at Psychology when I encountered it in College. Why? To me it seemed like common sense. I could see what they were describing simply by observing and paying attention. I didn't need them to tell me.

Yet all I took was Psych 101.

What I didn't truly consider is that like ALL tools it can be used for benevolent purposes or malevolent ones.

They spun the entire discipline as helping cure the minds and help the mentally ill.

That is the benevolent side.

What then of the malevolent side of that tool?

  • What can be use to heal can be used to destroy.
  • What can be used to strengthen can be used to weaken.
  • What can be used to free can be used to enslave.

The malevolent side has been wielded. Propaganda has been one aspect of that which was acknowledged as malevolent/evil/bad. That is a big part of why it was illegal for propaganda to be used against the U.S. Citizens after World War 3 (Look into the Smith-Mundt Act). Yet as part of the National Defense Authorization Act in 2012 as is the norm now they attached provisions to it that could not pass on their own. People would say "Are you out of your minds we can't do that!" So some of the corrupt and power hungry did what they normally do. They attached it to the NDAA 2012. Why? That is the bill each year that funds the United States Military. Much like they hold the nation hostage closing down national parks when the debt ceiling is reached they pull the "You won't fund our military card" and people vote for the NDAA each year regardless of what leeches have been added onto it. They do the same when arguing the debt ceiling. Yet 2012 had a nasty leech.

They added a provision to remove a lot of the restrictions on using propaganda against the United States Citizens.

Not long after that Black Lives Matter became a thing. It proved highly effective at mobilizing, and enraging people. It was an early example of creating a new CULTURAL movement that would begin to look at everything around them through a victim seeking vision prescription. Now instead of people seeing a problem and attempting to adjust their lives and adapt it turned focusing on things that may be real, or might just be inconvenient and amplifying those things to indicate victim status. It actually is a self feeding circle. It almost seems to inspire a death spiral for the mind. It almost turns people's own minds into shackles of mental slavery.

Are there real concerns and examples? Yes. Yet they are not as common as the propaganda makes them seem. It should be clear when you realize they only report the stories that help the propaganda. You don't hear the stories that would make you question the propaganda. If a black person kills a white person they won't report that. If a white person kills or insults a black person you will hear that. If 83 people are shot in black against black crime in Chicago alone in a week and that is a normal thing you won't hear about that. You will however hear about the less than a dozen (maybe even half dozen in some years) cases where some police officer (human and flawed just like all of us) gives into a stereotype, acts, in haste, etc. That police officer might even be a racist. Those small number of stories will be amplified over and over and over again. The effect on our minds is we think it is a bigger problem and occurring more than it is.

They use these psychological techniques to not only turn us against each other, but against ourselves.

How productive comparatively is a person who is fixated on how much of a victim they are?

We know this from trauma. For awhile we are almost mentally paralyzed and struggle to do what we normally would be. We are in that victim mode.
Eventually we move on to the survivor mode and we begin to return to normal. Part of doing that is to stop fixating on what happened to us and viewing the world only as a victim does.

Today they are indoctrinating people to try to find any way to view themselves or someone else as a victim.

This is a big part of the design behind the idea of microaggressions.

Looking for things to be offended about and fixating on them.

In the past any petty offense we learned to shrug off. That was considered part of becoming a mature person.
Now you must eat it, drink it in, bathe in it, and shout about it over and over again.

Let the rage flow...

Can you see the beach heads in our minds yet?

Do you still think world war 3 is coming, or are we there yet?

Enraged people have taken over large numbers of countries. The entire cultural shift is fixated on an ever increasing number of possible traits that make a person a victim and making everything about shouting about that victim. They are not actually helping the victims. How can they? They are too busy inventing new things to view as victimizing. New things they CHOOSE to find offensive.

In this case the they is those of us who are responding to the propaganda as desired. It is not the big THEY who are the puppet masters directing the propaganda be created.

This war is so effective because once you embrace the propaganda you essentially put your mind on autopilot and become a warrior to push the same propaganda. It becomes more like a Kamikazi suicide mission because you are taking other people with you than simply suicide. It might as well be considered a zombie horde. Trying to bite and infect as many people as possible and those who don't agree will be consumed and erased.

Quiet Quitting

We can only take so much. Even those enslaved by the propaganda. I am beginning to think the wave of silent quitting, decrease in productivity, will to work, etc. is a product of this war. You can only be surrounded by victimhood and no hope, no solutions, etc. for so long before your "soul" withers and gives up. You begin to transition from zombie to ghost. You might occasionally burst and act up but over time that begins to decline and you become a shell. Catatonia might be preferable and it might be an end result if things continue as they are. I think instead you'll just see an ever increasing trend of suicides.

How does that help those that are considered victims?

It doesn't. The truth is they are the victims of weaponized psychology. Instead of helping someone, lifting them up, teaching them how to choose NOT to be offended, and healing them. The opposite is being employed. They are using the opposite techniques to tear people down.

We are in World War 3

Are you going to fight? Are you going to quiet quit?

If you feel wounded are you going to work towards being healed?

Are you going to keep dancing to the propaganda of the puppet masters?

Who are the puppet masters?

Often when people discuss a THEY. People want to know who THEY are. I don't think it is a simple ONE group to rule them all. I think it is a lot of different groups and interest that tend to align and work towards similar goals. Power, control, and their way or the highway.

I can give you a hint to some of them just by asking you some questions. As you answer those questions yourself then consider. What do those people do? What powers do they have? Why?

Here are the questions:

  • Have you ever voted for anyone to represent you in the United Nations?
  • Have you ever voted for anyone to represent you in the World Economic Forum (WEF aka Davos)?
  • Have you ever voted for anyone to represent you in the World Health Organization?
  • Have you ever voted for anyone to represent you in the World Bank?
  • Have you ever voted for anyone to represent you in the Paris Climate Accords?

The list of these questions could be quite long. Yet I think the ones I listed are a good start for getting you thinking about these things. You may already have been. In fact if you are reading this odds are pretty high I am "preaching to the choir". I hope it may have some unique trains of thought, and it might be seen by those who have not thought about these things.

It might also inspire people to share things with me I had not considered.

As always. Thank you for your time. It is the only true limited currency that any of us are born with. You just spent some of it with me.


In fact if you are reading this odds are pretty high I am "preaching to the choir".

HAHAHA! Yeah, we all tend to stick together, but it’s this repeated assertion of awareness that helps mitigate the feeling loneliness when you wake up to how screwed we are.

…as to the whole quiet quitting business, I’ve been feeling this happening in myself for a few years now. I’m still trying like hell to keep my mind right, stay positive and be/build the better world I want to live in, but it does feel absolutely hopeless, as though death really is the ultimate prize. Any suggestions on ways to fight back?

As always, I love your work!

In my day to day job I haven't been quite quitting. I still do my job. Yet I have no desire to advance, or increase the things I do. I do a lot already. More than someone in my position normally does in other companies. We are a small and tight team and each of us do far more than we should. It turns out this leaves us vulnerable to other problems. What happens when one of the important people to your team is removed for stupid reasons rather than accidental ones?

It is this thinking that was the seed of this post.

As to what we can do. I am still trying to figure that out myself.

I did move my family out of the city over a year ago and I am trying to get more of my own food and hopefully soon chickens going but with a 40+ hour a week job, and on call 24x7 every other week it is hard to motivate myself. I also haven't been super successful in motivating my other family members to push the projects to completion.

I do feel like I am in a safer place.

I am just trying to plan for as many contingencies I can.

The way things are going I kind of see us entering a new dark ages of sort. If this ends up true then my goal will be to try to get some of my progeny to live to reach the hopeful other side of the darkness and perhaps preserve what ideas and knowledge I can.

I write a lot. I share that hoping it will add to the world.

Yet if something happens to this network, electricity, etc. The vast bulk of my important works as far as I see them are GONE. POOF.

It does make the ancients seem wise for putting so many things into stone.

If there is time, and there may not be I may try to compile some ideas I've had and perhaps others into a limited print book that I at least can give to my progeny. That way I don't just POOF disappear if my digital footprint disappears.

I tend to agree with your point in terms of work. I still manage to bring my A-Game and, in fact I’m also on a small team of engineers in the marine control field, so I feel that same impact you describe.

I also work really hard at home. I make my kids’ school lunches, pack their book bags and take care of the dogs before I leave for work at 0530, and I do teeth and bath time, homework, bedtime etc after work, and dishes/kitchen cleanup after bedtime.

…so one could argue that I’m just tired, but it’s not that. All the things listed above are labors of love. Sometimes they do leave me pretty drained, but that’s all that is.

What bothers me is wondering, if it’s this bad now, what horrible sin have I committed by being forth a new generation of children to suffer this shit? Do they stand even so much as a chance? The evil powers at work in this world are so great, it’s terrifying to look at my beautiful children and wonder what life will be like for them.

I agree also about trying to preserve things. For posterity, as well as for myself. I’m still living through a great struggle, always teetering on the edge between darkness and light. Everything in equal part and measure. All of my good is in a near perfect dance of conservation with all my bad, the more I cultivate and build my light, the deeper I plunge into darkness when I shift phases. Still haven’t managed to change my spiritual current from AC to DC, which has become increasingly scary for me as I see myself swinging further and further out of control with each shift.

…not sure how relevant much of this is now that it’s written, but I’m just gonna throw it out there. Thanks for the insightful article and response man, stay well.

what horrible sin have I committed by being forth a new generation of children to suffer this shit?

You haven't committed a sin at all. It is the ONLY way humans can survive. Someone must exist to reach the light at the other side of the darkness. Your children may struggle but they are still needed. For knowledge to continue, for humans to have a chance in the future we must have children and we must share what we know.

I didn’t know how much I needed to hear that until I did.