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I'm having a hard time reaching the audience. Thank you for your support!

The system (not Hive) is saddening, bc a lot of individuals like you/us is being disconnected and censored, it is is the response of the people to distance away from authors and creators in this niche/calling.

Sometimes newbs follow where the HPs are, not on the rly on the content. Just keep on writing, it'll gain traction.

Tagging these shy peeps @janesuiren & @dzawn to visit your profile ;)

I had no idea that it's possible to censor users. 😶 Every blog-platform supports the idea that the low-caloric "easy to digest" content is the most profitable.

Not on Hive, but Firefox and some other seemingly innocent browsers and applications forcefully unexpectedly crash when unknowing users are searching/reading/writing keywords that is against their 'guidelines' based on personal experience.

On Google, Instagram, and FB, some anecdotes from other creators, said that they had verified that they were shadow banned based on their sharp decline in analytics and responses from users stating they were auto-unfollowed and or hidden from searches.

The propaganda 'against' misinformation through 'fact'-checkers and the media might also heavily contributed to decline of interest in the other-side of the news.

Don't mind me, still a noob in this niche, most of the times I sandwich my conspiracy theories and opinions with gardening updates, so I cans till be able to voice it out while also not losing followers both here and IG XD

Every blog-platform supports the idea that the low-caloric "easy to digest" content is the most profitable.

True. smh

This gets my vote a share and totally you should hook up with a friend of mine I just got signed up on here.


Absolutely if you need any help on tagging and so forth let me know I would totally love to help out!

It is really difficult to not only reaching audience but also to get your information out there but I might know a person or two that would be able to help.

Boss, you're such a phenomenal soul.🤗 Thank you for boosting this content and supporting me on a journey. You often write about Ukraine. Let me remind you that our channel is an endless source of information:

You could use some of them for your projects. I have subscribed to Greg11Bravo. 🤗 Have a great day!

Awesome! Thank you so very much for being such an amazing person!

Yay! 🤗
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We've been hearing for at least a decade that Europe (and Ukraine, especially) will freeze. The source? Russia, obviously.

Ukrainian thermal power plants are getting hit on a daily basis. Our largest nuclear power plant is occupied. An electric energy distribution network is down. Our surgeons are forced to cancel scheduled operations due to power shortages, and you ask me for a "source" to back my claim that "we will be freezing this winter"? Amazing.

Europe will be just fine if LNG terminals keep working. We, however, won't.

No denial of the fact that power shortages hit hard. As for the weather forecast? Remains to be seen.

There is nothing to be seen about it. Our winters are cold and harsh, just the way it is, especially during Siberian anticyclones.