Vladimir Putin's Population Replacement Program

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Reuters has published an article pointing at the possibility that the Russian Federation will disintegrate into European and Asian. That reminds me of a lady from Irkutsk (Russian Far East) who told me that east regions of the Russian Federation are becoming more-and-more Asian. There are no border control services, and millions of migrants are entering Russia. That surprised me because it contradicted the widely accepted narrative which described Putin as a strict ruler who prefers law and order.

Forbes: As Russia Gets Weaker, Xi Jinping May Forgo Taiwan To Grab Eastern Russia

Vladimir Putin is carrying out the population-replacement program. In Q2 of 2022 alone, more than 3 million Asian and Turkic migrants entered the Russian Federation (allegedly to work): "In the second quarter of 2022, about 4.16 million foreigners registered at their place of residence, while 3.12 million people (75 percent) indicated work as the purpose of their arrival. That is a record-high quarterly figure for the entire period of available statistics since 2017."

Link: https://24.kg/english/241848_Record_number_of_labor_migrants_arrive_in_Russia_including_from_Kyrgyzstan/

Here is what Putin's population replacement program looks like on the streets of Moscow:

According to AsiaRussia.ru's survey from 2015, the population of Moscow is only 42% European (Russians 31%, Ukrainians 8%, Belarussians 3%).

In Kaluga oblast (90 miles southwest of Moscow), Muhammad is the second most popular name. 👇🏻

Mr. Vladimir Putin's policy does not include just the population replacement program for the Russian Federation but all of Europe. Russian FSB and GRU are linked to illegal migrations and the "invasion of Europe." Namely, Kremlin uses illegal migrants to bribe and force western governments into accepting their proposals.

Westerners blame all Russian people for the consequences of Putin's politics, even though there is nothing ordinary Russian people can do to change Putin's mind. Mr. Putin is a member of the vast network. He is not an "independent leader" in any shape or form. Putin is a badge in the hands of big banks and the so-called oligarchs. Disobedience is taken seriously in Russia. As there is no democracy, people cannot protest and go unpunished, so they don't even try.

Q: Who will you vote for?

A: It doesn't matter. Even if we vote, they will appoint who they have already chosen.

Russian politics is a literal freak show. Every aspect thereof is under the control of the old KGB cadres, including the Russian Orthodox Church (It is a well-known fact that Patriarch Kirill was a member of the KGB).

2014 Documentary Reveals Shocking Information About Putin's Regime

The only thing that can help the Russian people is the process called "lustration." Old cadres must be retired. Otherwise, the Russian Federation will become a giant concentration camp.

I urge you to watch Mr. Adam Curtis' latest masterpiece, called the "Trauma Zone,"

Season 01, Episode 01: https://odysee.com/@TomPaine:7/Russia.1985-1999.TraumaZone.S01E01.an.Adam.Curtis.Documentary:5

FSB and GRU are trying to portray Putin as a fighter against Antichrist, while Russian Federation fits the Biblical description of Babylon to the letter. Utter nonsense and insanity.

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