Why Body Count Matters (What You're Not Told About Telegony And Microchimerism)

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following is an excerpt from a dissertation of mine in which I discussed the touchy subject of telegony and microchimerism. Due to the nature of the topic, I'd like to warn you that the given information is rather disturbing. I'm presenting it with love and compassion. There are no ill wishes and intentions in my heart.


Casual sex is one of the symbols of the sexual revolution that was given birth to by Sigmund Freud and Wilhelm Reich. Freud's apostles hijacked the educational system of the western nations and started to reprogram the minds of the youth, turning them away from the Christian roots, which were the cornerstones of western civilization. Instead of revealing the dreadful consequences and the correlation between the fall of a civilization and hookup culture, professors are encouraging youngsters to experiment and participate in different shades of immoral filth, one of which is casual sex. Nowadays, sexually pure individuals are getting ridiculed, and their values and attitudes are labeled "outdated." Even the minority that claims to understand the correlation between immorality and the cultural abyss has subconsciously adopted the Marxist philosophy related to sexual intercourses, some for their own "benefits" and others due to the weaknesses of their characters or simply due to the lack of knowledge. The Bible prohibits premarital sex for a good reason, which modern science is beginning to grasp. In this excerpt, I will introduce you to the deliberately omitted consequences of the premarital license. You will get to know why the body count matters.


2.1. Our ungodly (thus, unscientific) society has turned its back to traditional values, most of which were guarantors of a healthy bloodline. The politically correct and Biblically/scientifically incorrect doctrine has overthrown the rule of sanity and reasoning. Better late than never, scientists have begun to catch up with nature. Recent discoveries have led us to the conclusion that sexual interactions extend far beyond the simple production of offspring. The effects of a mother's sexual interactions with non-sires are mind-boggling and have profound effects on the reproductive fitness of an offspring. We can define telegony as the influence of a previous mate on offspring borne by a female to another mate. Telegony may also be defined as the appearance of some characteristics of the female's previous partner in her offspring by another male. Therefore, a female's previous partner influences the female's later offspring by another male.

2.2. Experienced horse breeders (see the Penicuik experiment by Lord Morton) were the first to acknowledge the existence of telegony. The scientific society has met it with skepticism. Many considered telegony a doubtful phenomenon due to a lack of indisputable empirical evidence. It was deemed incompatible with Mendelian genetics. Over the past century, however, we have discovered the molecular and physiological mechanism that breaks the link between genes and inheritance and forms the basis of telegony. These involve:

  • the penetration of spermatozoa into the somatic tissues of the female genital tract

  • the incorporation of the DNA released by spermatozoa into maternal somatic cells the presence of fetal DNA in maternal blood

  • sperm RNA-mediated non-Mendelian inheritance of epigenetic changes

  • cell-free fetal DNA

  • sperm RNAs

Telegony may occur either through the infiltration of sperm into the somatic tissues of the female genital tract or the presence of fetal genes in the mother's blood. Sperm penetrates into the mucosa of the uterine and possibly alters the genetic structure, affecting the embryo and enduring from one pregnancy to the next. The presence of EVs in uterine fluid (uterosomes) was reported in mice, sheep, and humans, including a wide range of biomolecules, such as proteins, and non-coding RNAs. According to Hamid Reza, Leila Roshanson, and Mohammad Nouri, once the male sperm enters into the female reproductive system, those sperms which do not participate in fertilization penetrate into the somatic cells of the uterus and store their genetic/epigenetic information there. The sperm of the following partner exchanges information with the uterosomes and obtains the proteins and non-coding RNA required for fertilization and development. Therefore, the male provides the female with a suite of biomolecules in the seminal fluid, affecting the phenotype, fitness, behavior, fecundity, and health of the offspring. Through the same mechanism, the mother's previous partners also determine the formation of a response mechanism to toxicant contact, mental stresses, and diet changes, as sperm is a carrier of ancestral epigenetic memory.


3.1. In 1959, the Standard Process Laboratory of Milwaukee (Wisconsin) published an article entitled "Applied Trophology." It was marked "restricted to professional use." I don't know whether they did that to stop panic from happening or to keep the masses ignorant. Here is what they said in Vol. 3, No. 8 (August 1959) of "Applied Trophology" (issue of Dr. Royal Lee) newsletter:

This phenomenon, known as "telegony" was first noted by an English horse breeder who had a mare that had mated with a zebra and was observed to give birth to colts that all had signs of zebra stripes, even when later mated to purebred stallions. Geneticists have denied this possibility ONLY because they are unacquainted with the possible theory of how it could happen. In pregnancy, the rapid cell division promotes the release of greater than normal quantities of protomorphogenes (the earliest cell form) into the blood from the embryo, and the maternal gonad (ovary) becomes loaded up with embryo blueprints, as it were, which causes subsequent germ cells of that female to be contaminated (adulterated) with blueprints of the father, for all embryo protomorphogenes are one-half duplicates of all the genes of each parent.

It is obvious these protomorphogenes circulating in the maternal blood influence tissue repair and reconstruction to a tremendous extent. It is interesting to note that photographs of couples who have raised large families show a startling resemblance to each other (in Biblical terms, they become one flesh). It will be obvious that this presence of paternal "blueprints" in the blood of a female who has had a child by one husband and subsequently remarries, the children of the later marriage will be carrying characteristics of both male mates," Dr. Royal Lee goes on to say something even more shocking:

"The English Darwinian met with only one case in which the offspring of a woman by a second husband, who was a white man, showed the influence of her first husband, who was a black man. Mr. Herbert Spencer would seem to have been more successful. In The Contemporary Review for May 1893, Mr. Spencer gives the result of his own enquiries as to the effect on a white woman’s subsequent progeny of a previous union with a black man, and he quotes the opinion of a "distinguished correspondent" that information given to him many years ago was to the effect that the children of white women by a white father had been repeatedly observed to show traces of African blood, in cases where the woman had a previous connection with a black man.

Mr. Spencer refers also to Professor Marsh as the authority for such a case and to the opinion of several medical professors who assured him, through Dr. W.J. Youmans, that the alleged result "is generally accepted as a fact." It seems to me, the inexplicable fact is that previous pregnancies had an influence on offspring. This is well-known to breeders of animals. The same influence is observed in the human subject. A woman may have by second husband children who resemble a former husband, and this is particularly well-marked in certain instances by the color of the hair and eyes."- taken from his Textbook of Human Physiology

3.2. Candidate of Historical Sciences, Mr. Valery Bochkarev, said this: "if a woman has had lots of sexual contacts with various men before her first childbirth, she then has her chromosome chain absolutely polluted. When she gets pregnant and gives birth to a child, it is unlikely that this baby will be purely the man's own from the genetic point of view. In his books "Évolution Individuelle Et Hérédité: Théorie De La Variation Quantitative", and "Les néo-Darwiniens et l'hérédité Des caractères acquis", Mr. Felix Le Dantex (French biologist and philosopher) wrote that as a result of a research conducted in America, it turned out that babies of a white woman who once had sexual intercourse with a black man would have African traits, even if she conceives with a white man.

3.3. Mr. N. V. Khlystko (a Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences) from Oryol (Russia) supports Mr. Dantex's thesis and says that the same phenomenon was seen at work in the late 1980s, USSR: "Today, many believe that a woman can do whatever she wants, including changing partners. We've been told that chastity is a relic of the past. Youth is recommended to experiment while they are alive. Our ancestors weren't as naive. They understood the importance of virginity for the continuation of a healthy and strong bloodline. Societal cruelty towards promiscuous women sprang from the instinct of self-preservation. They knew that woman's first sexual contact leaves an unerasable imprint for the rest of her life.

The existence of telegony is proven. For example, Russian women were giving birth to black children years after Olympics, despite conceptions by white, genetically healthy husbands. The real reason for the appearance of such children was a genetic mutation of the chromosome chain. There have been cases of the birth of black children by women who have never met blacks. Mother's sexual affairs resulted in the genetic mutation of the chromosome chain. Consequences became visible in subsequent generations. We can say with certainty that if a woman had intimacy with other men before the birth of a child, the child will inherit genetic information from each of them (and especially from the first mate), even though the conception came from the biological father. A man imprints genetic information and lays hereditary signs of his kind into the woman's genetic memory, including mental disorders, autoimmune illnesses, harmful inclinations, etc. Modern girls, he says, who had premarital sexual partners give birth to delinquents, drug/alcohol addicts, mentally inferior children, and sexual deviates (homosexuals). In Russia, 20% of babies are born with hereditary genetic disorders. The number of babies born prematurely is increasing while the body weight is steadily declining. The lowest percentage of hereditary genetic disorders is in regions of the Russian Federation, where traditions and religion still influence the culture. Telegony causes the degradation of nations. Societies that tolerate promiscuity get erased from the face of the Earth. The strength of a nation is in its spiritual and genetic purity, Mr. Khlystko concluded.


4.1. Microchimerism is the presence of cells of one individual in another genetically distinct individual. In humans, naturally acquired microchimerism has been observed in many tissues and organs, including the brain. We differentiate between natural and artificial microchimerism. Sexual intercourses are the primary cause of natural microchimerism. Examples of artificial microchimerism are organ-tissue-bone marrow transplantation and blood transfusion.

4.2. Microchimerism, Pregnancy & Abortion

Scientists performed real-time quantitative PCR (qPCR) in the autopsied brains of women. 63% of the females tested harbored male microchimerism in multiple brain regions.

During pregnancy, genetic material and cells are bi-directionally exchanged between the fetus and mother. Most fetus cells are killed by the mother's immune system. Some of the surviving cells invade the mother's cardiovascular system and burrow into the liver, the spleen, the pancreas, the gallbladder, and the brain.

In most cases, abortion does not prevent the exchange of genetic material and cells. Levels of male microchimerism are significantly more frequent, and levels of male cells are higher in women with induced abortion than in women with other pregnancy histories. Of women who had undergone an induced abortion, 57% carry male DNA. 22% of women who had a spontaneous abortion carry male DNA. Male microchimerism is higher in women who had a surgical abortion than in women who had a chemical abortion.


Thou shalt not commit adultery, meaning corrupt/worsen in quality. With premarital license (and cheating) come impurity, thus, weaknesses and inferiority. I deem the consequences of the modern moral and sexual codex irreversible. Despite that, I urge you to share this data with your friends and colleagues. Straightening up our acts might save someone's life.


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My apology for the explicit language that follows, it's a quote:

When sperm enters a woman it swims until it hits a wall and them seeps into your flesh. If it is in your mouth, it can get into your nasal areas, behind your eyes and even your inner ear. It then enters your blood stream and collects in your brain and spine. You can never get rid of it.

Not only that, we become the men we have sex with, gross in a way and very romantic in another way. God told us this. You know this and I am not sure why I post it, i am bored, and didn't know that even my children for what my mom or grandma wouldve done.

Wow, I haven't expected you here! What a lovely surprise. Welcome, and thank you for leaving a truthful comment.

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I have to admit that I was completely unaware of these concepts, and I have gone to look for more information in my language and seeing how websites like Wikipedia revile them and speak negatively about them, I understand with more reason that it must be true. In addition, you present us with a completely logical reasoning. And when the whole system "invites" us and encourages us to do something and calls it "cool" it is because it is harmful to us and beneficial to them. This is the case with everything, no matter how "old-fashioned" some things may seem, we must reflect, realize where they want to take us, reject it, change ourselves with a more open mind than ever. Thank you.

No words can express how happy I am to receive such great feedback after investing a lot of effort into research, study, and writing. 🤗 Scientific proofs are there. Those who seek them will find them. The media generally has a habit of recommending detrimental and even life-threatening "ideas." In most cases, turning the mainstream upside down leads to the truth.

Thanks to you, gladly I read these posts of you, because I learn a lot and I reflect more... now I can understand things a little bit better, this is the process, our process. A big hug 🤗🤗

Yay! 🤗
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Very interesting read. It is also very common for women to experience hypertensive disorders in pregnancy when they change partners. Very new concepts to me. I might have to come back to this post to re-read some of these concepts

Thank you! I'll do further research on the subject of hypertensive disorders in pregnancy. Cheers 😀

No problem...Cheers too

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Thank you!

Really interesting post. I have to wonder though does all that mixing make us weaker, or is that what really makes us stronger? Is this also a part of the evolutionary process, and does more exposure provide more opportunity for the stronger parts to grow and adapt? Wouldn't this be the exact opposite effect of in-breeding, and therefore better?