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RE: Collapsing Athletes, Deadly Injections, and the Outright Lies Being Told to Hide Connections Between the Two

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I absolutely love your work and highly support it thank you very much for producing such high quality content backed up by so many sources.

The problem isn't really that this is going on it's that there is so much evidence that this is going on in front of our faces and people can't see it for what it is.

Really appreciate your content and really hope to continue to see more of your content in the future on this platform especially with the recent down quotes and attempts to control the narrative financially on this blockchain.

Please if you haven't already vote for witnesses that are for free speech! Thank you very much and hopefully you have an amazing day from both me and my beautiful German Shepherd.



Absolutely, and good to know people appreciate my work, this post in particular was quite the time consuming project to get all of the documentation together into a post. It's encouraging to know people are reading it and find it informative, for as you point out the downvote campaign against myself and others on this platform has gotten pretty ridiculous. I probably would have left already if I felt nobody cared for my work on here and all my support was just a bunch of autovotes. And yes, I have used my votes for free speech witnesses to the best of my ability, with the little I know of the witnesses. Definitely made sure none of my votes were for those who so obviously oppose free speech and often dv my content. Feel free to add suggestions if you know of any free speech witnesses I haven't voted for yet!

And awesome pic, by the way, where at are you 2, if you don't mind me asking? The pup has really grown into a big German shepherd over the past months since the last time I saw him, looks like you're both having fun these days. Have a great day and enjoy the sunshine - it's been cloudy and snowy for over a week where I'm currently at in Montana...

Usually I'm just north of Portland Oregon in Vancouver Washington.

There's been too much civil unrest in Portland and as well the crime rate has absolutely skyrocketed due to a number of factors including legalizing cartel sample delivery. Which has just exploded into so many more problems.

Yep puppy dog is definitely getting very big.

As to rewards and the frustrating down votes, honestly enough we have such an opportunity here. The fact that people are challenging such well laid out documentation and evidence is absolutely astounding.

The only thing that you can do is pray for people to educate themselves however it's just generally easier to complain and throw a fit if you don't agree.

Personally keep slugging on! Let alone trading. There's so many more ways to make rewards here. I was threatened with down votes and kind of just laughed because I've got enough now that with the trading and working with the diesel pool I am financially doing amazingly well.

Having this kind of information definitely changes the entire game and really shows how much evolution that we have had with the simple platform.

Yeah I believe a lot of things are frustrating however it's more frustrating to not tell the truth and be silent!!!!

So no matter upvotes or down votes hopefully you continue posting and showing how much tenacity you have.

I absolutely believe in your work as well as your knowledge!