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RE: Perceiving the nonsense of PCR tests

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My son-in-law's brother was tested to be able to attend the birth of his first child. He tested positive although not sick at all. The hospital told him he cannot be with his wife during delivery.
They were frantic and he went to another laboratorium. There he tested negative and he was there when his son saw the first light.
So, yes, tests very unreliable.


And yet we have the majority lapping up every reporting of 'cases' like its an accurate datum by which to decide the fate of modern democracy and the fate of the modern western world.

The cage is exposed for those that want to see it. It is surprising and shocking how many have chosen to close their eyes. Even activists... the alternative is to face the fear and recognize it for the control mechanism that it is.

Thank you for replying. I hope it will go away soon. South Africa's recovery rate is now 89%. Our economy is opening up.
Have a great weekend!


Thank you ☺️

A cage indeed, and few want to see it for what it is. Freedom is slavery.

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Wow, the tyranny is string in our live snow. All based on bullshit and deception. Good outcome int he end for your relative.