Here comes the NWO global takeover – are you ready?

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Hey there freedom fighters and digital warriors, we are on the cusp of what looks like a global takeover by the NWO elites. The ruse of a covid pandemic has allowed sweeping executive powers to be handed to a few people in leadership, an executive command council, as it’s called here in South Africa. And that committee is beholden to the NWO which runs the planet via the UN and the central banks.

It’s as simple as that. We do not have an independent government here in South Africa or in any of the Commonwealth nations, like Canada, Australia and the rest. The elite still run the show. The Empire never went away, it just changed its outer appearance. And today the empire is tightening the noose around the necks of the last generation to be free – us. The pandemic has worked just like 9/11 but better. It has rounded us up and locked us down in our own homes while implementing a global surveillance system via the Covid App.

Freedom is slipping out of our grasp as I write this. Along with that is the ongoing silencing of dissent. Freedom of speech is being shadow banned, as the modern day equivalent of the burning of the libraries of Alexandria, plays itself out online, to borrow a metaphor from The Corbett Report. Truth is being silenced like a book-burning in the Dark Ages.

Any dissent against the pandemic, the virus or the lockdown is being hidden or banned. Yet truth activists are more virulent now than they were after 9/11. That false flag attack to prevent the central bank from being usurped was small compared to the one being perpetrated in the guise of a global pandemic called sars covid-19.

This false flag is being called out by thousands worldwide, many of whom are leading doctors, academics, journalists, scientists and politicians. It’s a takeover guys. This is the end of our inalienable human rights as we knew them. Freedom of speech is going. Freedom of movement is going. Freedom of choice is gone.

Unless we stand up as a nation, in fact as a planet. Remember – “they are few, we are many”. That is our only saving grace left to us now. Out government leaders are sock puppets, and stooges. They will not be helping us. They are merely delivering the dictates from the UN and the WHO. Central autonomy rules the planet right now. Your government is a front, a cover for the one world order dictatorship that is here today.

The battle wages right now for the minds of the masses. Propaganda war and every other war wages in 2020, from trade war to kinetic war. The front lines are on every continent, among numerous players. But besides the national clashes currently under way in numerous countries or on multiple borders, there is the media war and the civil war, where we the people are the cannon fodder.

We are the target of this war for the enslavement of every one of us. Humanity is being enslaved right before our eyes under the guise of a virus and pandemic. The covid App is here and your leaders are telling you to download it so that you can be tracked via 5G wherever you are, within meters of any other person. It’s game over for freedom of movement.

The new norm is anything but normal. This pandemic is anything but a pandemic. The death rate globally was massively overestimated. The current death rate is that of a normal seasonal flu mortality rate. Figures of positive cases are overblown thanks to orders from above to label as many deaths as possible as covid related. And this is global. Some of us are seeing through the scam and are informed. Many others, like after 9/11, will not believe such villainy can occur from our respected leadership on the planet.

Well I am here to tell you that your time has come, dear sheep. You are about to be sheared. Not slaughtered – just yet, merely sheared of your liberty, your rights and your very humanity. You are being enslaved right now. 2030 is when the real slaughtering starts. Unless we all rise up and protest, or take action to claim our sovereignty. It’s a war guys, the war has started and we are all troops now. It is the people versus the elite, the 99% versus the 1%. Now is the time to make your stand. Our days are numbered. Here comes the Chinese style Communist social credit score, as fiat is wiped off the map and digital currency emerges under the Great Reset.

UBI (universal basic income) delivered via digital App will keep us in a socialist utopia, as long as we tow the line and don’t get out of line. Any dissent will lose you points on your scorecard. Speak out against the dictates, show contradicting evidence regarding the virus, mask wearing, genocide by the elite in the Middle East – speak out and you lose points and liberties.

Orwell wrote 1984 but it should have been called 2020. He was killed less than a year after writing that book because of what he exposed about the plan of the elite. That’s how old this plan is and how long they have been waiting to implement it. This entire plan has been in the pipelines for years and its time has come.

I could go on, but now it is up to you to DYOR do your own research. Why are hospitals not overflowing? Why are deaths so much lower that forecast? Why are we being put under house arrest when cases are so insignificant? Why are thousands of people protesting in the streets of Europe and UK and USA against this illegal lockdown for an over-hyped virus?

The vaccine, the chip and the covid app to track and trace your every move, association and more, is all being rolled out to be monitored via 5G. I am part of the Resistance. There are many like me in my town and abroad. We have seen the plan of the elite and we have proof and evidence, we have statistics and data, and we will refuse to give up our liberties and our inalienable human right to freedom of movement, of speech, of association and of thought.
Question everything, do not trust the mainstream media. They are controlled propaganda tool for the elite. Get your own sense of sovereignty and self-sufficiency if you want to survive the coming downhill slide of humanity and society, as civilization is pushed over the edge into chaos, anarchy, war and destruction, depending on which country you are in.

I could go on and in fact I will in coming posts. You are either under the illusion of the mainstream media or you are awake to the coup. Now is your time to decide. My government has been hijacked. I draw my line in the sand. I know which side I stand. I am the Resistance. Who are you?

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