Oxford Corona Vaccine Study Changed Saline Placebo in Control Group to Another Vaccine

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One of the top contenders for a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine is from the University of Oxford. They originally had a control group using a saline solution. But when it become active, they changed the control group injection from inert saline solution to another vaccine.


The gold standard for safety testing in clinical trial studies is a double-blind placebo study. One group receives the actual product being tested for the effects, and the other group is the control group which doesn't. Instead, the control group gets an inert saline solution which won't do anything. Then they can compare effects from one group who got something new, vs. another group who didn't get anything really.

As you can see above, the Oxford study changed the way what the control group was going to get. They are now giving them another vaccine. How bizarre. Instead of comparing a vaccine to saline, they are comparing a vaccine to a vaccine. Nothing to see here... move along.

So if you have one group producing side effects from a vaccine, and the other groups also producing side effects, then everything is fine. There are no differences. The new vaccine is fine, it's just as "safe" as the previous one.

It was refreshing to see that an actual saline injection would be used for a vaccine safety study. But that was just a deception. They couldn't allow that, as it would provide a more negative comparative outcome for the vaccine being tested.

The reason provided for the change was "explained", laughably, on Twitter by the Oxford Vaccine Group:

Hello, we prefer this to a saline placebo, otherwise participants who have any reaction to the injection would be able to guess that they had received the ChAdOx1-nCoV-19 vaccine. The MenACWY vaccine used is Nimenrix, which is fully licensed and safe.

They prefer, yes, prefer, to not have people know they got a vaccine because of reaction side effects they might (would) receive. But that doesn't make much sense, since if you give them a vaccine in both groups, not only is there no more real control group, but you just give everyone a potential reaction to a vaccine, so everyone knows they got a vaccine.

This contradicts the alleged justification to remove the saline injection. "We don't want to only have a vaccine given, because we don't want people to know it's a vaccine when they get negative reactions to it. So we'll just give give everyone a vaccine, that way everyone will know they got a vaccine."

What does it matter if the participant knows it's a vaccine? It's magically not going to work if they know they got vaccinated? They can't use a placebo or else you will know you got a placebo. Hilarious. This isn't proper science to determine the safety of the product. The other vaccine wasn't even tested with saline injection control group either. If the new vaccine has the same amount of injuries, or deaths, well that's fine, it's just a safe as the other.

Get this: the vaccine didn't even work on monkeys! Yet they are proceeding with testing it on humans anyways.

Doubts raised over Oxford coronavirus vaccine after ALL of the monkeys that took part in the trial are found to have contracted the disease

  • All six rhesus monkeys given the vaccine still became infected with Covid-19
  • There were also warnings that they may have been able to spread the virus
  • Oxford University vaccine has already been steam-rolled into human trials
  • A professor from Imperial trial warned vaccine unlikely to be ready before 2021

Everything is fine. The experts know what they are doing. The vaccine will save us all form the non-crisis over-hyped fear-mongered as-deadly-as-the-flu novel coronavirus. Praise Bill Gates.


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Can't let them go in for a vaccine and get an actual placebo now can you? Give them a different one! Dangerous that it's the MMR one of all to choose.

One thing that I find insane and perhaps the most frightening: they haven't even isolated the virus yet! How the hell do you produce a vaccine for something that isn't isolated and purified for a lab test? Has that changed in the past 2 weeks and I haven't seen it yet?

Yeah it's all a big joke masquerading as "science". I understand the arguments for isolating the virus according to cokes postulate, but I think they did it with a revised method that removes some of the steps. Not that it proves it's the virus, but I haven't delved into it enough to prove if the research is sound or not. something has been sequenced, so maybe it's the actual thing... lol.

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Good thinking, thank you for your concern. 😉

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