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RE: The Theocracy Cometh!

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Censorship, taking away guns, forced vaccination, lockdowns who do more damage then good, brainwashing children with gender nonsense, removing historic statues.

Above doesn't belong in the West. So I think they def got a point when they think the American way of living is under attack.

Why are you so mad at white men? You think other races are perfect?


So sorry for the late response... But... What censorship? I'm not aware of ant censorship by the Democratic Party. Sure, YouTube, Twitter and all the others who have certain terms of use remove that which violate those terms, but that's their right, isn't it? Its their house after all. Forced vaccination? Where? Everyone's free to not get the jab my friend. Gender nonsense? Where? Removing historic statues? You mean the ones placed by the Southern Wives organizations in the early 20th century? What do you mean by "historic"? As we agreed in our previous short interaction, the lockdowns we can have a debate on. And... I am a white man; where did you get the idea I'm mad at them? Stating facts isn't hate.