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RE: Informed Consent? Not Even Close. Vaccine Fraud, Scamdemic, Psyop, Crime of the Century

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Took the first shot today but regret it. The disclosure form for accepting the vaccine was only given to me on the spot of taking the shot. Since I was in a line waiting for one I mentally just signed it. I also did not want to slow down the other people behind me waiting. When I got out with the shot I read the documentation provided to me after the shot. They gave me the wrong documentation. It was referencing the Johnson vaccine that has been halted for use. I had to ask to get the right documents and after reading it in more detail it was clearly written the vaccines were not FDA approved. Not one time did any of the news outlets disclosed this.


Good afternoon,

may I ask what made you decide to vaccinate? You seem to have had a doubt. I wish you all the best and that you remain without further impairment.

Greetings from Germany.

Hi, mandated by my company. I am an essential worker. I am hopeful this will all work out. Thanks.

Then sue them. Forced medical treatment for employment...I'm no lawyer but there is no way that can be legal and if it is we are in some serious trouble globally.

I am not a lawyer too but I believe in the US for someone to be employed it is on their own will to do so hence they are required to follow their employer's guidelines/rules. I would imagine employer can't break the law with the guidelines they want enforced. Like for instance dress code and appearance in work, or in my instance safety preparation in order to continue working I need the vaccine. Its their rules and I have the free will to not work there. Bottom line I do think this is a global issue. Yes pandemics are serious, but to force someone to do something against their beliefs it does seem to be crossing the lines.

Thanks for answering, I find it important to know about the motivations and thoughts depending the issue.

You said

Its their rules and I have the free will to not work there.

That maybe true in your single case, but it becomes untrue on a wide scale. Right now many people quit their jobs or are are fired (like me) for disobedience, out of ideological reasons. Not, because of low budgets or a bad working performance or any other economical reason. The reason why my contractor has put an end to my work was for not complying to the rules which were not set by the company but by the government. In the moment government interferes in private or even half private companies and makes them criminals when they disobey the new introduced law, we cannot speak of free will any longer. Everyone is blackmailed by the new law and orders. The governments abused their powers, so much is clear for me. They endanger the states and put their societies into dis-order. Man becomes mans enemy, which is the worst thing a government can implement.

So I agree, the line has been overstepped and there is no free will. I cannot choose my working place any longer, when I do not follow orders. I have NO choice other than becoming a criminal. Which is ridiculous in itself. I never intended to be a criminal, in fact, the only intention I have is to protect myself and not work against my most inner needs. I know from experience that when I ignore my existential needs that this is going to make me sick, both physical and mental. That's not criminal but normal.

I sincerely hope you will be alright, so many people get it and have no adverse effects, so hope you are ok. Many have reported adverse events follow the second dose, so you still have the option to skip that one if you choose. But it is criminal what the media and 'experts' like Fauci are doing by actively suppressing the reality of the situation and often outright lying. That's also messed up that they gave you the wrong form, unbelievable.

I've also heard from others who were not told about possible allergic reactions, and despite the doctors knowing that the recipient had a history of allergic reactions, gave it to them anyway, and sure enough, had a severe allergic reaction. It should be more than a form, they should clearly articulate the well known risks such as potential for allergic reactions and immune enhancement, and ask you if you have a history of allergic reactions, that's the least they could do to have a semblance of true informed consent going on. They are just trying to get as many injections into as many people as fast as possible, it seems that's all they care about, at least that's what it seems like to me.

it is concerning because the vaccine was rushed out in production and in distribution. The example of me receiving the wrong paper work definitely made me believe that even the vaccines given out potentially be the wrong one. Just crazy how the misinformed the public is with the vaccines. Just another example of we can not always trust what the government tells us. Thanks.

It's not a 'vaccine'. That is the lie.
You've just upgraded yourself to Transhuman Level 1. 2nd Dose is Level 2.

Don't go around the unvaccinated or you will shed your nano bots all over them and infect them too. But with now well over a billion injected, us clean folk are going to have a very rough time staying that way....

You probably don't know about 'Shedding', but if you do, try not to shed on clean people. Simple science, and common decency.

Good luck with your new body.

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