Perth, Western Australia called to emergency lockdown by 6pm - A few hours notice

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In an unprecedented move by the Western Australian government, we are expected to go into lock-down with just a few hours notice.

If you need to get some perspective on the actual usefulness of lock-downs to stop a virus - a quick duckduckgo search will suffice -

Come on Western Australia! Are we really this stupid? No vote, no choice by the people - just the assumption that fear will gird us! Oh look, a mildly sick person that 'may' have something we could be afraid of... let's LOCK-DOWN the economy and destroy the livelihoods of everyday people! Is that common-sense to you?! Lockdowns don't work. Having the news media repeat the mantra of lock-downs and cases does not make it any more true - it makes you brainwashed (quite literally).

Here is an article in the West Australian -

Some quotes from the above article:

Metropolitan Perth and two nearby regions will enter a five-day hard lockdown after a hotel quarantine security guard attended more than a dozen venues while infected with COVID-19.

Authorities believe the man in his 20s, who worked at the Sheraton Four Points hotel in Perth's CBD, has likely contracted the highly contagious UK variant of the virus and have urged anyone to get tested if they have symptoms.

The article first states that the 20 year old security guard who worked at a hotel used for quarantine purposes definitely has COVID-19. What tests? Where is the data? How was the viral load measured? What were the cycles on the PCR test? I want to know these things because we should know these things. We don't just hand our livelihood onto donkeys backs who walk off cliffs on a regular basis... no that would be insanity. Well that's basically what a lockdown does... Hey 2021, how you doing?

The article then states 'authorities believe' - not authorities know because of cold hard fact - 'has likely' - not just 'has' - contracted the UK variant of the virus... It first states plainly that he has it - then it states that assumed people of authority believe that someone likely has a more dangerous something - enough to lock-down an area of under two million people and disrupt all trade and movement for a week.


And how long will this week last? Will it last as long as a UK week?

Another article dictates:

Western Australia has imposed a five-day lockdown in metropolitan Perth, the Peel region and the state’s South West amid fears a hotel quarantine worker who has tested positive to Covid-19 has contracted the highly contagious UK variant.

Funny how this one is worded it states within the sentence, "a hotel quarantine worker who has tested positive to Covid-19 has contracted the highly contagious UK variant." While it relates only to fears. If you've studied NLP you'd know that putting a statement within a sentence which affirms something is true even with disqualifiers is registered in the mind of the receiver as the affirmed statement. For example, even saying something isn't something causes the person to think of that thing and can then be used to lead their thoughts. I'm not talking about conspiracy here, pick up a text book on Neuro Linguistic Programming - commonly used for sales techniques. Derren Brown does a great job of utilizing this power of suggestion.

So we should react to these fears! of the possibility of someone testing positive for the highly contagious UK variant - so which is it? He has it or he hasn't? Or he 'has likely' or is it just based on the belief of assumed authorities? Where is the data?

Well, apparently we won't know until Tuesday. lol

What is the test that will be used? Where is the proof of the 'genome' coming from a sick person that will be used to verify the sample? Again, how many cycles were used in the original PCR test? Why is it not stated that testing positive does not mean that you actually have it? Testing positive does not constitute an infection! Why are we locking down an entire city in a matter of hours for this?

Fun fact: Did you know that people got sick with the same symptoms of COVID-19 before COVID-19 existed?

It continues later saying:

But the premier said that based on current information “it appears possible that this new positive case has the highly transmissible new UK variant”.

So now 'it appears possible' whereas we were told before there were 'fears' he has the new UK variant. This is all wishy-washy cloud talk that is backed up by nothing solid! Why are we reacting to fears? Are politicians not aware that reacting to fears in this way constitutes a major fuck-up?

Also the first article states that he also works for a rideshare company -

Police Commissioner Chris Dawson said the man of overseas descent also had a second job as a rideshare driver but had not worked in that role since January 22

Yet, the second article states -

The man is also believed to have worked as a rideshare driver.

Without the extra information that he hasn't worked it from the 22nd - leaving it all up in the air. He was meant to have been 'infectious' from the 26th of January.

It's pathetic journalism - fear based propaganda trollop!

Why did we ever believe it was a good idea to give the control of the state to bloated fears that verge on hypochondria?

Back to the bobble-head print in the first article...

Authorities believe he has also contracted the UK variant but genomic testing results won't be known until Tuesday morning.


Fear! Fear! Fear! Believe! Believe! Believe! What are we? A fucking cult?! I need to see data! I need to see facts if we are to remove my livelihood! I don't need to 'believe' what the assumed authorities are believing in order to justify the shutdown of an economy which people's lives are dependent upon!

Yet another article states:

Based off the variants present in the hotel where the man worked, the case may well be of the highly contagious UK variant, which was present on the same floor where the man worked, Mr McGowan said.

You would think that if this variant was really that dangerous, that there would be stricter measures than putting a mid-twenties security guard on the same level as these people. What the hell do you think mid-twenties security guards do in their spare time? Well many of them love to go and party! That would be a simple assessment - I would have made - as a non-medical professional to put them in stricter measures with stricter security protocols provided this new boogey-man strain is really as dangerous as they purport. This entire thing is a bloody joke! The script couldn't have been written by a monkey on acid. (But was probably written by a possum on emu bitter.)

And considering the danger of the 'new variant', this mainstream article states -

there was no evidence to date that this variant alters disease severity, either in terms of mortality or the seriousness of the cases of COVID-19 for those infected. Work is underway to confirm this.

The fear angle used with this variant is its apparently greater ability to spread.

Yet going by the same stats as the previous variant we lockdown for a virus that still has a 99+% survival rating...
0-19: 99.997%
20-49: 99.98%
50-69: 99.5%
70+: 94.6%

The original strain was also apparently so infectious that asymptomatic spreaders were such a danger to society we locked everyone up in the belief everyone has an invisible thing they can't know they have.

Regardless of this narrative breaking truth....

New's Flash! Apparently stricter measures IS what they put in place... a month ago.

Here is an article that states that three people with the UK variant were in the hotel.

This article from the 5th of January states,

The cases all arrived from London between the 16th and 20th of December 2020, and have recovered and since left hotel quarantine.

Well, what gives? The premier reassures us that the

precautions to prevent the strain from spreading are "very strong"

Putting a 20 something year old party bomber on as security... wow, that's magnum. And now suddenly it pops out of the hotel... and we must shut down the economy. No, let's NOT lock-down - lets sack the government for threatening to remove constitutional rights and for making up a myriad of lies to cover their shortcomings.

In my opinion, they're simply looking for a way to make this variant testable in Australia. It's a big fear campaign. With more testing using unreliable testing methods, means more false positives and more reason to lockdown, shutdown the economy, collapse small businesses and remove our rights.

Why? You might ask?

Berlin stands against lockdowns

Let's use our brains on this one and look at how this is going down in the rest of the world:

Let's see where they got their 'genome' from. Let's see what tests they are using and if it's a PCR test again let's see what cycle threshold they are using to get those results. Let's actually see what's going on! Let's make all the data transparent every step of the way so all can see through it and see if it actually constitutes reliability.

No, not all of us are 'experts' - but guess what, we've all been busy educating ourselves this last year because we're so crash hot on our rights at the moment. And you know what? We've also got a bunch of friends who are experts that can help us out. Hell, I made a new one the other day who works in pathology doing those pesky PCR tests.

So no, oh government, we are not stupid. We have the ability to make a solid assessment of the data. Show us what you've got so WE can decide whether we go into lock-down. Why do we not just trust you? Well, why the hell would you just trust any government? I mean really, come on!!

Back to the original article:

WA Health has released a list of 15 venues, mostly in Maylands but also including the Perth Convention Centre and a GP practice in Nedlands, that he attended from January 25 to 30.

Anyone who attended those venues must get tested at a COVID-19 clinic and isolate until their results are available.

He's apparently been to 15 venues in a couple of days, wow this guy really gets around.

Increased testing over paranoia of the virus means more false positives. Just look at the cases rise as testing increases, it doesn't necessarily mean that the people are sick because PCR tests are not definitive and nor are they a useful or effective tool in screening for the virus.

See this great video on PCR tests by Sam Bailey for more information -

This five day lockdown will likely go on for months - I will not be at all surprised if they find all these new 'cases' and use it as a means to push the vaccine agenda as they have in other parts of the globe.

I really thought Perth would do better than this.

It's not about a virus anymore. I just hope that Western Australian's will see that before they agree to have ALL of their freedoms revoked - in the name of 'safety'.

Face masks were handed out to media as they awaited the premier's press conference.

For the first time in WA everybody - the looming threat of the mandatory mask - how ever did we think we would miss out?

Remember - Tom Cruise double masks - why not go one better and put a plastic bag over your head???


I've a new heavy metal band name: Mandatory Suffocation

It goes with another that I developed with a friend: Convenient Amnesia

The tittle tattle continues its pratter:

Prime Minister Scott Morrison backed WA to crush the spread of the virus.

"The coming days will be difficult for many Western Australians but we're confident WA will be able to get on top of the current outbreak," he posted on Twitter.

The presumption here is that the people are making this choice to go into lock-down. It says he 'backed WA' - as if the people have made this choice (are making this choice) and he is simply serving the will of the people.

This backwards governance has no end. The assumption is that fear is the ruler and that we simply submit because we are assumed to agree with this fear because the 'facts' that are repeated in the media from assumed authorities are assumed to be correct while dissenting voices are censored. The only way this fear can have a footing is by our acquiescence.

And because we fear the disapproval of others if we outwardly disagree with a mandate - we keep each other in line. It's a perfect system of self-governance.

Oh but the fear of the 'new variant'! We must all fear! Get under your beds everyone! Get inside and never come out until nobody dies ever again!

The UK is on indefinite detention. We have to really consider the implications of allowing this lock-down to go forward and allowing our rights to be swindled so quickly from us with nothing more than fear!

I predict the coming MONTHS will be difficult because this ONE week will be used as an excuse to reduce the entirety of the Western Australian economy to naught, extending lock-downs due to this unseen and elusive threat indefinitely - just like it's been used around the globe.

Except of course the iron mines owned by BHP Billiton which that dastardly queen of the english land is the majority shareholder. Surprise! So much money here in the West! Those are of course 'essential services'.

Thanks @artgrafiken for the artwork!

I have often wondered why they've been so long on pushing Western Australian's through the lock-down torture device. So many people believe that they can keep living their 'normal' lives - that's just it, unless we face the threat of looming totalitarianism head on and see it for what it is - we can never live any semblance of what we have considered to be normal ever again. Unless we stand up directly for our rights and say 'ENOUGH'! There will be no end to these encroachments on our freedoms because that is the end game!

Remain strong fellow people! We keep the fire of hope alive in our hearts through self-empowerment, no matter how alone the horizon may feel! There are others out there and there are more that are waiting within. There will be mass action by the people - we need only ask when!

Stand with the rest of the world Australia! Stand up against the fear.. stay open!

Start conversations. Create a culture of activism. Activate people with your mind. Encourage self-empowerment and self-awareness. Look for ways to develop community outside of government control.

Be a part of a 'greater reset' to usurp the 'great reset' that is being foist upon us without our consent -

In love,




Damn, they are so clever with their wording, so clever. We can only hope that these actions will finally get people to see what is really happening. Damn it is happening slowly, this fear thing really has crippled so many. I am still stunned by the amount of people that trust the media and government. Keeping being you and doing you xxxxxx

Thanks for the encouragement.

It's important to engage as a creator of a new path and not just as a reactionary to what is going on.

So the hard work lies in actively self-empowering and actively engaging in a solution.

It is unfortunate to see how many just trust without thinking, but more individuals are coming out of the wood work.

A shit shituation causes the separate parts of the group to become individually aware, and then there will be a tipping point.

Being part of the incremental change and maintaining a steady flow of activity is crucial by us that see it all early.

Patience is due.

Sending love,


Hopefully this will wake up some in WA to the con job going on. In Brisbane a few weeks ago they put into 3 day lockdown with about 10 hours notice and it basically continued for two weeks. I wouldn't be surprised if Darwin has a turn next.

I've shared with my mailing list and also seen I've got one less follower.

It's better we hit the nail on the head early than to wait for the long slow silent torture.

So many people believe what the assumed authorities are telling them, it's crazy level of obedience... I feel a bit lost sometimes but then I remind myself that this is part of the game - keeping myself empowered through a solid knowledge that there is a solution gives me strength and I'm not afraid to use my voice anymore.

I feel that apathy is a trap. We must never allow ourselves to fall into apathy. We die fighting!

Doctors refused to treat me yesterday, it was appalling as I know they are in breach of their hippocratic oath, the actual Mask mandate directives and wilfully enforcing a coercive state of compliance.
So haughty over the telehealth consult too, like it was their moment to arise with a newfound power bestowed upon them by WA government's State of Emergency, Public Health Act amendments &

It's a strange place we've found ourselves in. Are you in WA? Let's connect

Discord: MontyCashMusic#9105

Agree with you don't give in to apathy.

Updated Face Covering Directions, Section 72A of the WA Emergency Management Act (2005)

Love your article and your spirit. Stay strong.

Thanks for sharing that link, I was actually looking for it today. It states no where that you are required to give proof of your physical illness or condition -

the person has a physical or mental illness, condition or disability which makes wearing a face covering unsuitable

However it later states -

not wearing a face covering is otherwise required or authorised by law

What is the difference in legal terms between 'required' and 'authorised'?

There is little point in being a vigilante and acting alone against the system. All actions by single individuals are futile in attempts to change anything as they are immediately classified by the public as insane or radical.

I've tried activism on my own for years and found it to make little effect.

We need a community, we need a group of people willing to stand up together - because it is the greater people as a whole that we need to turn the tide of this medical tyranny.

Like this:

Wishing you well, wherever you are...

psst. I have a story to share. I was made exempt today after I rattled enough cages with enough unequivocal fact and truth to have it reach the throne (aus Dept of Health & Federal Health Directive for COVID response).

So basically I have a medical exemption stating in writing that face masks are bad for my health when in fact they are bad for everyone's health.

I was very forlorn but this has me over the moon! Never, ever, ever, ever, ever give up. The maddening way that truth is ignored, that any resistance is quelled with coercion & veiled threats, gaslighting. It's only that way because of how weak their arguments are, how febrile and tenous their illogical (and yet to be proven illegal) "directives" are.

What is the difference in legal terms between 'required' and 'authorised'?

unknown. This is all contemporaneous & precedent setting stuff. The folly of this mishmash of directives, orders and policies has not been put to the test. I put it to the test, in a very small way but by golly I'm fucken stoked I got even this small victory.

(Having an instance of Agoraphobia noted on my local GPs medical file they have held for 3+ years helped, but it isn't the only thing. All the doctors I spoke to had not read or were aware of the document I linked to you on the face mask directives. I also yelled at them and demanded that they confirm in writing to me everything they were saying to not comply with my reasonable health and wellness based request)

Good on you for getting that far. Why is it such a fight to have what is our right to have? What a joke.

The fear on the streets is disgusting. Someone goes for a jog, has to wear a mask.. whatever the fuck for? This person is out in the open alone.

Oh, they 'might' pass someone - but I saw they were alone and I drove past them thinking what a doofus... if we obey we encourage obedience to others too. This first week will be trying though, because most people are committed to the 'fact' that they actually work and we're working together to stop the infection like we're all fucking missionaries.

So the control factor won't be so much a problem from shop owners and law enforcers - it is from the expectations of the people around us.

That's where this is so dangerous. Do we just conform because we want to make people feel comfortable?

A friend gave me a tag to wear around my neck, it says I have an exemption not to wear a mask - she said if you start a discussion with the shop owner or an argument about your rights and about what the law actually is - you've already lost. Just point to the sign and say 'I have this'.


Well, it worked for one shop.

I went for a swim today with a friend - the police pulled up to us after the swim in the carpark as we were standing around talking and questioned why we weren't wearing a mask, the friend mentioned about her asthma and they said that isn't a valid reason for an exemption - they were just handing out warnings today. lol

The police don't know the law themselves. As always, they just take the law into their own hands and take a statement like - 'the people must wear masks' and make it law.

As an activist, I've seen the police over use powers and then get taken to court and lose. It's only those that are willing to put up a fight that stand a chance of victory.

We live in a strange world. Thanks for connecting!

'the people must wear masks' and make it law.

Now maybe i'm a weirdo but whenever I see a presupposition stated like this as if it was fact or even law, i reverse engineer it. In actual fact the people must not wear masks, it is literally bad for your health especially in such weather as this.

And it hasn't been made law, it's a directive assumed under the WA Emergency Management Act. To be made law it should become a tort at law, meaning it must be tried and tested within the bounds and courts of common law.

It hasn't been insofar coz everyone is a lobotomized sheep. Wearing a facemask is probably going to accelerate the loss of brain cells in such empty, adult-childs.


sent u a request.

and nice story. It is true when you confront authority in a steadfast manner, the authority becomes unsteady especially when it's one that deep down they know is probably illegal. WAPOL has been appropriated into an extension of the "Emergency Public Health Officer" who is meant to have powers of interrogation, surveillance and whatever the fuck else that extend more than a regular Police Officer.

Fuck em

o the control factor won't be so much a problem from shop owners and law enforcers - it is from the expectations of the people around us.
That's where this is so dangerous. Do we just conform because we want to make people feel comfortable?

No, absolutely not. I'd rather perish and was probably close to doing so imagining a world where I succumb to the mob's unfounded fears, becoming the lowest common denominator.

I don't consider the arguments you have above. Of course there's no logic behind the order to wear a face mask. None whatsoever, it's simply a mindcontrol mechanism, a way to test the compliance of a mass of people.

If i get accosted, I will have my exemption with me along with a copy of the Face Mask Directive and will take it as an opportunity to educate others.

I have an exemption because Face Masks are bad for your health.

Thanks for sharing that link, I was actually looking for it today. It states no where that you are required to give proof of your physical illness or condition -

yes because it's not a prerequisite or a requirement. Now that I think about it, maybe that's the main reason my GP crumbled under questioning: they didn't know the answer, they had no explicit directive to guide them and the Federal Health authorities had none either (especially for state Public Health policy, COVID19 management is strictly a matter for the states to handle and dictate).

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Why it matters to understand PCR tests:

wow, that was great. I rarely read articles this long but that was an amazing write up pal! Nicely done.

I hadn't thought about the subliminal wording but you see stuff like that in all the news. I just still can't really understand what the motivation is behind it all. For the media it is for ad revenue but what does the govt stand to gain out of all of this?

I don't know the answer to your question. What are all governments in the world which are all doing the same thing simultaneously with the same faulty stats, with the same non-isolated genome from a computer model, with the same dodgy tests, with the same non-evidence based measures - what are they all doing this for?

What would be the purpose of locking down a population and imposing a medical style martial law?

What is the purpose of control in any instance?

We can speculate and go into conspiracy theories. But I'd rather not. We're already called conspiracy theorists for simply disagreeing with the narrative.

I venture to say that the way technology is developing in the world, that it is on the verge of creating decentralized society via technological breakthroughs - a society where control is no longer possible by default.

The fact is, we don't live in a true democracy and we never had true free-will. These were smoke screens to encourage productivity in democratic nations. Happier people, make better workers and their minds can be used to a greater ability in a relaxed state to expand on such research.

I feel that the research threshold has been met and humans are not so much needed anymore.

Yet, the development of technology's flipside is its ability to create true decentralization. This looms in the background, threatening the status quo of power.

My guess is that the powers that be are shit scared of losing power. They've been where they are for so long and they don't want to go. They see this precipice on which humanity sits and have initiated a fear campaign to shutdown rational centres in the brains of the masses and implement draconian levels of control in a horrific form of communitarian totalitarianism.

As a result, we now see the curtain lifted and everyone gets to see what happens behind the scenes because the movers and shakers of the previous world can't help now but put their hand in the cake and get sloppy.

We're experiencing a shift in power due to a global revolution of the mind and a fear response by the different groups of global super powers that wish the hierarchy of power to remain as it is.

It's certainly an interesting point in history we've found ourselves in.

Assuming this premise is correct, how do we push it in the 'right' direction one might ask?