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RE: ‘Asymptomatic Carriers’ NOT Contagious, Study Finds

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A great article with some good data and a rational conclusion.

Some feedback on your article:

  • Personally I'd find another pie chart other than the one you first use because this is from a study of only 215 pregnant women and could arguably be used by naysayers to say that it is not representative of the greater public due to its limited scope.

  • The quote you made from the CDC is now incorrect (possibly changed again recently) as it now reads that you need a test:

If you have been in close contact, such as within 6 feet of a person with documented SARS-CoV-2 infection for at least 15 minutes and do not have symptoms.
You need a test. Please consult with your healthcare provider or public health official. Testing is recommended for all close contacts of persons with SARS-CoV-2 infection. Because of the potential for asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic transmission, it is important that contacts of individuals with SARS-CoV-2 infection be quickly identified and tested. Pending test results, you should self-quarantine/isolate at home and stay separated from household members to the extent possible and use a separate bedroom and bathroom, if available.

  • I suggest downloading that WHO interview and reposting it on 3speak. These sorts of things are going missing on a day to day basis.

  • Also, the News Minute Report on April 22 link that you provide leads to a 404 on their website. Was the article posted somewhere else?

It is SO important we are specific with the data we use now because there is so much at stake and those that are carried along with the narrative will use any excuse to invalidate our conclusions - happy to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Anyways, great work keep it up please!


Thanks much for the feedback!

Personally I'd find another pie chart other than the one you first use because this is from a study of only 215 pregnant women and could arguably be used by naysayers to say that it is not representative of the greater public due to its limited scope.

I’m aware, and thought about this before using it, however it is almost identical with the pie chart published by The News Minute seen below based on much more data, and thus appears to be an accurate representation of the bigger picture...

Also, fixed the News Minute link, it should now work, thank you so much for brining that to my attention!

Also, regarding CDC guidelines, they are indeed updated on a regular basis, however they were indeed updated to reflect what I posted in August (when I first reported on it in early September it was still saying no need to test for close contact with asymptomatic cases). They must have more recently updated it once again to reflect the original stance!?! They continue to flip flop back and forth on so many issues, as does the WHO, governments, media, etc. What a joke, it just proves they don’t know what they’re talking about.

New data and studies continue to support and verify what us ‘conspiracy theorists’ were saying about this from the very beginning, and we have been pretty consistent in our view that this was never much worse than the flu, that numbers are overinflated, that the ‘pandemic’ is based on the fear and hype rather than facts, and that there is an underlying agenda driving this that has nothing to do with safety or public health. I think the difference between the independent media consistency being eventually solidly backed by the science and general consensus among medical community (majority of real doctors across America, and Europe), and the schizophrenic reporting and statements made by the media and so-called ‘experts’ is quite telling as to where the truth lies...

Have a great weekend and thanks again for the feedback.

Also this link is still not working -

It's because there is %3famp on the end - I remove that and it works.

Yes I realized that, and thought I had updated the post to reflect that, and now I have done so again, and double checked, and it is currently working after the update. If it reverts back to the original link at some point in the future, there is a serious issue with Hive...

Thanks you for letting me know, after the first update I just assumed it was working, maybe it didn’t finish updating before I left the page... This is the second time I thought I had updated a Hive post due to link issues, and then when re-visiting my post, the problematic links from the original were still there as if the update hadn’t been stored on the blockchain. AFter the second update, they held, however. Very strange. I wonder if it has to do with me having spotty service at times, but I’ll keep an eye on this, as I’ve never had such issues in the past!

If it pops up again, start tagging some developers. Which frontend are you using?

I've had issues with Peakd with posts not updating properly until I refresh it twice for example.

No problem. I'm glad you've taken it on board. I respect your reporting, I'm just also aware of the bias that is created when any discrepancy is noticed by the public.

The majority do not have the ability to see the facts from the non-facts - they will simply read something and as soon as they discover one wrong thing, will decide the entire thing is false.

It's such a minefield this truther thing.

It may get worse in the future when computers are powerful enough to hack blockchain - meaning, information is literally changed simultaneously everywhere and we have no online way of tracking it.

Kind of like what's happening now - you make one reference to one website and it's either deleted or altered the next day when the agenda changes or when censorship laws get more sway.

The truth is in our hearts - we know what it is and we fight with the entirety of our beings to keep it ablaze.