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RE: Doctors call for open debates on handling covid

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Thanks for the share! It's been this way since 1910 when the stock market took over, doctors spoke out and were arrested in those times, they still are, demonized and treatenend. But times are changing big time, few people who believe the official story. Just drugged up people and a few others. It also depends on the region. This shit is blowing up in their face. Numbers are huge, probably" 300 million by now, maybe higher. And then there is a lot of people doubting.

Now this is the game >>

Humanity VS "Them"

Ask yourself, do we need a strong humanity?

Strong and United Humanity VS "Them"

We win. So focus more on making each other stronger, by building each other up, spreading knowledge like defense and history, in 2020 the people know, awareness can be done less, let's stop debating what we already know? But somebody is going to have todo something about it and if you think about it... we all do.

Teach people how to control their fear by training the mind and the body. Detox from the toxic crap. So exercise and be healthy.

How do I get people to click on the follow button? 🤣

New World Freedom 🤠

What is the Matrix? Simple lies.

Use the power of the web


Good tips ;) The number of alleged deaths at 1 million is a joke too. What a crock of shit.

Yuuuuup, business as usual.
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