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RE: Coronavirus: True Story of 5G

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It seems you have fallen into a trap yourself.
There are 2 ways to be fooled:
1 - to believe what isn't true.
2 - to refuse to believe what is true.

Inferring that there is 'no evidence', by failing to find it yourself, is not evidence of 'no evidence'.

It isn't even just about 5g. All generations are damaging. The evidence has been known since the 70s, at least, scientifically, but probably earlier than that too.
There are about 200 more rabbit holes to venture down before even beginning to see how Icke and Co (Jones, Adams, etc..) are there to fool both sides. The believers and the deniers.
Around that time, "Skeptic" sites start flashing their red lights into your head, and you stop falling for their crap too.

Ultimately, throw them all out, and look for yourself if you actually want some semblance of 'truth'.
What you are doing with this piece is just as damaging as what Icke has done to the truth about 1-5G. Obfuscating the Truth.
Could you really not find anything on your own, other than some controlled opposition level 2 'conspiracy theowy' bullshit, designed to make people -throw the baby out with the bathwater- ?

You may really want to read through this paper then, to start your hunt for the Truth, if you so care about it.. A Soviet study, translated by NASA, and hidden from the public for decades. There is some serious shit in it my friend. I have others too, if you are interested.:

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Thanks for the document, @oldoneeye. This is about possible military use of microwaves, but it is not the only possible use of these frequencies. Not every microwave radiation use is dangerous. For a military use you have to use enormous amounts of focused energy. 5G broadcasting is not focused, and the energy is just 0.5W. Are you afraid of your lightbulb? You have the explanation of possible military use in the Real Engineering video that starts around 12:00 mark. And also, anyone who is trying to prove that any of it so far is dangerous, should first answer the simple question: Where are the deaths?

Cancer Stat Facts20200519_152609.jpg

So, we have a phantom danger of radiation, and a real danger described in the final section. Can you prove it otherwise?

This is about possible military use of microwaves

This should be all one needs to know, to get one to stop falling for the BS on both sides.

For a military use you have to use enormous amounts of focused energy.

Define 'enormous'. I mean, contrary to the paper I linked which you have most likely not yet read, it is not 'enormous' in my view.

Where are the deaths?

The trap that you have fallen for that I previously mentioned, is the Red Herring. Following simple Logic, one can see that there are many possible factors that can answer your own question for you. Where are they? To answer that, one first has to be under the fear based impression that 'crazy people' think that holding a phone to your head will cause you to drop dead. This is another fallacy in itself in the war of words.

David Icke and Co. have successfully fooled both sides of the spectrum for many years with this kind of shit, and it appears that I am not going to be able to get through you with my words either. Your opinions are obviously, enshrined in the opposite spectrum of those that you are attempting to call out to with your blog. Just like a Religous Zealot vs Athiest debate. Both miss the point, yet argue for eternity.. Democrats and Republicans, same thing....

The "Deaths" you are looking for, are not what you should be looking for.

And one more important point — there are things in your everyday life that can kill you much faster than any radiation

This is quite true, and I can choose whether or not to eat/drink/use those things, can't I? But, can I choose whether or not to bath in your beloved radiation? I cannot, unless I go into a cave. A bullet can also kill me faster than any radiation.

Read the real science. It isn't about dropping dead. It is about Exacerbation. It is about Degeneration. It is about control.
When Icke says "5g causes coronavirus!", that is when you are supposed to not throw the proverbial baby out with the bathwater. YOu are supposed to look between his nonsense, and the nonsense from the opposition which you are now promoting. The Truth. These frequencies will Exacerbate ANY disease. Exacerbate, not cause.

Read the paper thoroughly. Otherwise you will still be debating me with your limited knowledge, and making arguments that you yourself can debunk, if you study the truth thoroughly, and ignore these clowns on the nutty and "skeptic" sides.

So, we have a phantom danger of radiation, and a real danger described in the final section. Can you prove it otherwise?

Woops I meant to include my reply to this on the last one sorry.
Since I do not consider it 'phantom', due to the evidence, then I am not sure how to answer you. I agree with you about the 'real danger' you suppose, but I do not agree with your 'phantom' premise, nor does actual science.