Another SCAM in your mailbox : METAMASK

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Ah !

Looks like the crypto world is just a HUGE scam ,ponzi , rugpull , you name it .


It is only the beginning , since those scams will just itensify as we go
Beware to links , photos , mails ....everything is a potential scam .
This helps remove a lot of people from cryptos .



Scams will take on huge proportions and whoever can glide between the lies , GOOD LUCK and CONGRATS !


These scams just increase more and more all the time. About a week ago my dad forwarded me an email from "paypal" the other day that told him his account had been locked for security reasons and asking him to click on a box to login and prove his identify. It was very well done. They had even disguised the links to look like authentic links pointing to the official site. I told him it's getting to the point where we simply can't detect fake from real, so don't even try, just remember never click on an email link: Type in the main site in the browser and go that way. In this case he was able to login to Paypal fine directly, proving the email was a scam.

Coincidently I received a text from "paypal" yesterday that was basically the same as the email he received.

Good on you for pointing out another one. People need to be careful of this stuff.

Specially for metamask , we all use it .
But if you look at the mail adress , it always show the scam .
So many people , older and younger get scammed from everything .
Post office , paypal , banks , police name it .

Thank you for the warning. It is always good to be cautious. As more people are helped to prevent this type of scam, more life will be given to this crypto world.

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