The Internet - Planned As Safeguard For Proliferation Of Unfactual & Unrecognized Ideologies?


I have been an avid internet user since it became a thing in the late 90's. And wow, I would be nowhere without it. My English language skills from a year abroad in the USA paired with the rising age of freely available information when I returned, and I was on to something mindblowing, paradigm-busting, transformative.

I learned so much through the internet and would have gone nowhere without its endless possibilities.

I dove into rabbit holes previously inconceivable to me, I made half a dozen ideologies my own before I eventually found their catch and dumped them when I discovered something explosive, capable to completely disintegrate said "current" working theory about life, the universe and the world of man.

It's fair to say I am one of the internet's foremost proponents and grateful disciples. And that's precisely why I owe it so myself and the internet to write this post that will ofeend many truthseekers out there:

When I look around and contemplate potential future paradigms that might come down on humanity's head in the next decades, when I try to forecast trends in the behavior of the control structure and how it interrelates with many waking peoples deep desire to be free and independent... I have to consider other potential scenarios. The internet might never have been intended as our savior. There are other scenarios but for today let's stick with this idea.

Here is one that is utterly unpopular among people who cherish the internet for all they have learnt:

The Internet Is A Safeguard For Societal Control Through Naive Forwarding Of Unexamined & Unquestioned Ideologies

Dramatic I know, but bear with me!

Depending on how long you have looked into scientific, political or spiritual rabbit holes out there you might be familiar with a certain degree of... gullibility in human beings. We all do it, we revere holy cows thinking we are citing factual truth. We are in fact often appalled when someone suggests we have fallen for a con because we can't even conceive how the ground of our very existence - the framework for the things we deem most certain - could be a hoax.

I am far from knowing everything but after examining so many of these fundamental dogmas of our age I feel certain things might only be knowable by countless generations down the line, because we are just too damn naive. Weall are disciples of some sort of religion, especially if we get offended by said statement.

Think Elon Musk is a savior and Tesla cars are a step in the right direction forward? You have not done your homework. Electric cars have been long here and stamped on, before that posterboy came along putting old wine in new tubings (as we say in German). The whole "Tesla" branding charade is worth a post in its own right (coming up in the next days probably, lol).

Think Bitcoin is a savior of humanity's future by decentralizing monetary instruments? Come on! There is so much to be said about it that it would completely combust this post here, I have written about the control structure for bitcoin scenario many times before.

Think there are more than two genders? Think we know everything relevant about WW2? Think countries are sovereign or exist to begin with? Think there are invisible microorganism that can infect unwitting bystanders with a fatal "disease"?

Think NASA does science? That the speed of light is a constant? That memories are stored in the brain?

I can cite so many examples, and the more I cite the more people I will alienate. If you're still with me I salute you! Not because I know the truth instead, because I don't, but because these narratives have gaping holes in them and it takes a lot of guts to truly examine a topic to make sense of its tenets for yourself. Holes that fervent disciples willingly or unconsciously overlook because they have been ideologically indoctrinated without realizing it...

And that is the point.

Indoctrination is as fervent and widespread as it has been arguably for hundreds of years. The difference today is we no longer all hear it from the king and his crownies (politicians and their mainstream media mouthpieces respectively), we hear it from other people! Regular people like you and me who started a youtube channel or instagram profile.

People have become the endless repeaters and multipliers of false and factually untrue narratives and ideologies, and the problem with that is: People may distrust politicians, the media and the matrix, but they do trust other people.

The Internet agenda is coming to a head, because those who are waking up and have lost trust in "traditional" figures of authority, in figures that the broad masses might STILL be cheering for despite all of the madness these past two years. But these newly woken up people have not considered that the new trap they are fallen into has been set by other people on the internet: Not out of malice but simply because these other regular dudes and girls have no idea just how much they themselves have been had.

Anyone can start a channel and get followers online today. And let's just say that it takes a certain high level of factual competency to get banned from the internet outright. It's not because "hate speech" or "community guidelines" it is because some people are choosing to talk about issues that are so dangerous to the proliferation of lies that they have to be taken down, and they are.

The honeypots that sell you mind garbage camouflaged as "science" and "facts" are always permitted by the gang and will never be taken offline. Because they serve the control agenda. Regular people lulling their new listeners into the false sense of secure knowledge, when all these "people broadcasters" are doing is spouting the ideologies they have long swallowed and are no longer able or willing to question to other people who are just finding out something with the system we all grew up in was wrong.

If we witness this trend more and more, how far-fetched is it really to assume that that was the whole point all along of introducing the internet to the masses? To be able to substitute classical centers of authority with "regular people" who confirm very similar notions about reality, life and humanity.

If I am right about this then there has been a deliberate acceptance of the risk that this whole internet idea might go rogue and too many people would see through the charade in the end. Risky trade guys but I'm afraid to say: So far your plan has worked out. Look at the world: Corona "is" still a thing despite the utter lack of any substance or evidence. But people don't care. People thrive on ideologies, especially unrecognized ones.

For the very few truly truthseeking individuals I have come across out in internet-land that will re-evaluate their own stance and consider viewpoints that seem outrageous at first glance, I find a hundred ideologues who vehemently protest the very fact that they are 'believers' when I say so. "No, I am just stating science here!" No you're not, because you have not done your homework and when I mention these contrary facts you go into denial or ad hominem attacks. Classic cult mentality.

And so, if the internet was set up to merely help people become even more indoctrinated - by other people who are still not in the know about their indoctrination - then it's quite the mess indeed.

If you have read this far let me just give you my gratitude. I have no idea what the truth is on Earth but as long as you exist and make a vow with me to never get stuck in any favored ideology or belief system of ours, the way out of mental slavery will forever stay open for us. Sounds like a pretty good prospect don't you think?

High five <3


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