Jigsaw Pieces Part One: The Corona (Crown) Key To Agenda 2030 & The One World Incorporated

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Jigsaw Pieces Of The One World Order

Now for anyone that is paying close attention and not lost in fear or cocooned within their own bubble, the sequence of events that is now beginning to evolve off the back of Covid-19 should give us all a cause for deep and valid concern. Forget the Q theatrics, and aside from my own perspectives, the information I’m going to relay in this post is both referenced and documentable. It is for the reader to decide whether these actions are for our emancipation or digital incarceration, a cursory glance at my writing output will reveal which side of the coin I fall upon.

But I’m getting ahead of myself so first let’s take a look at the background and how many seemingly unconnected jigsaw pieces are now beginning to converge upon this time of great change. Equally, as I won’t be covering old ground, for anyone who has yet to do so and if you require further context and documentation then I would strongly advise that you read my investigations into our Luciferian seeded one world disorder, corporate environmentalism and agenda 21/ 2030, which can be found at the bottom of the second part of this post.

Indeed, both this and every post I've listed could be considered as a singular interconnected, interweaving article that adds further context, references, and validation to some of the areas I'm going to cover in this one. As always, it's important to note that I'm relaying an intent and not defining our future, for that resides in the palm of our hands.

The Global Environment Facility

But first let’s take this back a few decades and look into how the seeds of our intended new environmentally justified financial system were originally sown. In 1987 Edmund De Rothchild founded the world conservation bank, originally a subsidiary of the world-bank who would latterly become a trustee partner. In 1991 the world conservation bank changed their name to the global environment facility (GEF) and to this day they still operate under that title.

The purpose of this facility is that it lends money to poor and emerging countries and then under the guise of creating wildlife corridors and environmental protection take ownership of areas rich in minerals and natural resources as collateral. To understand how this process has both impacted and been used as a means to evict indigenous communities I would highly recommend reading this report from forestpeoples.org. Simply stated, if a country fails to pay back the money owed they must surrender their territory to Rothchild/Rockefeller banks (i.e GEF, World Bank & IMF) who through this scheme alone are looking to take trust (i.e ownership) of 30% of the earth’s landmass.

As highlighted below GEF are also closely affiliated with the Rockefeller Foundation.

The GEF and Rockefeller Foundation recently joined forces to initiate work on the CPIC Conservation Finance Initiative, which will focus on scaling up and demonstrating the value of blended finance in conservation using financial blueprints jointly developed by experienced investors and banking institutions alongside experts in on-the-ground project design in biodiversity and natural resources management. Source

As you will note here, under the guise of environmental protection GEF is buying up the world with taxpayers money. As the Global Environment Facility is a part of the United Nations system of governance it’s legitimated by the fact that its council comprises of high-ranking ministerial officials from 179 countries. The Rothchild’s numerous corporate interests and affiliations with countries like China & Saudi Arabia consist of a network that are also purchasing vast areas of farmland in developing countries, to speculate/manipulate and I'd contend eventually control worldwide food prices.

Food Control

Lord Jacob Rothchild has been working in co-operation with Rabobank (that now own 7.5% of Rothschild Continuation Holdings) who are focused upon an equity capital market that includes farming equipment, food processing, and farm-based commodities. Rabobank is also affiliated with the United Nations environment programme, and through their foodshot global consortium are intimately connected with the Rockefeller Foundation. Whilst through their Climate Resilience Risks and Opportunities Coalition are working alongside Rockefeller asset management. Aside from Rabobank and in Brazil alone, Lord Jacob Rothchild's agriculture arm (Agrifirma) own another 100,00 acres with a further 60,000 up for grabs.

Alongside BlackRock farmland investments, Rothchild protege (carry out some deep research into the the BCCI banking scandal) George Soros is now (parallel to being a major shareholder in a Monsanto who as I previously documented were enabled by corporate environmentalists WWF to plant GMO crops in the Amazon Basin) the largest shareholder in Adecoagro which is one of the South America's largest agribusiness companies and who also claim that “We believe we are one of the largest owners of productive farmland in South America."

It is also worth noting that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is also heavily invested in Monsanto, who are now owned by pharmaceutical giant Bayer and are leading the charge towards the mass consumption of genetically modified food. The Foundation also has a large stake in Agri behemoth Cargill, and in Africa, they have both partnered to “develop the soya value chain” and potentially pave way for the introduction of GM soya onto the continent. Equally, the Gates Foundation are supporting the GM, agrochemical, and patented seed projects of chemical and seed corporations, that include DuPont, Syngenta and the aforementioned Bayer. Also worthy of note is the fact that the Gates Foundation is now invested in artificial lab grown (clean meat) companies.

Again in Brazil, corporate investments (through a myriad of names and funding mechanisms, that are often linked to the same control structure that is leading the corporate environmentalism movements they have your children lobbying for) are responsible for nearly half a million hectares of deforestation, whilst similar processes (and farmland grabs) play out throughout the world.

Before I move on I just want to add, my reasoning for briefly focusing upon food is that I believe the coronavirus bailout packages will benefit corporate farming interests at the expense of the small farmer. Equally, through the control of assets, land, and natural resources, our ability to live outside the system is going to become increasingly difficult. History displays that food can be leveraged as a control model and thus I urge all that can to become as self-sufficient as they can.


World Wilderness Congress

In terms of land control another interconnected movement is the UN partnered Wild Foundation that hosts the world wilderness congress. The Wild Foundation is focused upon drawing all of the world's protected areas and national parks into a centralised governing body. Expanding upon the national park/conservation system and connected to GEF, under the guise of environmental protection they are also looking to protect 50% of the earth within an environmental trust.

As a very keen and aware environmentalist I’m certainly open to the idea of gifting far greater protection to nature and the natural environment in fact I've spent many years fighting for just that, alas further investigation reveals WWC as a land grab that is connected to the same network I’ve exposed throughout my corporate environmentalism investigations.

Indeed, a current oxymoron here in the UK is the intended HS2 rail network that will cut through pristine countryside and ancient woodlands. Many people that are protesting against it are linked to Extinction Rebellion and similar groups (the globalist financed anti-globalists) and they appear unaware that HS2 is part of the Agenda 2030/green infrastructure protocols that on another day of the week they are leading mass protests (and shutting down cities) for.

It was the 4th world wilderness congress that gave birth to Edmund De Rothchild’s world conservation bank (GEF) and previous delegates/attendees have included Australian Prime Minister Malcom Fraser, the former Norwegian prime minister (and one-time WHO director general) Gro Harlem Brundtland, Maurice Strong, and David Rockefeller.. As I have also previously documented, Gro Harlem was the author behind the Brundtland report that helped to galvanise a modern environmentalism movement that through punitive measures and control of resources will evolve towards the gradual removal of people from the land and into our intended smart city future. Equally, through the control of assets, land, and natural resources, our ability to live outside the system is going to become increasingly difficult.

The WWC are also intimately connected to The Sierra Club, who's ties to technocratic environmentalism and population control (which whilst retaining financial connections to some of its progenitors, they have since distanced themselves from) I have exposed in several posts, and who are recognised as a driving force behind the corporate environmentalists dream of a green new deal.

The WWC has given rise to an international community that places the protection of wild nature front and center before world leaders. Occurring ten times in four decades, it has produced hundreds of practical outcomes, including:
• Initiating the process that would lead to the World Bank’s Global Environmental Facility.
• Dozens of new public and private protected areas covering millions of acres of land.
• Multi-lateral efforts to restore and protect wilderness across national boundaries. Source


Natural Capital

These UN-affiliated NGO’s, Institutions, and corporate/banking interests are poised to reap vast financial rewards through their pseudo environmental protections. Whilst some may consider the financialisation of nature to be a win-win for the environment and the economy, consider some of the people that will be involved. Intimately connected with and a driving force behind natural capital is the aforementioned Rockefeller Foundation. Equally, if you start attaching capital, bonds, derivatives and pricing structures to the complexified, ramified, biological murmurations of natural majesty, then it carries the implications that it can be brought.

The privatisation of nature is otherwise known as natural capital i.e nature capitalism or eco-system services. We can find this concept expressed in the work of the psuedo scientist Paul Erhlich and his 1983 eco-system services paper, and latterly within the UN's Hardwiring biodiversity and eco system services into finance.


This scheme will enable the world’s most powerful corporations and financial institutions to monetise the natural world and (through nature credits) find a way to turn the environment into an instrument of profit. Nature will be a service and over time (through a myriad of evolving methodologies) the earth’s inhabitants/collectives will pay for that service whilst the elite will receive perpetual interest for their initial capital investment. Nature reduced to a service delivering asset class and an instrument of capitalist wealth generation for those that seek to keep us in servitude.


The Wyss Foundation

Before I forget, another individual that is affiliated with the scheme to protect (control) large sections of the earth’s landmass is philanthropist Hansjörg Wyss, who is CEO of the Wyss Foundation. I'm keeping an eye on this because as we can observe through influencewatch.org, the Wyss Foundation has financial connections to the Rockefeller Foundation, the Sierra Club, and a (Rockefeller Foundation connected) Tides foundation. Equally, Hansjorg Wyss is a Clinton Foundation donor and partner whose former company caused the death of three people by injecting a cement-like mix into their spines during illegal human drug trials.


The Environmental Capitalist Vultures Are Circling

A similar tax funded scheme that focuses on investing in (corporatising) the worlds renewable energy infrastructure is the UN affiliated Green Climate Fund (GCF). Within my corporate environmentalism investigation I highlighted how this infrastructure takeover works so I won’t cover old ground, but it is worth looking into.

So let’s also take a brief look at the Climate Bonds Initiative, who are also a (heavily) tax payer funded initiative that invests in (corporatises) renewable energy projects that their investors then profit from.

Climate Bonds Initiative is an international organisation working solely to mobilise the largest capital market of all, the $100 trillion bond market, for climate change solutions
We promote investment in projects and assets necessary for a rapid transition to a low carbon and climate resilient economy. Source

Like GCF, we can observe a similar process but on an increased scale that comprises of many of the usual suspects including, The Rockefeller Foundation, GEF, HSBC, Bloomberg Philanthropies, and Climateworks Foundation.


Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures

Regular readers may recall that I have previously focused upon former Bank of England Governor Mark Carney who also sits on the board of the bank for international settlements and alongside Christine Legarde and Al Gore is a trustee for the world economic forum (WEF). So let’s take a look at an open letter written by Carney in December of 2019. The letter in question is called fifty shades of green and it basically translates into a rallying call for a new financial system, one that those aligned with the new world financial coalition will most certainly reap vast rewards from.

The letter also speaks to the implementation of a powerful new regulatory risk management body called the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). Increasingly, for businesses to continue to operate (receive funding/use the banking system/attain insurance cover) within our brave new world they will have to adhere to a set of practices that draws business into a system of one-world environmental governance. Gradually all businesses will be incorporated into a centralised infrastructure that (to a large extent) will be owned/funded by many of the aforementioned foundations, banking and corporate interests.

Members of the TCFD include Rockefeller assets management (who are a leading investment partner), Edmund De Rothchild asset management, the central bank network, all major banking institutions, the energy sector, the water sector, and Nestle, to name but a few.

The demand for TCFD disclosure is now enormous. Current supporters control balance sheets totaling $120 trillion and include the world’s top banks, asset managers, pension funds, insurers, credit-rating agencies, accounting firms, and shareholder advisory services. As a result, companies are much more highly motivated to disclose and manage climate-related risks. Source

The next step is to make disclosure mandatory, as the United Kingdom and European Union have already signaled. Source

In terms of the intended new inter business sustainable financial system, in the letter Carney goes on to lament that these changes aren’t occurring fast enough and (I believe) that statement directly leads us to this moment in time.

A new, sustainable financial system is under construction. It is funding the initiatives and innovations of the private sector and amplifying the effectiveness of governments’ climate policies—it could even accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Unfortunately, like virtually everything about the response to climate change, this new sustainable financial system is not developing fast enough for the world to reach net zero. Source


A New Financial Order?

In a recent post I noted that the fed “are buying up the stock market, corporate debt, government debt, municipal debt, nationalising industry, and feeding cheap dollars into a worldwide central banking mechanism that appears intent on accumulating as many assets as possible with money that could soon be worthless!” They are also moving towards taking a stake in the companies they’re bailing out, i.e the merger of state and corporate power.

As half of the world's countries are applying for financial support from an IMF who are now warning of a new Great Depression. And with a new sustainable financial system already in the works (which in the first instance I imagine alludes to the business, corporate and banking sectors), it's perhaps wise to consider whether Covid-19 has enabled them to fast track its rollout. It certainly appears that the fed is bailing out select corporations, businesses, and banking interests, I wonder how many of them are aligned to the regulations stipulated by the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures?

Here under the guise of its sustainable development goals (i.e Agenda 2030) we find UNICEF launching a crypto currency fund, which will be fully tracked. It also caught my attention that a digital dollar is hidden in the bailout package. Equally, here we find the globalist Pope calling for a universal basic income.

Obscured by the haze of crisis are they achieving in weeks, months what would have otherwise taken years? Check for yourself, everything is already in place it just needed the right impetus to drive it forward. Whilst we are now entering the realms of personal conjecture; as I’ve written in numerous posts I’m also very open to the idea that although the old system may collapse under civil unrest and some form of confrontation, rather than arrive through military force this new world system could be enabled through a sleight of hand that will see many people embrace it with open arms.

As the financial system disintegrates its malfeasance could be brought into the light and we may very well be given some scalps to placate us, we may even get some form of debt jubilee. As our institutions, pop culture, and social systems crumble they will be buried under the weight of duplicity and abuse allegations that will send ripples across the entire planet.

The new financial system could exist within some form of commodity-backed (gold perhaps) artificially intelligent quantum powered bio-metric blockchain, that enables each person (thus will be fully tracked) to become their own biometric currency, face scans etc etc. Instead of having debt attached to the creation of each digital dollar, it could incorporate an algorithmic (crypto style) basic income accumulator that piggybacks off monetary creation and generates wealth, a capped world wage.

A world wage would lift some populations just above the poverty line whilst bringing others into line, but not to such a degree that their newfound wealth will offer financial freedom, rather a new era of digital feudalism. Indeed, everything comes at a price, and whilst amidst a financial crisis, such a system could be greeted as the answer to all our problems, it will come with various provisos and an ever-expanding array of social control and medical stipulations.

From an occultic standpoint our payoff could be viewed as our acceptance and acquiescence. Certainly, within the space of a few short weeks, the sizeable majority of people (and businesses) have become reliant on the benevolence of our governments and privately owned central banking institutions, I feel this gives a hint at our intended future. That’s not to say that the transition would be easy, within such a scenario they could leave it until people are begging for salvation, praying for the compassion of the very institutions they should be running from.

I’m also not saying that the Fed (in its current form) will survive such a transition, but perhaps its collapse or assimilation is simply the fulfilment of its long intended purpose? Indeed, from my own research, it would appear that Edmund De Rothchild always intended the world conservation bank (not the World Bank) to be the last bank standing. Remember, one world government, one world digital currency and a one world banking system.

I believe that ultimately the direction of this world is achieved by and viewed as a chess game of psychological manipulation. Whilst I'm certainly not saying that this is definitely how it will all play out, I do believe that as we move into a far more controlled and surveilled society many will grasp the intended new financial model with both hands.


The Financial Future?

So you've made some wise investments, you've weathered the financial storm and still own your house, but what next? Whilst many will surrender aspects of freedom for the illusions of financial and health security, consider that if they can give it to you then they can also find a way to take it away. Certainly, they could find a way to make you perpetually adhere to this new system. How might that take place? A brief look at recent events perhaps gives us a glimpse at one (there are many others) possible scenario.

We can also observe that this process is very similar to that of GEF except on this occasion it’s the populace that will become drawn into debt servitude. Here in the UK, in recent months an organisation called involve.org has been hosting the first rounds of what they call citizens assemblies. The truth is involve.org are funded by (amongst others) George Soros Open Society and interestingly Deepmind Technologies LTD that are owned by Alphabet i.e Google.

Yes this organisation is small but ultimately this is a manufactured "grassroots" perception that plays to the illusion of community-led activism, in truth, it is the local (city, state, county) face of global governance. Equally, as I have explained and documented within previous posts, through various methodologies (including the Delphi technique) these pseudo citizens assemblies exist to give the public the veneer of choice and manufacture the face value appearance of a general consensus.

Indeed, amongst several other findings the outcome of a recent assembly focused upon the need to retrofit our houses to bring them up to the fast approaching environmental standard. This would entail taking a government grant (as time moves on you will become very familiar with those terms) to carry out the work, with (probably) selected contractors. At first, this wouldn’t be mandated but equally this aspect is already pretty well covered.

Indeed, anyone that has sold a house will notice your house is given an EPA rating that grades the environmental health of the house. I would imagine that in the future to sell a house it would first have to meet the obligations of a global environmental standard and I also imagine this could incorporate houses that were inherited. Over time these increasing rules and stipulations will place the populace (once again) in debt servitude. Don't forget if this takes place a few years from now, we will have a generation that will welcome such environmental controls.

So you’ve surrendered elements of freedom for security and the whispered promise of a debt free future, only to find that within a few years you’re back in a similar situation. Like GEF, if you can’t afford to pay the grant system (which although processed through Government will probably be funded by and connected to the same control structure) then your assets will be forfeited and you will end up as a renting your own house off the same institutions that bailed you out, clever eh?

If you think people (that will most probably own nothing) will be out on the streets fighting for homeowners rights, I'd take a look into the trends of youth environmentalism, corporate-driven socialism, and the resentment they're storing up/cultivating towards older generations, eh boomer?


Training Exercises

So although this new system was already a fait accompli, Covid-19 enables it to be fast tracked. If we look at the World Economic Forum website we can see that they already have a 200 layers deep strategic action plan which looks at both the response and how we can re-structure the world in the wake of Covid-19. The site is free to look at but if you want to access the deeper layers you have to sign up. For those that are interested in other perspectives, this lady has released a video that looks into some of these areas.


This strategic intelligence site has been live since January and whilst some may question the relatively short time frame it took to build something of such complexity, further investigation will display they were already well prepared. Indeed, on the 19th of Oct 2019 (six weeks before the outbreak of Covid-19) The WEF, The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (all of which have a vested interest in the outcome of our current crisis) conducted a pandemic training exercise titled event 201 that was eerily reminiscent to the crisis we now face. Prior to that John Hopkins conducted a similar themed event titled Clade X, which is also worth looking into. Interestingly, it is also John Hopkins that feed all of the Covid-19 facts and figures to the media, and supply the graphs that they use.

Rockefeller 3.PNG

Whilst the timing may raise (valid) attention it’s also prudent to point out that of course institutions/governments will run such training exercises. That said, I have previously referenced the John Hopkins and Rockefeller connections to the infamous Guatemala syphilis experiments, and the fact that The School of Hygiene and Public Health at Johns Hopkins was financed by the Rockefeller Foundation. I also note that in 2010 the Rockefeller Foundation ran a multi-faceted exercise titled "Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development." The above is taken from a section of the study titled “Lock Step” which can be found on pages 18-19. If it hadn't been written ten years ago, such are the similarities that it could be mistaken as a historical document. Again it speaks to the spread of a worldwide pandemic, details the fallout, and elucidates how it would drive us towards a more authoritarian control system.

Mandated Vaccinations?

So let’s take a look at some trends that are beginning to come into focus. Obviously the elephant in the room is mandated vaccinations. I certainly feel that now more than ever the vast majority of the public would willingly accept a big pharma led violation upon their human rights. Not only would they accept it, but if they created the correct framework they would lynch the (self-perceived) absurdity of an opposing viewpoint.

From a psychological standpoint you can see that over the course of the last few years (through encroaching mandated vaccination schedules and scare tactics) the public has been getting warmed up to this idea. That said, if they have a digital vaccine tracking programme they may not have to mandate it, you just wouldn't be able to go anywhere or get a job, or send your children to school, which then draws you into the attention of child protection services.

The coronavirus certainly provides the appropriate vehicle from which to inject this concept into the minds of a fearful and thus subservient public, and if you look at a country like Denmark you can already observe such rules being maneuvered into place. Below is an excerpt from one of my first #steemit posts (some three years ago) that focused upon the great swine flu swindle.

I believe there were many lessons learned from this manipulated sequence of events and the willingness of the public to partake in a mass vaccination campaign was closely monitored. The concepts of forced vaccination were muted and the subsequent reaction logged. My only advice to anyone reading this is simply carry out your own research because one thing I'm fairly sure of is the fact that this won't be the last "pandemic" we will come to face. Source

If we look at this recent BBC interview with Bill Gates, there are a few points worthy of note. During the interview Gates makes it very clear that he wants to vaccinate the entire world population, and that they are considering a faster rollout of a more experimental RNA vaccine. It is also made clear that to produce a covid-19 vaccination schedule within an acceptable time period they will have to compromise on safety standards and thus governments will have to idemnify vaccine producers.

It is clearly stated by Gates that "if you want to wait to see if a side effect shows up two years later we would have to wait two years", so there will be a safety tradeoff against a public good. I will also add that as Covid-19 is a coronavirus, does that not carry the implication that it will mutate each year? Thus, the vaccination schedule would be yearly.

If we take a look at this open letter written by Robert Kennedy Jr we can observe that Gates has a potentially far less than perfect track record on mass vaccination. Whilst I would advise all readers to take nothing at face value and to research Kennedy's claims, it doesn't take long to unearth (amongst conspiratorial propaganda) lucid and balanced concerns around Gates's vaccination schedules.

Worthy of note is the fact that Bill Gates and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation founded and funds two vaccine coalitions. The first is Gavi (the vaccine alliance) who amongst others are partnered with the WHO, UNICEF, and The World Bank, and have financial connections to Google, The Rockefeller Foundation, Unilever, Coca-Cola Foundation, and Visa. Both Gavi & The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation fund and collaborate with London's Imperial College, and directly fund Neil Ferguson's Imperial College department the MRC Centre for Global Infectious Disease Analysis. Equally, both Gavi and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation fund The Vaccine Impact Modelling Consortium which is also based at London's Imperial College.

Readers may be aware that it was Neil Ferguson's computer models that were used as justification for the coronavirus lockdown. It was also Ferguson's models that were used to map the spread Zika, SARS, MERS, and the UK's foot and mouth disease that saw the destruction of 6 million animals. During the swine flu pandemic Ferguson wrote an article titled "Closure of schools during an influenza pandemic" which was published in the Lancet.

In terms of the aforementioned Gates-funded Coalition for epidemic preparedness innovation (CEPI) they partner with London's Imperial College and alongside the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation were founded and funded by, the Kingdom of Norway, Welcome Trust, and the WEF (world economic forum). CEPI are headquartered in Norway and the Norwegian connection brings us back to the aforementioned Gro Harlem Brundtland who here as co-chair for Global Preparedness Monitoring Board (GPMB), we can find pledging G20 support for the coalition and their coronavirus action plan.

We cannot predict where or when Disease X will strike, but by developing these kinds of innovative vaccine technologies we can be ready for it Source


I.D 2020 & Digital Tracking

So if you’re going to have a worldwide vaccination schedule then I guess you would need a way to track the uptake. One way you could do this is with some form of digital I.D that could (in a world focused upon halting the spread of Covid-19) contain vaccination records. From that perspective I.D 2020 caught my attention as did the fact that it was seed funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and it’s alliance partners include Microsoft and Gavi (the vaccine alliance who as already mentioned are founded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and partnered with the WHO, UNICEF & The World Bank, etc etc.)

The ID2020 Alliance is an innovative public-private partnership committed to improving lives through digital identity. ID2020 is coordinating funding for identity and channeling those funds toward high-impact projects, enabling diverse stakeholders -- UN agencies, NGOs, governments, and enterprises -- to pursue a coordinated approach that creates a pathway for efficient and responsible implementation at scale. Alliance partners include Accenture, CARE, City of Austin, FHI360, Gavi, Hyperledger, IDEO.org, iRespond, Kiva, Mercy Corps, Microsoft, The Rockefeller Foundation, Simprints, UC Berkeley's CITRIS Policy Lab, and the UN International Computing Centre. Source.

This also ties neatly in with the United Nations sustainable development Goal 16 which stipulates “By 2030, provide legal identity for all, including birth registration,” it’s certainly interesting how many of the Agenda 2030 protocols dovetail beside the changes that will arise from the coronavirus. Equally, for those who don't believe this could come to fruition, Estonia is already leading the charge with a mandatory national card that includes an e-health digital medical record. It's also worth keeping an eye on the fact that the US Navy funded a Danish tech firm to create an implantable microchip that was integrated with Ripple.

Here we can find the United Nations "disbursing funds to Syrian refugees using blockchain-verified iris scans instead of ID cards." And if anyone believes this is all being hastily cobbled together then look into the Fast Identity Online (FIDO) alliance which began in 2013, is now adopted within the UN's standard International Telecommunication Union’s Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU), and will use biometrics such as fingerprint and iris scanners, voice and facial recognition to identify internet users.

It’s also worth noting that back in December researchers at MIT unveiled a Bill & Melinda Gates funded quantum tattoo that could track vaccination status. In a recent “ask me anything” Reddit Q&A Gates went on to state “eventually we will have some digital certificates to show who has recovered or been tested recently or when we have a vaccine who has received it.” In this video we find Gates signaling that there will (probably) be no mass gatherings until a majority of the public have been vaccinated.

But have no fear, before any of this comes to full realisation, we have Google and Apple teaming up to use contract tracing methodologies to monitor users movements and alert them they have come into contact with individuals that may have Covid-19. Whilst here we can observe that prior to Covid-19, BlackRock invested in the Oura smart ring tracker, that monitors and records physiological signals of your body. Oura health has since partnered with Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute to develop a biometrics platform that combines Oura data with A.I models to monitor coronavirus indicators such as body temperature, resting heart rate, respiratory rate, sleep patterns, stress, anxiety, and memory, as a means of detecting Covid-19.

Ultimately the agenda is for the technology to become fused with your internal biology. To further this aim, in August 2019 the Silicon Valley firm, Profusa1 partnered with DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) to create an injectable biosensor that is able to detect the presence of an infection and is nearing FDA approval. Well timed eh?

Profusa and Partners Receive DARPA Award to Speed Detection of Disease Outbreaks. Profusa's Lumee Oxygen Platform Selected as Part of Comprehensive Monitoring Platform.
Source: August 2019

In terms of "fake news", here we find that those friendly folks at Facebook will be contacting users that have "engaged with" or "commented on" "dangerous" coronavirus misinformation and directing them to the WHO. Whilst these measures would have previously been viewed as oppressive, once again you have to consider the psychological implications. After a period of imprisonment (to a large extent) our digital prisons have the potential to be greeted as some form of pseudo freedom utopia.


Real Time Tracking

Of course, such tracking mechanisms also (as detailed in the Lock Step Rockefeller scenario) open the door to check points at the roadside, supermarkets and potentially workplace. From the workplace perspective it should be noted that they’re in the process of installing “coronavirus detecting” CCTV camera’s into select UK offices, plus I would imagine they will expand said CCTV’s onto the street level. Whilst we have Google releasing your location data to the police to “help fight the coronavirus” and monitor social distancing, we can also see that facial recognition technology is also being trumpeted as a technological ally.


In China they even have 5G patrol robots and thermal imaging drones monitoring mask wearing and body temperature. In terms of 5G it should be noted that during the Covid-19 crisis President trump has signed bills to enable a fast tracked 5G rollout, secure the technology and infrastructure, and map/move forwards with rural installations. Whilst governments the world over are also seeking to exploit the spectre of Covid-19 to indefinitely detain people, without a trial.

Through their testing practices the UK police can take DNA swabs of anyone they suspect of having the coronavirus, and new legislation allows them to retain this information for an extended period of time. The coronavirus bill also enables just one Dr to sign off on a compulsory treatment order, a full indemnity of health and social services, no requirement for inquest into deaths and no mandate to carry out an autopsy.

Protections from forced detainment and treatment under Mental Health Act have been lowered. Children can be placed into isolation against their parent’s wishes, and Doctors are no longer required to see a body before signing a death certificate. Whilst the WHO are now signalling that they may now need to enter your homes and test "remove" sick family members. For those that wish to register their opposition against the UK aspect of these laws, a petition can be found here.

Due to the size & scale of this post I have broken it into two parts. Part two can be found HERE

Whilst all future important research will always remain open and free, as a self employed business owner during these uncertain financial times I will be setting up a Subscribe Star page for anyone that wishes to support my research, writing and page centric creative output. In the meantime, if you appreciate my voice and perspective and would like to enable me to research and write more, I would really appreciate the support/upvote and/or resteem. Equally, any donations can be given to the litecoin address below.

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 2 years ago (edited) 

This post is critical to understanding the forces at work beneath the surface that the vast majority of the population have almost zero knowledge of, not because they are stupid, but because they're conditioned and propagandized to a level never before seen.

As usually, after reading your post... I have nowhere idea where to begin or which critical topics covered here I should like to comment on... because there are simply too many.

I'll touch on a few aspects.
First off, I've looked into BlackRock a little bit recently, are they Rothschild owned as well? I didn't look too far into the ownership. It might be worthwhile since they manage $7 Trillion in assets. One thing, I am certain of is that they're one of the biggest investors in banks and oil companies so they contribute much to the destruction of the natural world.

When I was an undergrad, I studied Geography/Geology/Poli-Sci and we spent a lot of time focusing our studies on global warming and the loss of natural habitat.There were/are a lot of theories as to how to preserve what's left of the natural world as humans continue to encroach upon and divide nature as we see fit (ie. mainly - govs. + corporations and govs working for corporations). One prominent idea at the time was that how nature, intrinsically (without man) produces billions of dollars in goods and free labor and that value is incalculable. Among many valuable work done by the natural world (free of charge) is providing oxygen and air-purification done by forests and trees or how wetlands, swamps and everglades (which man views as useless, wasted land) purifies and detoxifies massive amounts of freshwater. Can we put a price-tag on these vital activities performed by natural ecosystems? How much would it cost to do this work and how much value does it provide to humans and other living creatures?

People were/are actively trying to measure the wealth generated by nature. Another example is the pollination of plants by bees! The idea was that if it were possible to calculate the value generated, in dollars, by our oceans, forests, rivers, coral reefs, animals and by the sun itself - by demonstrating the massive dollar value occurring naturally, it was thought that it could provide a way to promote the Preservation/Conservation of natural habitats. The overwhelming wealth generated by the natural world, for humans, should be considered before any man-made projects could 'extract resources' or 'develop'a given ecosystem. Yet, that's not how our capitalist system works. Rather than preserving we must therefore exploit the natural world for maximum wealth extraction. Since, supranational corporations (above governments) operate without any relationship to the land or ecosystems then they have no reason to preserve these environments or to be "stewards of the land". Instead, resources are required to be plundered with a focus on short-term profits and accumulations. Capitalism necessitates that we view nature, not as complex and perfectly balanced ecosystems, but as an externality, something apart from ourselves. Therefore, nature is there to be conquered and subdued and thus every ounce of profit needs to be squeezed and drained out of it until complete exhaustion. I fear that we've been in a state of environmental exhaustion for decades now and have long passed the tipping point before environmental collapse - just look at the number of endangered species and habitats or the collapse of fish stocks and the total dredging/trolling of our ocean ecosystems.

This scheme will enable the world’s most powerful corporations and financial institutions to monetise the natural world and (through nature credits) find a way to turn the environment into an instrument of profit. Nature will be a service and over time (through a myriad of evolving methodologies) the earth’s inhabitants/collectives will pay for that service whilst the elite will receive perpetual interest for their initial capital investment. Nature reduced to a service delivering asset class and an instrument of capitalist wealth generation for those that seek to keep us in servitude.

I believe that the natural world is already completely monetized and that nature along with the vast majority of the earth's inhabitants already are living in a form of indentured servitude to the great machine of capitalism... but I guess there's always room for more exploitation.

The world is FINTE, but capitalism must continue to grow INFINITELY... it must always have new markets in which prosper. Yet, as we sit on the brink of economic and environmental collapse - we find there's nothing left to exploit. There's no new markets exist in some areas (virtual markets online or space) but there's no traditional markets left as all are being exploited at maximum capacity. I think this relates directly to the financial bailouts. In late stage capitalism, it starts to cannibalize itself - public funds, social security, medicare and medicaid, public services, public lands, national parks) the only untapped markets that remain are those that belong to the public sector and the private sector has been frothing at the mouth to pillage the only remaining wealth that has not yet been accessible.

Just some thoughts I had while reading your epic piece.
Cheers, V

Hey V,

Thank you for the epic comment my friend .. much appreciated! In terms of Black Rock and all of these companies and subsidiaries, whilst I don't think Black Rock are owned by the Rothchilds once you get down to a certain level you begin to realise it's a vast interconnected network that like enables the major players to gather ever more power and influence whilst at the same time (unless you're willing to put in months/years of research) enabling them to operate away from the glare of public scrutiny. This is the reason the vast majority of these players have wealth and assets that would make Bezo's seem like a pauper, yet at the same time, they never appear on any rich lists. Whilst the ownership structure can (at times) become incomprehensible, they have all have alliances and funding mechanisms that bind the entire system .. but make it very difficult to quantify the wealth and the power. Indeed, you could spend the rest of your life researching all these connections and still not unravel the entire web.

It's a very complex system (yes I know I'm probably preaching to the choir with you) that enables them to funnel money for each other, charitable donations and through their philanthropic foundations. In terms of said foundations and interconnected NGO's, non-profits allow corporate donors to create an avenue of tax-free privileges, advertising, and public relations exposure. Donated funds are returned (many-fold) through speculation in the housing, education (which they are also taking over), healthcare sectors and of course tax breaks.

Capitalism necessitates that we view nature, not as complex and perfectly balanced ecosystems, but as an externality, something apart from ourselves. Therefore, nature is there to be conquered and subdued and thus every ounce of profit needs to be squeezed and drained out of it until complete exhaustion. I fear that we've been in a state of environmental exhaustion for decades now and have long passed the tipping point before environmental collapse - just look at the number of endangered species and habitats or the collapse of fish stocks and the total dredging/trolling of our ocean ecosystems.

Yes, I couldn't agree more with your natural capital analysis, on paper people could be hoodwinked into thinking it was a good idea. But I urge them to consider how these financial machinations have worked out for the farm animals, why do they think it would be a different story for the natural order? These people are here to make money, plain and simple! They're already charging us to breathe .. imagine how a natural capital system could evolve, and the derivatives and control mechanisms they could create off the back of it. They have weaponised the destruction they've wreaked upon the natural order and socially engineered it as the guilt that we each wear upon our shoulders. With the guilt in place, they now have our children (many of which they've taught to think in literal terms, and thus miss the nuances and fallacies) lobbying for them and demanding that the same control structure build us their brave new greenwashed world order, and also use their "sustainable" infrastructure to run it. You have to acknowledge the sleight of hand and the genius of it all .. I'll give them that.

You only need to look at their vast centralised and corporatised infrastructure and green energy projects and observe the damage they're (too often) causing to the natural environment to see that the only thing's these people really care about are money, control, and power .. in every sense! I've spoken for years about the benefits a decentralised energy system (the tech is already there for each house to more than cover its own needs) could bring to our individual finances, the elderly, communities and the natural environment .. alas most are lobbying for the exact opposite. Anyway, this is another subject in its self (power to the people) so for now, I will bid you farewell and thank you for the thought provoking comment. Respect to you @v4vapid!

Damn! Another phenomenal read! Onto part 2

Thank you my friend .. I hope that you and your family are all keeping well.

Beautiful pics for such a dystopian today xx

Thanks @aagabriel .. I think aspects are a representation of the balance I try to keep whilst delving into these areas, keeping one eye on the beauty of life whilst at the same time delving into the murky depths.