More Freedoms Compromised And Still People Volunteer To Be Vaccinated! - Trying To Get My Head Around It All!

Freedom, what does it really mean anyway!

Is anyone really living a free life nowadays? Because from what I can see, the hoops we need to jump through, in order to live, are certainly growing in numbers and getting bigger and harder to navigate! That is of course, if you wish to continue to live within the current system.


A system that has many fooled into thinking they actually have a choice! Which Of course we do, but it's not a choice they believe they can make, because they are unable to break away from the system. Who are dependent on it and disempowered by it, who really can see no other way of living.

In the last few months, so many of the so called conspiracy theories have been coming true. The Israeli President announced a month or so ago, that he plans to put Micro Chips in Children , once they return to school, so that they can monitor them better, which is for their own well being of course.

Ireland, along with France and Italy have ruled that only those who have been vaccinated get to eat and drink indoors, attend concerts, festivals and nightclubs! They also want to apply it to public transport as well.

It’s been great to see so many people take to the streets, in order to fight for their freedom to socialize and to try and protect their children. But it amazes me that it even got this far and that there are still, so many people going along with this.

It has been because of people’s compliance, that this has continued. There is so much information coming out at the moment, with hundreds of health professionals and scientists speaking out and even a very mainstream newspaper in Germany issued a statement and made a video apologizing to the general public for misleading them about the plandemic, for spreading propaganda.

Yet when France announced their new rules for the unvaccinated, apparently thousands of people rushed to get vaccinated. yet we are also seeing thousands take to the streets, to protest this. But most people continue to wear masks in these protests, still compliant with the system, they wish to stand up against!


Festival Details

Just this weekend, there was a vaccination festival in the U.K, which you can see advertised above. This to me seems like a real desperate attempt to get people vaccinated. Although it is also quite scary the lengths that they are now going to get people injected with this experimental gene therapy. In the words of one of the organisers.....

“If the people won’t come to the vaccine, then take the vaccine to them,” said Tejal Patel, a senior pharmacist who was overseeing the operation.

There can be no freedom unless people are informed about what they are being injected with and I can only image that the majority of people have no idea. Because if they did, if they knew about all of the possible side effects, I can't believe they would volunteer for this.

It's not freedom, if you believe you don't have a choice. If you are being coerced and manipulated. It's not freedom when your actions have dire consequences for others, when your compliance, results in medical apartheid. Freedom, has to mean freedom for all, Not just for those who comply!






What really gets me is how much coordinated effort they say you can get beer or liquor or even a free joint to get a vaccine and then they are also paying other people up to $100 each to get a vaccine.

And then you have the people being a part of these lotteries where you could get a chance at a million dollars with only getting half of that because you need to pay taxes....

Where is all this money coming from why is it so crazy that the entire world has a coordinated public campaign to get a vaccine for an unproven shot.

Some serious issues when you look into it the truth of the matters

Amen brother!!

It's event 201, and these psychopaths of the World Economic Forum. Klaus "Anal" Schwab can burn in hell.

When you start digging into what these people are capable of doing, nothing is surprising anymore...

The worst part is is how much information they have out there about all these plans...

This is a part of the ritual my friend, they always announce in advance what they are about to do.

In my wife's culture, when you perform magic on someone else, for it to work, you need to reveal yourself to the victim before the incantation.

yeah they have been doing this, through movies, even cartoons. Check out The Simpsons for one. But if you look on the World Economic Forum website, then you will see how long they have been planning it xx

The problem is they've had center stage and everything from the aliens and predator franchise as well as district 9 and the divergent series really flaunts all of this.

However even better is The Purge series and whatever political movie it was about the political targeting and hunting of other individuals. Something scary stuff is been coming out.

Something scary stuff is been coming out.

Don't you remember a movie called "The Grey State"? It was supposed to come out few years ago, but the director was killed before releasing it. Look into it!

Actually I was big fan before the guy ended up doing a murder-suicide

Yes, it's called predictive programming, I actually have a channel on bitchute dedicated to the propaganda machine, and how far it has been pushed down our throats (since 1999 and prior).

It's not just the simpsons, it's everywhere and everything. Even a movie like "The Avengers End Game" , is all about depopulation. Very obvious agenda at play, and Klaus is laughing while rubbing his belly.

This has been planned for a very long time, all part of their agenda. Just hoping more people wake up to it xx

New York City, mandates an unapproved medical product for the right to participate in daily life.

Even better quick let's just throw our freedom into a pile and burn it.

We are not going to do it, we are going to hold onto it and keep fighting, we are creating our own way now, let them have that system of enslavement, we get to step out of it now xxx

Don't give in to fear.

Life is meant to be lived!


The people that I know, the close friends, the like minded individuals, are ready to die for this shit.(Ready to die to remain free)

We ain't fucking around anymore...

I hope a lot of them live in NYC, where the mayor has mandated the jab to participate in daily life activities.

Sadly not enough! Remember when talking about mandatory vaccine was conspiracy theorist material? Well, not anymore!!!

Yeah, this is certainly no place to fuck around xxx

It's getting crazy, but then again it has too, that's how Chaos always plays out. Be safe my friend, we will get through this xxx