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RE: Starvation by Design: Saudi Intel Op Fingers Israeli Mossad in Beirut Port ‘Attack’ That Decimated Lebanon’s Food Supply

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Crippling sanctions placed on governments who do not comply with US imperial interests around the world are another form of warfare - economic warfare. We see this strategy playing out in Iran and Venezuela currently. This type of unconventional warfare is designed to starve the civilian population and destroy economies to such an extent that the people revolt against their governments out of desperation.

It's like slowly choking someone to death and ultimately the goal is to achieve regime change.

Prior to the Beirut bombing US had strict sanctions in place on Lebanon and now Pompeo announces that they are preparing 'maximum pressure' sanctions on Israel's neighbor.

After everything the people of Lebanon have been through in recent times, these are especially disgusting and brutal tactics. I'm sure they will describe their efforts as "humanitarian" in their warped reality.


I had no idea the US announced more new sanctions following the ‘attack’! If these follow the explosion, that is about as cruel as you can get, and fully betrays the US agenda to starve Lebanon out regardless of the nature of the explosion itself. Unbelievable... Also shows just how ‘in the pocket’ of the Zionists the US puppet politicians really are. Disgusting. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. And if you’ve got a link handy on that announcement, feel free to share as I’d be interested in adding this travesty in a future post on the subject. I feel the pressure campaign against Lebanon will only intensify following the tragic decimation of their food supply, which is the opposite of what should be happening if we lived in a world where leaders’ actions matched their words of compassion following such disasters.

It hasn't been implemented yet but there are reports that it's in the works.
I think the Trump administration sees the current situation as opportunity to root-out Hezbolla. They should be lifting sanctions to help the Lebanese people not adding to their agony.

This article says that the sanctions will target corrupt members of government but if history tells us anything we know that additional sanctions will only exacerbate the problem at the moment.

Never let a good crisis go to waste, as they would say. Pompeo running out of countries and Iranian entities to sanction now, so he must have been excited with this ‘golden opportunity’. Just watching him speak makes me sick, he is an expert at telling lies and sure does love him his starvation sanctions... oh to see the day when he is out of there. But then he’d probably just be replaced with some other former cia head honcho.

Recently, the US tried to get a resolution passed at the UN Security council concerning extending the arms embargo on Iran and get this, they tried to justify the sanctions by citing Iranian violations of the 2015 Iran deal - the deal that the US walked away from! The resolution was defeated easily with many ambassadors commenting on the bullying and disgraceful behavior of the US.


Agreed, puppet dictators that become a client state to the world economic order is the preferred outcome for US hegemony.

Not a fan of US Policy but does that change the fact that 2700 tons of explosive material was stored there by corrupt and incompetent people?

The US government is as corrupted and incompetent as any government in the world and they store weapons all over the world, what's the difference? Do as I say, not as I do.

I will concede that the government of Lebanon is corrupt but that doesn't give the corrupt governments of other countries the right to dictate who should be in power and who should be punished. These sanctions will only exacerbate the suffering of the people.

We all know that sanctions hurt civilians more than the regimes in power. US foreign policy is taking advantage of the situation to achieve their political goals in the region.

Oh, just saw the news. Looks like that "special interest group" is at it again. I wasn't aware of the new sanctions that were announced yesterday. Also, do consider watching this video titled, "WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU CRITICIZE THAT GROUP OF PEOPLE"

LOL, I like this video, thanks.
The new planned sanctions are what I was referring to - more sanctions, more suffering of the Lebanese people.