intelligence without brain

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It is able to sense gravity, light, presence of other mushrooms. It is able to make these complex decisions about when and where to form a mushroom. And how does it do that?
Right? There is no brain. There is no nervous system. It's just sort of that amorphous collection of like white fuzz inside the wood or inside the soil.
And it amazes me that mushroom and fungi in general have this capacity to sense their environment.

It is even crazier.

How is it able to do all this without a brain? nor even more than one cell..

It can even exchange knowledge by fusionising

So where does alive life and intelligence even come from?
From dead material? Some illusion of feeling alive and concious but only dead electricity in your brain?

..But without a brain?
And what if galaxies are not hold together by some dead gravity but alive plasma ?



While it's clear that slime molds can learn and make decisions, and that these attributes are fundamental features of consciousness, it's hard to understand consciousness in single celled creatures. As you note, they don't have brains at all.

Which leads to the conclusion that consciousness doesn't arise in the brain.

Wew lad! But, once you grasp that fact, the floodgates are open, and all our assumptions about consciousness can fall away so we can start building an understanding based on what we can actually confirm. Or, well, at least on what we haven't falsified. Yet.

For instance, while brains react to electrical signals, and emit them, consciousness isn't electricity. If it was, we'd be able to map it out, and have a lot more metrics by which to figure out what it's doing, what it is, and where it comes from, but despite Kirlian photography claiming to be of auras, which are claimed to be our spirits, souls, or consciousness, that's just not true, because we can make those auras and manipulate them with electricity in various ways that don't create consciousness or affect it in living conscious creatures.

So, it isn't electricity. Another thing is that we have no way of determining consciousness isn't something inanimate objects, like rocks, have. It's not electricity and we don't know what it is, so we have no way to test for it in rocks. We can't observe rocks make decisions, because they can't move, but I can't move when I'm anesthetized either, so that's not a defining feature of consciousness.

This brings me to the last point I want to make here, which is that we clearly exercise our conscious minds when we're asleep, or in comas, or anesthetized, states we define as unconsciousness. We understand consciousness so poorly it's the best word we have for it, and it's antithesis, or opposite, is a state we need to include in it.

Basically, we just have no idea where consciousness comes from, what it is, or why.

Cool videos about mushrooms too.


This is something that highly spiritual people have known for centuries.

Like, when you have an out of body experience, or you cast your mind into the sea of consciousness, you know that it isn't your mind that is thinking.

Our brains are made up of tons of tiny crystals. You could say, a crystal radio set. And this gets signals from a higher layer.

It is even more weird how this higher consciousness gets attached to a body, and feels that it IS the body.

like bonding magic

ummm, that may be part of it.
Not sure you would call it "magic"

Things like "splitting" (although there is no separation) the soul and part of it becomes the new baby, while part of it remains connected to source. (basically forming the conscious and the unconcious)

And the new born soul spends its time getting into and out of the body

It really is a big, involved process.

And most "scientists" and "doctors" have no idea about what is happening.
We proved that touching babies was important this last century.... sheesh

babies are systemically being traumatized

Sadly, that is the state of our "medical" system.
There are some groups that are doing better at delivering babies.



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