New York Times: the missile of the Kostiantynivka massacre is Ukrainian, not Russian

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On September 6, a rocket fired from Donetsk struck the Kostiantynivka market, killing 17 people, including a toddler. For the most part, it might have appeared like Russian soldiers had attacked civilians, but this time, the New York Times has new information that places the responsibility at Kiev instead.

However, after examining the missile parts that impacted the location, it appeared to have been a Ukrainian air defense missile fired from the Buk system, contrary to what Ukrainian President Zelensky had said from the very beginning of the operation.

According to specialists in air defense, the accident was caused by an electrical failure or a guiding component that was broken or severed at the moment of launch. The fact that the truck was coming from the northwest, and thus from a region that was solely under Ukrainian control, and that it is known that missiles were launched from that region and at that time, further makes it clear that Kiev's men made a stunning error. anti-aircraft. The quantity and distribution of the damage appear to be incompatible with the weapon systems employed by Russian forces, according to the New York Times once more.

All of this despite the fact that Ukrainian analysts had mentioned a missile from a Russian or S-300 air defense system. This is further supported by the possibility that a 9M38 missile, which the Kiev opposition forces provided, is the source of the missile pieces and the size of the holes on the home facades close to the explosion site. The Donetsk atrocity was ultimately brought about by the Ukrainian truck going off track or malfunctioning, according to the investigative journalists of the American publication.
In instance, the New York Times was able to gather the missile pieces after the Ukrainian government sought to bar its journalists from entering the killing scene.


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