Vlogger beaten up by Dutch gestapo in the city of Enschede, The Netherlands as protests against Vaccine Passports intensify (November 21, 2021)

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Since the police violence of Friday in Rotterdam, The Netherlands causing several people to be wounded and one person to die, protests are erupting all over the country. In this video you see a vlogger in the streets of the city of Enschede facing a new wave of police violence. While he is just filming the events, he gets beaten up by the Dutch gestapo. If you are Dutch, you can hear him shout he's being beaten in the face.

The vlogger was capturing the "anti riot police" as they moved into the center of town to fight with protesters.



He man , weet je ,.. Hive is stervende ,.. dankzij wegstemmen van meningen door de hive cabal elite .
Blurt.blog is waar vrijheid van mening nog wel bestaat .
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