Fascist Over Bernie

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Thinking back to the 2019 / 2020 Democratic primaries will provide an answer as to why Joe Biden's administration mostly fails to deliver on the things that would matter most to working class Americans. In case you've missed it; the Democrats already broke several promises...


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One promise they've kept though, and that's that nothing would essentially change, that after Trump a return to "normal" is all that's needed... Well, it's a good thing then that breaking promises is the norm for almost all politicians. We can understand that compromises have to be made on some occasions, but not when the Democrats hold the House of Representatives, the Senate and the White House. After the general elections were decided in favor of Joe Biden, all eyes were on Georgia; if the Democrat's candidates could win runoff elections in that state on January 5, it would mean that the Democrats indeed control the Senate for the next two years. They did win, and many people voted for the Democrat candidates because of their hard promise that if they won, they would make sure that financially suffering Americans would receive a 2000 dollar check. That promise was broken within days; the check will only be 1400 dollars worth, and on top of that the Democrats have limited the number of people that will receive it. And they can not blame the Republicans because their votes were not needed.

And then there's the 1.9 trillion stimulus bill, or the covid relief bill... That bill passed the House of Representatives with the inclusion of a plan to raise the federal minimum wage to 15 dollar per hour over a span of 5 years. But the Democrats in the Senate wouldn't have that because the Senate parliamentarian, Elizabeth MacDonough, says the minimum wage increase can't be part of the stimulus bill. The Democrats could have ignored that decision though, they could have just passed the bill. But these are the moments when we see who the Democrats really are; Joe Biden repeats over and over again, as do all other establishment Democrats, how he's a man of the people, just your regular "uncle Joe", but whenever they can really do something to change American workers' lives, they don't do it. They just don't.

Tim Ryan Goes Wild, Rips GOP Over Union Bill

Then there's the Union Bill; a proposal that would make it easier for American workers to unionize. There's a video that went viral of Ohio Representative Tim Ryan going apeshit on how his Republican adversaries always resist whenever the Democrats want to do something for working class people. This bill already passed the House of course with massive Democrat support... But wait. Here's where Democrats like to vote for something of which they KNOW it will never pass in the Senate. You see, 60 votes are needed for this bill to pass, not just the 51 we needed for the relief bill. And Democrats KNOW they'll never get 10 Republicans to go along with them on this bill. This is yet another gift for the Democrats to posture, to play make-belief that they actually give a damn about America's poor and working poor.

Although I personally advocated in 2019 and 2020 to vote for Biden after Bernie Sanders' chances were robbed, I also predicted all this would happen. Not these exact bills and not these exact votes, but we all knew that the Democrats wouldn't make the changes that are sorely needed to bring back a modicum of trust in American politics. We knew that from the moment it became clear that the Democrats, by their own admission, would rather lose to Donald Trump, than to have Bernie Sanders as their candidate. They would rather have the man they rightly accused of being a nascent fascist be president again, than vote for the only candidate that would actually make a difference for ALL Americans. When it came to protecting their own powerful positions, they chose a fascist over Bernie, never forget that.

They stabbed Bernie in the back, again, and by doing that they also stabbed all Americans in the back. This still makes me sad and angry; watch the below linked video on that. And watch the first linked video on how Democrats love to hide behind the Republicans whenever they pretend to want to make a difference for the good of the American working class.

Krystal Ball: Inside The Establishment Plot To DESTROY The Left

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