Impending Imperial Implosion

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That's a lot of imps... Every empire has a growth cycle that ends with it fall. Every single one. America has been the center, the hub of the latest empire, after they took over that role from England and Western Europe. Empires don't usually crumble under external forces, they almost always rot from within, and there's a chance that we will witness the end of the neoliberal American empire in our lifetimes...


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Implosion: 1) an instance of something collapsing violently inwards, 2) a sudden failure or collapse of an organization or system. "Collapse" is the important word here, and it looks like the Trump administration is doing its very best to let America implode in a blaze of violence and misery. They are offered a generous helping hand from the DNC to reach this unlikely goal by the way, it's not as if the Democratic party elites have anything substantial to offer with regards to the prevention of the impending imperial implosion. It's like both parties are perfectly okay with abandoning their people, as none of them seem willing to help the citizenry cope with the crisis they face because of the pandemic. Millions have been unable to pay the rent or mortgage, and many millions more will be unable to do so now that the initial stimulus programs are coming to an end. Both parties' proposals for follow-up measures are pathetic and woefully insufficient. As usual, the Republican proposals are worse than the Democratic proposals.

Krystal Ball: Trump's Manufactured Crisis Only Sows More Chaos

Let's be clear; millions of Americans are under threat of being evicted from their homes. Watch the video below this short post to get an impression of the magnitude of this upcoming eviction crisis. What we have here is a government and politicians from both parties throwing gasoline on an already huge fire. Trump is sending federal agents to cities governed by Democrats to "restore law and order", which means he'll violently stamp down on peaceful protests, thereby inciting violence instead of restoring peace and calm. Most violence witnessed during the protests is a result from the violence started by police and federal agents or right wing counter protesters. What do you think will happen when millions lose their homes? Will the protests diminish or will they expand? I think the answer is obvious. I really feel for my American brothers and sisters, for their country is the heart of the current global empire; they live where the collapse of that empire will start...

MILLIONS of Americans Face Eviction - Can We Survive This?

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If you had to guess, how long before the collapse? Or do you believe it is already well underway and people are unable to recognize what's happening around them?

Hey there @deepdives :-) Sorry for responding so late... I wouldn't dare to guess. I do think it's already underway, and that it's a slow process; it won't be that one day we'll wake up and see society in ruins, so many people will indeed be unable to detect the downfall until it's too late, unfortunately.

The next three motnhs might be the tough stretch. I send abundance and mental fortitude to all those who need it right now. The old system is on its way out...

Thanks for responding @paradigmprospect! And I agree; wacky times ahead...